The Good the Bad and the Utterly Ridiculous – part 04

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01) Utterly ridiculous – Pfizer pays almost $120 million for app that detects COVID from a cough.

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Hmmmmm. . . . so we’re headed for a massive depression, people are starving worldwide, elderly and poor Europeans risk freezing or starving to death this winter because of massive energy price hikes due to anti-Russian sanctions, and Pfizer shells out $120 million for a company which has produced a tuppenny-ha’penny app that a child of four could create for the price of a lollipop!

But don’t worry folks, whenever you cough this magic app will inform you whether it’s just a cough, (you know, that cough you get every year around this time of year – flu season,) or whether it’s a cough symptomatic of that deadly killer disease Sars-Cov 2 virus (Covid-19) aaaaarrrrrrgh! That’s the disease, by the way, which has never ever been isolated or identified: does not exist!


02) Bad – Johnny’s Cash and The Smart Money Nightmare.

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Top video here from Richard D. Hall, Rich Planet TV. According to gold bug and financial guru, Mike Maloney, the only real money is precious metal, all the other stuff used worldwide for financial transactions are merely currencies.

We use ‘money’ every day of our lives but just ask anyone where it comes from and they will be at loggerheads to give you the correct answer.

In the form of cash, this stuff we call ‘money’ is actually just promissory notes, IOUs with pictures of dead criminals printed on them, or in digital form just digits on a screen.

Video length 15 minutes

The whole economy system has been built on a debt based financial ponzi scheme scam.

It is nothing more than token ‘monopoly money,’ apparent wealth conjured up out of thin air. In reality only a tiny percentage (about 2-3%) of so-called ‘money’ exists, so if hypothetically everyone drew out all of their ‘money’ at exactly the same time, they would only receive about 2-3% of the total held in their bank accounts. Using a sort of inverted analogy, it’s a bit like the game of musical chairs where10 people walk around nine chairs until the music stops and they must sit down on a chair with the one player who does not have a chair leaving the game. With the money musical chair ponzi scheme however there are 100 players and only three chairs!

Richard D. Hall’s excellent video explains the imminent move to enslave us all with digital money: effectively crypto currency on the banking blockchain. Many Central Banks (those are the Rothschild owned banking institutions where money is created) such as The Bank of England already have their digital currencies: CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currencies, up and running.

With CBDCs the government, banks, retail outlets will be the ones in control of your money – not you! As Johny Cash learns in Hall’s video cartoon they will have control of where, when, what, why and how you spend your digital money. There will even be a shelf-life on money which will be deleted from your account if it is not used before it’s ‘sell-by’ date. Of course if anyone is a bit short one week they will be always able to earn a few extra digits for snitching on their neighbour for breaching any of the forthcoming totalitarian rules.

Since March 2020 I have attempted to keep cash alive by only ever using cash to buy something from a retail outlet. Shopping in this way is much simpler than you would think and I would strongly advocate that all of you who are not happy with the plan of enslavement to stop using phones/watches/credit cards/debit cards/smart cards to make retail purchases. Just go to an ATM and draw out cash repeating the magic mantra – “cash is king” as your money pops out of the machine. As a bonus you will find that cash goes much further.


03) Good – 33% of former Ukraine Becomes Part of the Russian Federation.

Referendums were held between 23rd September and 27th September 2022 in the former south Ukrainian oblasts of Kherson, Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporezhye. The people of these areas who have been waiting since 2014 to leave the fascist NATO funded dictatorship of Kiev voted overwhelmingly to join The Russian Federation. See pic below for final results.

These referendums were monitored by over 100 independent observers from around the world who were unanimous in the opinion that they were honestly conducted in accordance with all international standards.

Needless to say the West and their whining propaganda mainstream media have been full blast with their Russophobic dialogue in an attempt to discredit this amazing victory for democracy, by parroting the same old tiresome spiel such as: Sham referendums, Russia’s annexation of Ukraine, etc.

Of course, Kosovo being sliced away from Serbia and annexed by NATO/EU without even the faint murmur of a referendum never ever gets a mention. Check out George Galloway’s take on this in the short video below.

Galloway flabbergasted at hypocrisy over Ukraine Referendum

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Video length 2 minutes

After the referendum results were ratified by Russia, thousands of people across the Russian Federation celebrated this historic reunification.

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Comment on Twitter from @FiorellaIsabelM – The collective WEST is fuming that thousands exerted actual democracy & thousands support the true sovereignty of these regions that have been bombed for 8 years & for which no flags were placed on social media platforms,. NATO doesn’t want democracy, it wants global dominion.

Video length 1 1/2 minutes

Addenda – 26.10.2022: Crimea had their referendum to join Russia in 2014, shortly after the Euromaidan illegal coup. They voted 96.7% to join Russia!


04) Utterly ridiculous – US citizens are asked where Ukraine is on the map.

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I find it deeply concerning that the citizens of the one country, USA, which has been at war bombing the shit out of innocent brown people worldwide for something like about 95% of it’s 246 years existence, do not even know where Ukraine is. That’s the country where for the past nine months reportedly getting on for about $100 billion of their hard earned tax money has been sent to fund an illegal proxy war with The Russian Federation.

Video length 45 seconds


05) Good (that they’re protesting) – Sicilians protest against unaffordable energy bills.

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Not only is the USA, NATO, EU throwing billions of dollars of hard working Western civilians tax money down the drain in it’s proxy war against Russia, the ridiculous sanctions that have been imposed on Russia have caused a spiralling increase in energy bills. There are many protests against the inevitable recession/depression taking place and we should all be doing something to combat this insane attack on humanity by the Satanic New World Order cabal of trillionaires.

Video length 1 minute

Copy/paste from Russia Today : “Sicilian entrepreneurs are taking to the streets as their businesses are at risk of closure due to soaring electricity costs in Italy that have risen 136% on an annual basis. Reports say over 60,000 small businesses could fall victim to the price spike, losing their livelihoods.”


06) Bad – Major Supermarket In UK Planning To Sell BUGS As Food To Help Poor People Through Winter

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Just come home after a hard days work and looking forward to your evening meal ? There you go, a nice dish of crunchy crickets for you. This is the Great Reset – you will have nothing and you will be happy. . . . to eat a dish of creepy crawly insects because eugenecists such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab spin us the nonsense that planet earth is overpopulated and this is one economical way that the world population can be fed.


07) Bad – Sandra Gallina – Director-General, Health and Food Safety, European Commission – gives a speech at the World Health Summit 2022

At the World Health Summit 2022 we find all the usual tyrants such as Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and many more who have been wielding the germ theory virus myth weapon over the last two years to cull the world population, take away our freedoms, and microchip the gullible in preperation for the matrix AI world ahead. Listen to Gallina’s carefully selected words. The old familiar New World Order becomes “a new enhanced world health order”

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We urgently need to shape a new, new, enhanced world health order”

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Ok, let’s go for a bit of a giggle to finish up.

08) Good – King Charles dummy at Waxworks gets CAKED(mainstream media news but worthy of space on FactPact)

‘Stop Oil’ activists have a bit of slapstick fun with the waxwork dummy of Charles III the new King of England.


Acknowledgement: Thanks to rogue cartoonist Ben Garrison – for the use of his artwork at the top of this blog.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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