FactPact blog was founded as a result of my shock horror at this year’s (2020) worldwide sell-off of people’s freedoms under the pretext of there being a pandemic.

It’s not difficult to see through this Covid-19 hoax. Just take a look at the tell tale signs in the policies implemented by governments worldwide on the back of this so-called pandemic which have nothing whatsoever to do with health. but have everything to do with control and the taking away of more freedoms from us the people.

Ask yourself:

If governments had the interest of people’s health at heart, then rather than arrest sunbathers, surely they would have made it mandatory for everyone to get at least two hours of sunshine on their bodies each day in order to acquire vitamin D which has been proven to be very beneficial to the human respiratory system?

And surely if they really cared about children’s well-being they would never even dream of restricting their natural instinct to hug and play tactile games such as tag.

And with the knowledge that stress is one of the biggest killers, then surely they would have encouraged people to visit beaches or national parks to relax and enjoy themselves with their families or friends whilst breathing in lots of fresh air?

And surely, with that same knowledge about stress, they would not have forbidden family members from visiting their elderly relatives or their children to give them hugs love and affection at their homes, care homes or hospitals?

And what about government concern for people’s eating habits? Surely if they had people’s health at the forefront of their policies they would not have allowed the opening of fast food take away joints, but rather have made the availability of fresh organic produce not only a priority but mandatory?

And what about policies on mask wearing? Surely they realise that the human body can only live a few minutes without oxygen and that if the brain is deprived of oxygen for five minutes it will die completely, and that wearing a mask reduces the intake of essential oxygen and increases the intake of the waste gas carbon dioxide. CO2, and that therefore the wearing of masks is detrimental to health?

But no, none of that concern for health has been shown! Quite the contrary. They have locked people away in their homes, many without any sunlight, encouraging them to binge on toxin loaded nutrient deficient fast food takeaways whilst being subjected to stress, domestic abuse and child abuse. The elderly and young children have died alone in hospitals and homes and been buried alone at funerals. Not good news at all for the well being of people or for their bodie’s survival systems.

So if government policies are not conducive to health then what are they about? They are about training the populace and this is just the first phase. They are testing the water to see how we will react, how far they can push us. Just like training a domestic pet. Training us for that totalitarian New World Order end game. By and large the people have responded with little or no resistance.

Like deer in a car’s headlights, people have been transfixed by fear. Fear about a non existent virus.

What we witnessed this year was something that many of us have been expecting for some time: The introduction of a one world government consisting of an extremely wealthy elite cult of individuals.

In this dystopian hell all currencies will be replaced by a one world crypto currency. There will be no religion, and all of the remaining people will spend their lives as micro chipped slaves servicing industries run by artificial intelligence.

This nightmare Orwellian world government is being introduced by what David Icke calls ‘the totalitarian tip-toe.’ A tiny bit at a time so that the people don’t notice it. After the false flag event of 9/11 we saw lots of freedoms taken away from us under the pretext of the ‘war on terror.’ Airport security became a hellish experience where all passengers are subjected to body scanners and searches. This last so-called ‘lockdown’ aka ‘house arrest’ is just the training session for the future theft of our freedoms.

The technique is also referred to as ‘boiling frogs.’ If you want to boil a frog alive, it’s no use chucking the frog into boiling water because it will jump out pretty damn quick. But if you put the frog into cold water and bring the water gradually to boiling point then the frog’s a goner!

Wake up to the gently warming water around you. Don’t end up as a boiled frog.

© 2020 Graham Lawrence.