The Good the Bad and the Utterly Ridiculous.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

Seventeen months on from the start of the Covid Circus, There’s good news, bad news and some utterly ridiculous news.

Let’s get going with the best news ever!

1) Cov-19 Immunity in 19 Minutes!

Just watch this short video, and at the end of it you will have acquired full immunity from SARS-CoV2 virus (covid-19) and all other so-called viruses! –


Let’s continue with some more good news.

2) Multi Millionaire Andrew Tate Speaks Out

It’s becoming common knowledge that the ones who have pulled off the Covid Hoax are a psychopathic cabal of the obscenely rich. So it came as a pleasnt surprise to hear multi-millionaire Andrew Tate coming clean in this interview about ‘rich guy’ privileges by telling us that when it comes to air travel during a so-called pandemic, corona doesn’t exist for the rich people paying $50,000 for a flight. That old adage: one rule for the rich and another one for the poor has never been as apt as it is now in 2021.


Brace yourself! Here’s some bad news.

3) Prison Quarantine Camp at London Heathrow Airport.

Reportedly, travellers arriving at Heathrow airport in London from so-called ‘Covid Red’ countries have to pay £1,750 for the priviledge of being incarcerated in what appears to be a high security prison.


More bad news!

4) Vaccine Passports Implemented in France

Last month under the dictatorship of Rothschild’s lackey: French president Emanuel Macron, a law was passed making it necessary for anyone wanting to do virtually anything in France to be in possession of a valid health passport: pass sanitaire. However, Mayor David Rachline of the small French town of Frejus has taken a strong stand against this vaccine passport and will not be enforcing it

 Italy introduced it’s similar version: the Green Pass.


Hey! Some good news.

5) Israel Abandons Vaccine Passports Italians Burn Green Cards.

Israel, the first country to introduce vaccination passports back in March 2021 has now scrapped them, and in Italy the vaccinated Italians have been burning their “vaccine passports” in solidarity with the unvaccinated.

Yeehaa! Go, go, go!


And more good news as people rise up across the world.

6) Worldwide Protest Against Vaccine Passports.

The good people of planet earth are rising up in protest against the tyrannical theft of people’s freedoms under the pretext that there is some deadly killer virus.

Daily Mail: Non! Hundreds of thousands of protestors take to the streets of Paris in opposition to controversial vaccine passport after it was launched amid backlash.


Now something to lighten your mood. Have a good chuckle at this Utterly Ridiculous News from our beloved Auntie Beeb.

7) Covid-19: How Many Windows to Keep Open to Cut Virus Build-up.

Whaaaaat! This one really takes the biscuit! Way, way beyond ridiculous.


Back to the bad news again.

8) Vaccine Mandate in Tajikistan

Early last month Tajikistan became the first country in the world to make the coronavirus mandatory for all it’s citizens aged 18 or over.

Since then various countries have instigated vaccination mandates according to type of employment status.

Here’s a list of those countries from Yahoo site:


Another bit of utterly ridiculous news. (or should I say pitifully sad news?

9) Man Remains Housebound for Seventeen Months.

An IT friend recently told me that a super wealthy (extremely germophobic) client of his living in Mid Wales has not ventured outside his pricy country residence during the almost one and a half years since the start of the so-called pandemic in March 2020 – not even once!

Rather than ridicule this guy, we should pity him for being afflicted with the same obsessive behaviour as Howard Hughes–the billionaire aviator, motion-picture producer and business tycoon who spent his life trying to avoid germs. Hughes spent the end of his life naked in bed in darkened hotel rooms in what he considered germ-free zones. He wore tissue boxes on his feet to protect them, and burned his clothing if someone near him became ill.


Encouraging good news now from a Dutch MP.

10) Dutch MP Gideon Van Meijeren – drops truth bomb in his maiden speech

 Dutch MP Gideon Van Meijeren hit the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte right between the eyes with his maiden speech when he called out the collusion of governments with globalists such as Klaus Schwab: founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, author and mastermind behind the Greater Reset plan; a plan to turn the world into a distopian communist dictatorship hell-hole.

 Van Meijeren lures the Dutch prime minister Rutte into a trap by asking him what he thinks of Klaus Schwab’s book – The Great Reset. The Dutch PM immediately replies that he, “doesn’t know the book,” and waffles on about conspiracy theories etc.

Van Meijeren then calls Rutte out for the liar he is…

“. . It surprises me the first question [I ask] is answered by a lie because I’m holding a letter here dated 26th of November 2020. And this is the letter from Mr Rutte to Mr. Klaus Schwab in which he thanks him for sending the book and calls it a hopeful analysis for a better future. . . .

 Wow, nice one! I’ll bet not many politicians have scored a bullseye such as that with their maiden speech?


Finally some very good news.

11) Jeremy Vine Ambushed by Phone In Caller Demanding BBC Answers over Vaccine Death Numbers

This is a great piece of news to end with. Caller fools the BBC ‘truth gatekeepers’ to get airtime on the Jeremy Vine show and call out the BBC for not reporting the figures of deaths resulting from covid-19 vaccines which anyone at the BBC could find on the UK Government’s own ‘yellow card’ scheme website for reporting adverse reactions from covid-19 vaccination.

Jeremy Vine’s program ratings are very high reaching audiences of over two million listeners, so that guy’s call to Jeremy’s show was a real coup for the ‘freedom movement.’

The current totals for this adverse reaction report to date 9th August 2021 are as follows: Total reports – 324,014 Total reactions – 1,135,579 Total deaths: 1,559.


Acknowledgement: Thanks to rogue cartoonist Ben Garrison – – for the use of his artwork at the top of this blog.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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