Storm Chasing and the Mask Mystery.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

Around midnight, I did one last check on the weather forecast for the next 24 hours. It was giving severe gale force winds and huge wave and sea swell conditions for the south and west coasts of the UK. I loaded up my old Vauxhall estate with camera gear, serious waterproof clothing, thermos of tea & coffee and food, and set off from my home in Mid Wales for Aberystwyth, a seaside resort and university town on the west coast of Wales, to capture photos of the storm.

Passing just one car on my journey along the small road over the Cambrian Mountains, I arrived at the coast well before dawn at around 4.00 am and drove directly to the promenade to check the weather conditions. The wind was howling and the sea was a seething mass of white foam and sea spray. The tide was already up to the sea wall and waves were hitting the promenade even though high tide wasn’t until 7.30 am. Sunrise was around the same time as high tide so I decided that I would start filming at about 7.00 am. I drove to a sheltered parking spot, set my alarm for 6.00 am, reclined my car-seat, pulled a blanket over my weary body and grabbed a much needed cat-nap.

Waking with a start at the sound of the alarm, it took a few seconds to realise where I was. I doused my head with cold water, drank a mug of tea, climbed into waterproof kit, fitted a waterproof cover on my camera and set off for the northern end of the promenade where I found the waves doing what they are most happy doing: sending massive plumes of water and spray into the air as they release their enormous energy at the end of a long journey across the ocean.

Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, UK. © Graham M. Lawrence

It was Sunday morning and the seafront was deserted. As I snapped away, people started waking up and in the distance I noticed out of the corner of my eye what looked like a young guy, a university student, walking towards me. The wind had now increased to severe gale force and I was finding it difficult to stand up. As the student got closer I stopped in my tracks. Mouth wide open I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Through the haze of sea-spray I could just make out that he was wearing a surgical mask! Whaaaaat . . . . ? I thought transfixed. Who was this guy wearing a mask, presumably to protect himself from the so-called corona virus, and was he completely incapable of reasoning that wearing a loose piece of rag over his breathing apparatus in a severe gale force wind had about as much chance of stopping a virus entering his respiratory system as a cardboard box would have of stopping a round of ammunition from an AK47 automatic weapon blasting his body to kingdom come.

I reasoned that maybe he was just one freak case and would be the only masked person I would see on the seafront in this extremely wild weather. But no, I was wrong, it wasn’t long before a few other masked students were seen indulging in this mad ‘maskerade.’

I put this bizarre encounter to the back of my mind and concentrated on documenting the storm. Later on I was relieved to see normal people arrive at the seaside, unmasked and enjoying the invigorating sea air with their families.

On the drive home I tried to rationalise what must have been going on in those young masked student’s minds. Were they really unable to figure out that severe gale force winds of around 50 mph; winds powerful enough to cause structural damage to buildings removing chimney pots and slates, are not going to have the slightest problem blasting a microscopic 90 nanometre virus particle straight through or around a flimsy face mask and right up the nostrils of the mask-wearing victim?

But I wasn’t making allowances for the fact that these youngsters were clearly victims of serious brainwashing by the propaganda wing of the elite cult perpetrators of the Covid Hoax – the mainstream media.

So it’s reasonable to assume that they would not be in a fit state of mind to understand that wearing a mask is not only useless as a protection against so-called viruses, it also has a very damaging effect on the mask-wearer’s body. Nor would they be in a fit state of mind to realise that the mask has been cleverly used by this evil cult as the key tool of the hoax: as the uniform of people’s slavery and their acquiescence to the power and dictates of the totalitarian evil cult forces which have taken over the UK government and governments of other nations worldwide. The mask has become a badge of ignorance worn by the gullible and uninformed. Simply by counting mask-wearers, the cult can easily assess how well their plan to enslave us all is progressing and how many have fallen prey to their propaganda.

By imposing mask-wearing for long periods of time, people will be broken-in and gradually become accustomed to the habit and accept this training mechanism as the norm, in the same way that a wild horse is broken-in and accepts being bridled up with an uncomfortable bit between it’s teeth. Even worse is that some people will start to enjoy wearing their bridles and muzzles. Sanctimonious muzzle wearers will particularly enjoy the experience and have a field day indulging in their favourite pastime of virtue signalling: “Hey look at me, I’m a good guy doing what my government has told me to do, and I’m saving lives. Aren’t I just the perfect citizen?”

(See previous blog “Glossary of Conavirus Plandemic Terms.” for “Virtue signalling”)

Other reasons that people will comply and wear a mask is that they want an easy life and wearing a mask is the easy route. That easy route is a dangerous one to take.

Then of course there are those who really do believe that there is a Covid killer virus, and are totally convinced that wearing a mask will reduce their risk of being infected. These are the ones who will be responsible for the world sleepwalking over the cliff and plummeting into a distopian abyss if the world doesn’t wake up in time.

To this group of people I would pose the question: “Why haven’t you covered up your ears since ear cavities are connected to your sinuses. You know a virus could easily get in that way?” And then I would add cheekily: “While you are about it, I would highly recommend that you block every other orifice in your body since that deadly killer virus which is scaring the pants off you is sure to find a way in via one of those passages!” Tee hee!

Now, I absolutely refuse to wear a mask and have not worn one since the House Arrest aka Lockdown started back in March 2020. I haven’t been challenged in supermarkets by the staff, and have by and large not been challenged in small high street shops apart from one particularly abusive woman in a charity shop in Builth Wells in Powys, whose attitude towards her customers was more akin to that of the Stasi police of former communist East Germany than that of a shop assistant.

Most high street retailers might challenge customers without masks because they are fearful of having their businesses closed down. What they haven’t twigged yet is that the whole purpose of this Scamdemic is to close down all small and medium sized businesses, and that their only way of survival will be to all get together and stand up against this tyranny and take the opposite tack by committing peaceful civil disobedience, breaking the rules and welcoming those good unmasked customers into their premises and refusing entry to anyone wearing a mask or rubber gloves. If they don’t take this approach they are doomed.

One of the most important reasons not to wear a mask is for your health. By wearing one, you have allowed your tyrannical government an opportunity to take full control of the health of your body without your consent. By complying with mask regulations, you have unwittingly allowed your government to considerably reduce the amount of essential oxygen that you breathe and increase the amount of poisonous carbon dioxide that your body doesn’t need. Let’s look at some facts.

The human body can live many weeks or months without food, a few days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen. If the brain is deprived of oxygen for about 5 minutes it will die completely. Oxygen is the one thing, above all else, that we need to stay alive.

Now, the composition of the atmosphere that we breathe at sea-level is:

Nitrogen 78%

Oxygen 21%

Argon – 0.93%

Water vapour – variable amounts depending on conditions.

We also breathe in some trace gases 0.07% of which one is carbon dioxide making up a weeny miniscule 0.04% of the atmosphere. PS, Be careful if you ever mention this to Greta Thunberg!

Humans breathe in air at the above percentages and exhale at the following percentages:

Nitrogen 78%

Oxygen 16 – 17%

Carbon Dioxide 4 – 5%

Water vapour – variable amounts depending on conditions.

So when we breathe in we take in 21% of the air as oxygen – the essential life giving gas without which we can only live a few minutes – but only retain about 1/5th of it exhaling the other 4/5ths back into the atmosphere.

We also take in the miniscule amount of 0.04% of the air in the form of carbon dioxide – the poisonous gas that we don’t need. Upon breathing out we exhale a massive amount, 4 – 5% of exhaled air, of carbon dioxide as a waste product of the breathing process.

Trees and plants are extremely grateful to us for this since they need carbon dioxide in order to breathe. In return for our benevolent action, they produce oxygen for us mammals to breathe, and we mammals are exceedingly grateful to them this. The symbiotic relationship between plants and mammals has been going on a very long time.

Consequently, after putting on a mask and making the first exhalation the wearer fills the area between face and mask with about 100 times the amount of carbon dioxide that there is in the air we breathe. High amounts of carbon dioxide are poisonous to humans. Excess amounts can cause someone to suffer from hypercapnia, hypercarbia, anoxia or asphyxiation. In fact there are industry standards for the maximum proportion of carbon dioxide in any working environment. See table below for adverse effects of carbon dioxide poisoning.

Amount of carbon dioxide in a limited space.Injurious effect to the body.
400 parts per million (0.04%) Normal air we breathe.No injurious effect.
30,000 – 40,000 ppm (3% – 4%)Slightly intoxicating, breathing and pulse rate increase, nausea.
50,000 ppm (5%)As above, plus headaches and sight impairment.
100,000 parts per million (10%)UNCONCIOUS FURTHER EXPOSURE DEATH.
Adverse effects of breathing in too much carbon dioxide.

Check out this video by Del Bigtree who measures the dangerous amounts of CO2 trapped behind the mask that his son is wearing. You will be shocked! Click on image to view.

Mask Test Proves Toxic For Children.

By wearing a mask, you are effectively breathing back in a waste product of your body. To put it crudely, this is like constantly wearing a nappy (diaper) filled with excrement! Hence the term face-nappies has been coined as an illustrative term for masks.

Further, the amount of essential life-giving oxygen between the mask-wearers face and the mask will have been reduced because:

1) The greater amount of air between the mask and the mask-wearers face will be the oxygen depleted exhaled air; 4/5ths of normal air content, see above, exhaled air percentages and image below.

2) The resistance of the mask material will impede the intake of fresh oxygen.

Lack of oxygen to the brain causes a condition known as hypoxia where the brain is not functioning 100%.

Conclusion: Mask-wearers breathe in about 100 times more of the poisonous gas carbon dioxide, which the human body most certainly does not need, and a severely reduced amount of oxygen, which the mask-wearer desperately needs to live! This is not conducive to good health.

Shortly before arriving home later that night it occurred to me that after eight months of mask-wearing induced oxygen deprivation, the brains of those mask-wearing students on Aberystwyth seafront would be in no fit state to comprehend the absolute futility of wearing a mask in a 50mph severe force 9 gale.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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