The Great heist AD 2020

The Great Heist AD 2020

By Graham Lawrence October 2020

A thought crossed my mind recently that it would be an interesting education for all who have lost their freedoms, livelihoods, sanity and even their lives since March 2020 to be a fly on the wall in the chateaux and mansions of the world’s elite Cult who have pulled off the biggest heist that the world has ever known ― the Covid-19 scamdemic.

From this ringside seat the audience would witness popping champagne corks, clinking glasses and guffaws of laughter interspersed with snippets of conversation that would possibly go something like this.

” How easy was that then? We didn’t need the military or armed police on the streets, nor snipers on the roofs to bring about world martial law. All we needed was one small word, Coronavirus, and populations worldwide went scurrying to their houses like frightened rabbits all putting themselves under house arrest. Amazing, quite amazing. Another glass of champagne anyone?”

How was this total control over the world populace achieved so easily? By preying on one of the strongest human emotions ― fear.

And for the object of that fear, the perpetrators of this heist ingeniously chose an invisible enemy; an imaginary tiny microbe.

Perhaps we should all have heeded the poignant words of H.L. Mencken.

“…The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and thus clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary…” — H.L. Mencken.

Mencken was spot on.


In order to introduce the imaginary hobgoblin that Menken refers to, it’s necessary that the pepetrators first engender a sense of trust from the populace by giving them the false perception that:

  • They have democratically chosen their leaders. This is done by paying lip service to the word democracy: inviting the populace every few years years to put a cross X on a ballot paper next to the candidate representing the party they wish to put into power. What the voters are not shown on this ballot paper are the strings leading all the way up to the unchosen invisible Cult elites who are the puppetmasters of all candidates of all political parties from extreme left to extreme right.
  • Those who the populace have voted into power are honest and will hold the interests to heart, of the people over whom they govern.
  • Those who the populace have voted into power will protect them from an enemy — ‘The enemy.’

The third of these false perceptions ― that the people will be safe from an enemy attack ― is the key to a government getting complete control over the people.

During the era of the Bolshevik instigated Soviet Union, the perceived hobgoblin enemy of Western nations was communism; ‘Reds under the bed’ ‘Cold War’ etc.

In 1962 the world teetered on the edge of an all out nuclear war when the USSR placed nuclear missile bases in Cuba aimed at the USA. Interestingly, what Western people were never told at the time was that this was done in retaliation to USA having placed nuclear missile bases in Turkey aimed at the Soviet Union. Fortunately the crisis was averted thanks to a very brave young Soviet submarine officer Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov who, on 27th October 1962, refused to put the third signature needed on the official document to launch a nuclear torpedo against US forces. Fifty five years to the day after this crisis, Archipov’s family received a posthumous award from the Future of Life institute on his behalf.

Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov

The threat of nuclear war is no less now than it was back in the 1960s, but people are not paralysed with fear by it to the extent that their lives are thrown into disarray as they were sixty years ago. As each ensuing year passed without WW3, the odds of a nuclear war happening diminished, and so too did people’s fear diminish pro rata. The communist nuclear armageddon hobgoblin had lost it’s potency.

No imaginary hobgoblin! No perception of fear! What to do?

To understand how the Cult keep their hobgoblins going, it’s important to understand diminishing-fear syndrome.

It is experienced by all creatures. Just watch pigeons in city parks landing on humans and eating from their hands. Over time pigeons moved closer and closer to the humans feeding them whilst continuously calculating the odds of danger to themselves. Finally concluding that the danger risk to them is close to zero, they move in and benefit from the free food supply.

Pigeons eat out of my hand in mid Wales, UK.

The same psychology applies to ponies that tourist love to feed in national parks, or to a robin that many a bird lover with a bird table will have gradually trained to eat from their hand.

This dimishing-fear is also illustrated in another way by one of Aesop’s fables, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, where a young shepherd boy repeatedly shouts wolf and tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his town’s flock. When a wolf actually does appear and the boy again calls for help, the villagers believe that it is another false alarm and the sheep are eaten by the wolf.

At this point it’s also important to mention that the Cult controlling our world, play double agent. They are the Joker in the pack and play all sides. They installed the horrific totalitarian dictatorship of the Soviet Union through the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 by funding Marxist Communists, Trotsky, Lenin, Kamenev, Sverdlov et al. But whilst funding and supporting the takeover of Russia, they pretended to be fighting against it and funded anti-Soviet Union propaganda. By controlling both sides, they played the hob-goblin communism enemy from both sides to keep the world in fear.

It’s like me paying someone to burgle your property and then joining in a chorus of condemnation against burglers.

In the 1980s/90s the Soviet Union fell apart. There was perestroika, glasnost, and Soviet communism died. The Berlin Wall came down, former soviet satellite states were gobbled up by the European Union, along with some constituent republics of Yugoslavia which became the victim of a ‘divide & rule’ attack, hatched by the very same Cult who concocted the Bolshevik revolution.

Then along came Vladimir Putin who kicked the ‘Bolshevik’ oligarchs out of Russia, reopened churches, and took the nation’s people into the 21st century with relative normality. He restored Russia to it’s former glory leaving behind almost a century of Communist tyranny where over 100 million innocent Russians were murdered, tortured & raped at the hands of the Bolsheviks, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Gengrich Yagoda and other despots.

Suddenly there was no communist Soviet Union anymore, no ‘Reds under the bed,’ no fearful scary hob-goblin!

What to do?

On 11th September 2001, the Cult pulled off a false flag operation that it had been planning for a long time — the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York USA where over 3,000 people died, to say nothing of the first responders who died later of cancer from the asbestos laden dust, or the millions who died, were mutilated raped or tortured in illegal wars for which this false flag operation was a pretext.

Destruction of World Trade Centre – 11th September 2001

Despite the fact that murders and terrorist attacks can take years or decades to solve, this attrocity was miraculously solved by the US president at the time, George W. Bush, who told us within minutes that the attack was carried out by a guy on kidney dialysis living in a cave with a laptop ― Osama Bin Laden, aka Tim Osman CIA stooge for twenty five years ― and 19 Arab cohorts with box-cutters.

George W. Bush promptly announced to the world that the US was at war in a ‘War on Terror.’

Et voila! Hobgoblin problem solved, a new one is born — ‘Muslim Terrorists.’

After almost 20 years of using the ‘Muslim Terrorist’ imaginary enemy hobgoblin to wage wars in the Middle East to take away our freedoms and break up the world in order to form the Cult’s New World Order, the fear factor from the perceived threat of this hobgoblin, has also suffered from diminishing-fear syndrome. People soon learnt, like the pigeons in the park, that Muslims posed no threat to them.

Once again, no hob-goblin!

Again, what can we do? Ask the cult.

“Here’s what we’ll bloody well do,” scream the Cult. “We’ll introduce another imaginary hobgoblin so damn fearful that the people won’t ever suffer from diminishing-fear syndrome again. Now. . . . . . . how about an invisible killer virus as our imaginary Hobgoblin? We could introduce it along with massive mainstream media fearmongering propaganda worldwide, That should do the trick, that should scare the pants off the sheeple people eh?”

Follow the money

In the last decade we have seen the arrival of a new breed of player in the Cult’s plan for world domination ― The Technocrat. Born of silicon valley, these new players – BigTech – sit high up on the Cult’s pyramid of power.

They are the Cult’s new super rich players, the world’s top billionaires such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Covering vital strategic sectors such as health, media, information gathering and artificial intelligence, they are the perfect cult players for this latest medical martial law stage of the New World Order takeover owing to their corporate stranglehold of the internet.

Top 10 Richest in the World.

When the internet arrived, it was like manna from heaven for journalists. For the first time in history, they were no longer handcuffed to the corporate owned mainstream media outlets to get their stories out for all the world to see.

When social media became established, many people not happy with what they were seeing and hearing in the mainstream press became alternative journalists. They, and other awake professinal journalists, started digging for the real truth about historical events such as the 9/11 attack and the assassination of former US president,John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) , and they put their findings up on dedicated truth websites and blogs for all the world to see. But the luxury of this extravagent freedom of speech was short lived.

The Cult, aware that their lies and propaganda were being exposed, started to clamp down on these truth warriors. Troll centres were set up where paid trolls engaged with the ‘truth movement’ on social media in an attempt to debunk true facts and try to rewrite science. When not engaging in this manner, the trolls would simply attempt to waste these new alt journalist’s valuable research time by posting any nonsense or mostly just by hurling abuse.

The Free Press fought back and expanded at a vast rate, a greater rate than it could be silenced or debunked. So new strategies were developed by the Cult. They organised for large social media platforms such as You Tube, Twitter and Face Book to remove content or prevent it being published if it contradicted the mainstream narrative. Still the free press kept growing and the cult soon found that it wasn’t physically possible to keep pace with this powerful force for truth.

The Cult tried yet another strategy, which involved getting bots (web robots) to do the work of stifling truth by reprogramming these major platforms so that search engine algorithms would spot the keywords that the free press were using and take appropriate action. Using the terms 9/11 or vaccine was an invitation for the bots to engage and destroy that content if it exposed the lies of mainstream official stories.

Again the Free Press fought back and managed to thwart the bots by various clever techniques. And so the Cult was forced to up it’s game and get another strategy going — ‘Shadow Banning.’ This tactic identifies the agenda of a social media user by analysing their profile and typical timeline. If someone is simply posting pics of their lunch, grandma and cuddly kittens, then all is well as far as the bot is concerned, it passes them by. But if say it spots an ‘anti vaxxer’ channel with predominantly anti vaccine posts or comments, it will herd that user into a corral with other ‘anti-vaxxers’ and all content from those in this particular corral would go no further than the boundarys of that corral. For those in that corral it would be a case of only informing your own peer group. A bit like preaching to the converted.

But far from being disheartened by all this mafia control of truth, alt journalists became ever more determined and are hotting up their game too. Many newcomers have arrived who are downloadling videos, and copy/pasting articles as soon as they are published and then uploading them to their own channels. Also many are starting their own private webservers, like the one that this site is hosted by, which are not vulnerable to the bots and fact checkers of the corporate web mafia such as face book, Google and Twitter.

Quite recently Google announced that it was bringing back human moderators to oversee You Tube content to take back control from the bots that were in place at the onset of the illegal ‘house arrest’ back in March 2020. In June, July and August of this year 2020, 11.4 million videos were removed from the platform for violating it’s guidelines. This is the highest amount of You Tube videos taken down since You Tube was launched in 2005.

Apparently, You Tube (owned by Google) have been concerned that many videos would have been removed erroneously by these bots, and it has been reported that one of the reasons that Google is returning to human moderators is that the bots were taking down videos of chess games because in it’s tiny robotic brain it interpreted the dialogue about black and white chess pieces as racist! You just can’t make this stuff up eh?

So welcome back you trolls and human anti-free speech merchants, we in the truth movement are looking forward to doing business with you again.

Looking ahead

If you think that life will go back to normal in 2021 then think again. Having pulled off the medical martial law heist of the century, the Cult will be careful not to drop it’s guard. They are aware of diminishing-fear syndrome and so will keep this ball rolling so as not to give the people a chance to think that this so-called virus threat was just a one-off and that when it’s gone everything will go back to normal. For proof of this we need go no further than that repugnant term ‘new normal’ that they have coined to condition us to believe that there is more for us to be fearful of ahead.

In 2020 we have been programmed to be subservient without question to the new self-appointed high priest of health – Bill Gates and his crony pastoral associates; White House health advisor Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom of WHO, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx; Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, etc.

For them, 2020 has been a people training year, a sort of trial run for the way forward. Like potty training a baby or house training a domestic pet. If the puppy urinates on the carpet, sprinkle some pepper in the urine, rub puppy’s nose in it and put puppy outside to do it’s business and then reward it when it learns to stand at the door asking to be let out for it’s toilet. That’s all of us, little puppies succumbing to the ‘carrot and stick.’ Or little babies wearing face nappies because we haven’t yet learnt how to breathe.

The mask has been the Cult’s essential training tool, the very essence of the symbol of our future slavery. Back in the days of slave trading slaves were made to wear masks. Wearing a mask is confirmation for the Cult that we are good little 21st century slaves who have accepted all the lies that they have thrown at us. The Cult has muzzled us with face diapers the way a dangerous dog owner would muzzle their pet, because they know that we the people are the dangerous pet who might just bite someone and infect them with a dose of truth.

Slave Mask

2021 – 2022 will be a year of more ‘carrot and stick’ in order to get us all potty-trained about vaccinations. Those who obediently take their vaccines will be rewarded by being given a vaccination certificate in the form of a phone app, or a tattoo chip. Those with this vaxx passport will be allowed certain privileges such as entering restaurants and pubs, or simply going shopping in the high street. Those without a vaxx pass will eventually be forbidden to carry out these activities. Not a very cheerful scenario eh?

Optimism rules

But hey, let’s not get dragged down by this gloomy outlook. Yes it is serious, but there’s a good world out there with lots of good people in it, and we will take back our lives again if we all stay calm, pull together and do our little bit to wake up those sleepwalking over the cliff, whilst making sure that we take time to enjoy planet Earth and leave plenty of room for optimism.

As David Icke points out, we the real people outnumber these scumbag Cult truth assassins by a ratio of millions to one. The power that they have is merely a perception of power in our own minds. We only give them power through our acquiescence and acceptance of their power.

David Icke goes on to make the analogy of this perception of power by pointing to the 1939 musical fantasy film The Wizard of Oz. In this film, when Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and the cowardly Lion deliver the Wicked Witch of the West’s broomstick to the Wizard as a condition for the Wizard to grant their earlier wishes, the Wizard, who appears in a temple as a terrifying ghostly head surrounded by fire and smoke, stalls on his promise. As he does so, Dorothy’s dog Toto wanders off and grabs a green curtain in it’s teeth and pulls it back to reveal the real identity of the Wizard to be not that of some terrifying all powerful Wizard, but that of a sad old man operating machinery and speaking through a microphone.

And that sums it up really. Are we going to allow ourselves to be terrorised by a fake wizard, a pathetic old man behind a green curtain cranking theatrical machinery and ordering us with a terrifying voice to wear a face diaper, anti socially distance ourselves from our fellow human beings, and to accept without a whimper the toxin laden vaccines that are lined up for all of us in the future?

If we do, then we have no right to complain when our lives start turning into living nightmares as the modern shackles of slavery are applied and we experience even more curtailment of freedoms, loss of livlihoods, diminishing income, reduced privacy, and much more.

The choice is ours.

© 2020 Graham Lawrence.