Fright, Fight or Flight.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

Shortly after the world was put under ‘house-arrest’ back in March 2020 under the ludicrous pretext that some deadly pathogen going by the name of SARS Cov-2 (which was causing a new disease called Covid-19) was lurking in every molecule of air we breathe and on every supermarket trolley handle or door knob eagerly awaiting the opportunity to zoom up our nostrils or down our throats, the world’s travel industry was hit with draconian regulations such as passengers having to wear face-nappies on all flights and in airports to prevent the spread of this new mystery so-called virus and to be in possession of a Covid-19 ‘vaccine-passport’ in order to disembark at their final destination.

As a staunch ‘refusenik’ (their word not mine) about complying with any of the nonsensical Coronavirus regulations, It soon became apparent to me, that my flying days were probably over. Then this year as governments, under pressure from the realisation that people are waking up to the nature of the scamdemic, suddenly relaxed these regulations a weeny bit.

Great I thought, I will plan a visit or two to see friends in Europe and maybe even treat myself to a trip further afield.

Then recently news hit the internet about healthy commercial airline pilots suffering heart attacks in mid-flight with evidence pointing to the so-called Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ being the culprit. Whoa I thought, maybe getting on a plane is not such a good idea after all.

One such pilot who suffered a severe post-vaccine heart attack whilst in the cockpit of a plane and who has voiced the opinion that it was caused by the vaccine is Captain Robert Snow. Captain Snow is a pilot who with more than three decades of flying behind him passed out minutes after landing an American Airlines Airbus 321 with 200 people on board at Dallas – Fort Worth USA on April 9th 2022. Captain Snow said that after they’d locked into the gate and initiated shut down checklist, he was getting his stuff together when he passed out.

Captain Bob Snow in hospital after the heart attack.

Fortunately for Captain Snow, the ‘crash fire’ rescue people, including paramedics, had not long before Snow’s heart attack been called to the next gate for a smoke alarm issue, so when a call was put out for help they were close by and in the cockpit within minutes giving emergency treatment and quickly getting him to hospital. In the hospital Captain Snow made a short video blaming the vaccine for his heart attack. None of Bob Snow’s family have had the Covid-19 vaccine and Snow himself never wanted it but was forced to take it by his employers, American Airlines, or face dismissal.

Vaccinated Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest – Freedom Flyers Expose MASSIVE Airline Cover-Up
The Stew Peters Show features Joshua Yoder, from U.S. Freedom Flyers, talking about a vaccinated airline pilot’s heart stopping just minutes after landing. This plane had 200 souls aboard! Length 10 mins

Importantly, a letter from the California-based Advocates for Citizens’ Rights group makes the point that COVID-19 vaccine mandates for pilots violate federal regulations and place pilots and passengers at risk, since the Covid vaccines are not FDA approved.


The letter claims:

  • Federal regulations that prohibit pilots who have received non-FDA-approved medical products, such as COVID vaccines, from flying are being violated.
  • Vaccinated pilots potentially are flying with abnormal health conditions that may be exacerbated by flying at high altitudes. These include heart damage and blood clotting, which could lead to stroke or cardiac arrest.
  • Some pilots have suffered death and serious injury following COVID vaccination.
  • The federal government is aware of the issues associated with the vaccines, based on complaints filed with government agencies.

The health risks to pilots from the vaccines may lead to a catastrophic event such as a plane crash, with multiple fatalities and significant legal and monetary liabilities for the government, insurers and airlines.


I should mention here that the purpose of my writing this piece is absolutely not to put the fear of God into anyone about flying. Fear-mongering is the remit of the very same evil cult that I am fighting: the one that, together with the mainstream media, has been spreading fear-porn about a non-existent Sars Cov-2 virus in order to scare us all into getting the Covid-19 vaccine – Big Pharma!

Statistically flying has always been one of the safest forms of travel. Regardless of whether the flight is domestic or international, there are always at least two pilots: a Captain and Senior First Officer. On many flights, mostly long-haul international flights, there are three pilots or even more: A plane with four pilots will have one Captain, one First Officer and two Second Officers. Also on a typical commercial flight autopilot is used for almost 90% of the flight, but not for take-off. As with everything we do in life there is a risk and as far as I’m concerned flying is still a very safe way to travel and the recent events of pilots suffering from post-vaccine heart attacks would not cause me too much concern. My concern would be after the flight had landed: that of being accosted at the airport by some vaxx crazy zealot official refusing me entry unless I allowed them to fill my body with their deadly poisons and genetic programming.

For the last two years plus we have all been in a fright, fight or flight situation face to face with an evil monster who wants to cull the world population and turn any survivors into zombie AI humanoid robots of the matrix.

So what’s it to be, fight or flight?

I would suggest that it could be both fight and flight. We can fight the evil medical mafia cult by taking a flight. By booking our hols and flights abroad and refusing to comply with mask and vaccine passport mandates and any other bull-shit Orwellian regulations.

So, book your flights, have a great time in some far-off sunny clime and return home healthy and refreshed with renewed energy to continue our fight against the evil medical industrial complex and their filthy GMO toxin laden vaccines.

Bon voyage.

Airline pilots unite to highlight vaccine injuries

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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