In the Bleak Mid Winter

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

I love this time of year in the northern hemisphere when the weather is doing it’s seasonal thing with temperatures dropping to around freezing, and crisp wintry landscapes of frost or snow forming under deep blue skies, or snowflakes falling magically from the heavens.

Beautiful frost patterns form on the high moorland of the Mynydd Epynt range in Powys Wales UK. © Graham M. Lawrence.

As the days get shorter and the mid winter seasonal festivities get under way we can be sure to find a number of ‘bah humbug’ trolls out in force on social-media guilt tripping us festive-loving folk for celebrating Christmas and the winter solstice.

Their reasoning seems to be that since the origins of Christmas and the winter solstice are pagan, all those going along with festivities are sheep ‘under the spell of Christmas.’ As if we are not already aware of the fact, they will tell us that 25th December was not Christ’s birthday but rather the birthday of some or other Sun God.

But is it of any consequence that Christmas has pagan origins thousands of years ago? Just about everything that we do has origins dating back centuries. Take the game of football, a sport that evolved centuries ago when warriors kicked around the decapitated heads of their enemies. I don’t see any of these anti-Christmas trolls getting on their soap boxes advocating the abolition of football.

So what if December 25th marked some mythical Sun God’s birthday. And so what if yule logs, and evergreens are pagan traditions. Putting up Christmas trees, and decorating houses with holly, mistletoe and Christmas lights is harmless and brings pleasure to many families especially to children.

And then of course there is that matter about Santa Claus, alias, Father Christmas, alias St Nicholas. The trolls will take great delight in pointing out how wicked parents are when, ‘under the Christmas spell,’ they lie to their children about Santa Claus bringing them presents. Well, this fantasy story never did me any harm and I don’t know anyone who suffered lifelong trauma from it. I have written about the Santa phenomenon in two earlier Christmas blogs HERE & HERE.

I often use the analogy of the Santa story white lie to demonstrate how easily we believe those in positions of trust, such as the members of our governments and journalists of the mainstream media. We believe them because our brains keep telling us that “those good people would never lie to us . . . . would they?” ironically , I would propose that this Santa lie our parents told us as kids may have been beneficial to us in preparing us for adulthood with the awareness that everything is not as it seems and that we should be on our guard for those crazy pieces of misinformation.

Around the 4th century, Christians successfully took control of these ancient winter solstice customs and turned them into celebrations of peace and goodwill on earth. These sentiments of peace at Christmas have held until the present day.

One awesome example of this was the Christmas truce of 1914 during WW1 when soldiers on opposing sides; Germany and Britain, came out of their trenches, met in ‘no man’s land’ – a narrow strip of land between the war fronts sometimes no wider than 50 metres – to share cigarettes and chocolate, and to sing carols, put up a Christmas tree and even play football together.

Christmas Truce World War 1 1914

Click on image to watch video.

And that is what is so mportant about Christmas, that it is associated with peace. Whether we are Christian or non Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, believer or non-believer, Christ is universally known as a man of peace who healed the sick and preached the philosophy of turning the other cheek. His name is synonymous with peace and therefore any association with the winter solstice and the peace-loving Christ is a positive one.

British and German soldiers call a truce and celebrate Christmas in December 1914 in no mans land.

The warmongering globalist cabal hate religion because religion is a powerful counter to their propaganda. Religion is their biggest enemy and they have done a reasonable job of controlling the two largest religions: Christianity and Islam. In the case of Christianity they have brainwashed many so-called evangelical Christians (by rewriting some of the Holy Bible) into believing that they – the globalist cult – are God’s chosen people. As for Muslims, they have been demonised as terrorists by means of the false-flag operation on 11th September 2001 known as 9/11. (War on terror)

During the Satanic cult’s take over of Russia via the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, and the ensuing 70 years or so of evil communist dictatorship, under which over 100 million innocent Russians were slaughtered, religion was banned and churches closed or torn down. More recently this same evil, in the form of the Kiev dictatorship, installed in Ukraine, by means of the 2014 brutal Western funded Euromaidan colour revolution illegal coup, has been persecuting Orthodox Ukrainian monks and evicting them from their monasteries.

Christ’s image of peace and his association with midwinter celebrations is anathema to the warmongering globalist cult. They hate Christmas and they hate Christ – the lord of peace. That’s why they will be out in force at this time of year trolling against their greatest enemy: Christ and Christmas.

So even if you are not a Christian nor religious in any way, remember that Christmas celebrations are one the cults greatest enemies! As the ancient adage goes:

‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’

This Christmas, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those tens of thousands of men women and children in the Middle East who have been murdered, injured and whose lives have been devastated by the globalist cult’s continued genocide of the Palestinian people in the Holy Land.

A Happy Christmas, Winter Solstice and New Year to all.

Here’s a short video to make you chuckle:

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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