LINKS – Controlled Opposition (beware)

A list of conrolled opposition websites (in the opinion of FactPact team) of which the reader should be aware and judge accordingly. Remember, the definition of a good ‘gatekeeper’ is one that tells 90%-95% truth but dis-informs on the most important 5%-10%. Most gatekeeper/controlled opposition sites can be identified by the presence of ‘Flat Earth’ content on the site. It is a well known fact that the CIA started the ‘flat earth’ psyop in 2014 to discredit the truth movement by associating it with stupidity: believing that the earth is flat has always been regarded as synonymous with stupidity. Please read blog – A Dangerous Place To Be. part 01.

Philosophers Stone – – controlled opposition by evidence of lots of flat earth material.

Darren Nesbit – Daz Nes – – founder of the Light Paper. Plenty of Flat Earth nonsense on Daz Nes’s You Tube channel – don’t fall for it.

The Light (formerly known as The Lightpaper) This had many people fooled when it first came out. Founded by Darren Nesbit (see above.) Most notably there is never any content by the real stalwarts of the truth community: no Andrew Kaufmann articles, no Tom Cowan articles etc.