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I don’t follow competitive sport! However, a sporting event has recently grabbed my attention since it’s embroiled in the ongoing saga of the fake pandemic. I am referring of course to the fight of world number 1 Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic to obtain an entrance visa to Australia in order to compete in the Australian Open tennis tournament taking place next week on 17-30th January 2022. The problem for the aussie authorities is that Djokovic has decided the so-called Covid-19 vaccine is not really his cup of tea.

Considering the barbaric and ignorant treatment meted out to Australian citizens by it’s government over the last year, it’s unsurprising that Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his crony sidekick immigration minister Alex Hawke do not have the cerebral wherewithal to figure out that a world number 1 tennis player who has achieved his superstar status by using the assets of his superbly tuned athletic body, would be at a severe disadvantage in the forthcoming tennis tournament if he were to allow his perfectly healthy body to be pumped full of filthy toxins as a result of a bio-weapon medical experiment being performed on him — the Covid-19 mRNA jab. The horror that Djokovic must be secretly expressing at the thought of his super fit body being filled with God only knows what poisonous toxins and genetic modification is no less than the horror that a champion formula 1 racing driver would express at the thought of the fuel tank of their highly tuned formula 1 car being filled with coca cola or treacle.

For those of us following the heinous brutality and criminal acts carried out against the good citizens of Australia by it’s government and their thugs, it will be obvious that those same barbaric Australian authorities do not want Djokovic to win this tournament. If Djokovic wins the appeal against the second revocation of his visa, goes on to compete in the Australian Open 2022 and wins, it will not be good news for the puppet Australian government’s paymasters – Big Pharma. Imagine the aftermath of that.

Whaaaaat, an unvaccinated tennis player winning the Aussie Open! Shit, that will send out a big vaccine no no message to anyone wanting a healthy body. We can’t have that!”

So it is unlikely that Djokovik will be allowed to win his second appeal, taking place as I type, if the Australian legal system is as corrupt as the government. And if he does play it’s unlikely that he will get fair treatment on the tennis court.

Now I’m not going to waste time here having a go at the scumbag hierarchy of the globalist New World Order owned aussie government – they know they are a bunch of crooks and know damn well what they are doing, I’m more about getting at the cowardly aussie jobsworth useful idiots such as the police, medical staff, immigration officials, all those who have decided to put most of their brains in deep freeze leaving a small percentage unfrozen to carry out the demands of their commu-fascist totalitarian dictators. I’m also getting at those other tennis competitors who are bitching at Djokovic’s bravery in the face of such adversity and standing up for the right to bodily autonomy. Not only have many of Novak’s tennis compatriots/competitors let him down, they have let the spirit of sport down by allowing the cult to destroy an element of life that promotes athleticism and healthy bodies.

It is most probable that many of these other treacherous compliant tennis competitors such as Rafael Nadal may not actually have been given the genuine clot shot vaxx since the so-called Covid-19 vaccines come in different batches identified by the serial numbers; one batch of which is just a harmless placebo such as saline solution. So you can bet your boots that the cowardly traitor Nadal who has been sticking the knife into Djokovic and says he has got the clot shot, will probably have just been given a placebo as will many of the other players. No doubt that in the future the big money mafia will be using vaccine shots to fix many sporting events the way that horse race-fixing has gone on before.

If Djokovic miraculously wins his second appeal he will be going onto court seriously disadvantaged considering all the shit these tyrants have thrown at him, causing him immense stress and anxiety, how could Novak ever perform his best? If however he does win as an unvaccinated player then that will be the biggest morale booster for all of us millions of medical freedom warriors around the world. Honestly though I don’t see him getting treated decently on court if the judges and other officials are anything like the institutionalised commu-fascist scum in the dictatorship.

One thing’s for sure. In the absence of the world’s number one tennis player Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open, then for whoever wins the Australian Open on a weakened field it will be a very small v for victory. The winner may pick up the enormous prize money and trophy but will always have that nagging little voice inside them preventing them from basking in the glory of victory. It will be a bit like that time — and I’m sure that we are all guilty of this — when you cheated in a friendly game of something or other and ‘won’ but knew in your heart of hearts that you were nothing more than a sadarse loser.

Novak, we the freedom loving people of the world salute you and your immense courage.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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