A Dangerous Place To Be. part 01.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

Right that’s it, I quit. I’ve decided to join the other side, you know, that bunch of filthy rich globalist criminals that I have been fighting for over a decade. Why? Because for all their evil they are an extremely smart lot and way ahead of the truth movement on the psychological operations front. As the saying goes: if you can’t beat them join them.

Only joking!

Seriously though, I have reached exasperation point with the large number of good freedom loving folk who have unwittingly fallen for the 2014 CIA Flat Earth psyop. Not only am I having to wake up the sleepy sheeple people about what is really going on in the world, I’m also having to wake up the so-called ‘awake’ people who have fallen hook line and sinker for this extremely dangerous psyop.

The Flat Earth psyop is an ingenious plan created by the CIA in 2014 to discredit and halt the expansion of the truth movement which has been a thorn in the cult’s side ever since the arrival of the internet.

Fake “Flat Earth” Conspiracy Finally Outed As C.I.A. Psyop
(click on above pic for article.)

Fake “Flat Earth” Conspiracy Finally Outed As C.I.A. Psyop
(click on pic for the article.)

In order to destroy the credibility of alt (alternative) journalists, this psyop has been created to make all those who are exposing the lies, deceipt and propaganda of the mainstream media (MSM) look like ignorant tin-foil-hat wearing numpties by associating them with the character ‘stupid.’ To this end they have set up a wall of controlled opposition: trolls, shills, gatekeepers, double agents all masquerading as alt truth journos online to infiltrate the truth movement and bring it down.

Lenin quote:

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”

Note that the definition of the perfect shill/gatekeeper is someone who tells 90-95% of the truth and lies/disinforms about the other more important 5-10%. That is exactly what these ‘flat earth’ infiltrators are doing, and they are not too difficult to spot and call out. Just go to any of their websites or video channels and you will notice that there is a large amount of flat earth nonsense alongside the genuine truth stuff. The below pic shows a typical flat earth shill video channel on You Tube. Steer well clear of these dangerous sites.

Back in the 1970s, long before the introduction in 2014 of this CIA psyop, the flat earth society reportedly had a very small membership of around 3,500. They were the butt of many a joke and a perfect analogy for someone who is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Flat earth belief has for centuries been synonymous with stupidity, and that’s exactly why the cult have chosen it for this cunning psyop to tar us alt journos with the brush of stupidity.

In 2023 there are many millions worldwide who have been fooled by this psyop. An alarming YouGov poll in the USA found that 2% of Americans now believe the earth is flat: that’s about 6.6 million people! Even more shocking is the fact that only 66% of young American adults aged 18 to 24 years old believe that the earth is a globe! So you see, the cult has done well in it’s mission to hoodwink many of the so-called awake.

In the 1960s the CIA popularised the label ‘conspiracy theorist’ to discredit journalists who were investigating the truth about the assassination of the 35th president of USA: JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) in 1963. That conspiracy theorist tag has been very successful in establishing in the minds of the mainstream an image of alternative journalists as a bunch of nutters. However much to their chagrin this tiresome epithet did not have the impact that they had expected and the work of investigative truth journalists continued to expand in a relentless quest to expose the globalist cult and it’s evil NWO (New World Order) agenda. Hence the necessity for the cult to up their game and go for the jugular with this flat earth psyop.

For those of you who have not researched this psyop and know little about flat earth belief, here is a synopsis of roughly what it’s adherents promote. Since they are always shifting the goalposts to avoid scrutiny, their flat earth scenarios will differ from time to time:

1) The earth is a flat disc suspended in space.

2) There is no such thing as gravity.

3) Some flat earth adherents say that Australia does not exist.

4) The flat disc is surrounded by a huge ice wall several hundreds of metres high which no one can get to or climb because it is guarded by thousands of NASA sentries.

5) The sun is a large spotlight not that far above the clouds which moves around the flat disc giving us day & night and the seasons.

6) The flat disc of the earth is covered with a dome, much like a plate glass cake stand cover, and stars appear on this dome as in a planetarium.

Some weeks ago whilst sitting at a table in a pub chatting with a friend who was supposedly awake about the covid scamdemic, my jaw dropped in amazement when he came out with the fact that he believed the earth was flat and that on this flat earth gravity does not exist. Stunned, I went to the bar and bought myself a strong drink to recover from the shock. Returning to the table I pulled a bunch of keys from my pocket and let them drop to the floor. Turning to my friend I asked him why the keys had fallen to the floor. He replied “because air is not dense enough to support the keys.” I explained that the same density of air surrounded the keys on all sides, and asked him why the keys didn’t move in a direction other than towards the floor since there was the exact same lack of support for the keys on each and every side. He was completely flummoxed and quickly changed the subject to water and how it doesn’t curve on a flat earth and therefore the oceans must be flat and couldn’t possibly follow the curvature of the earth.

There was a glass of water on our table so I dipped my finger into it and put a drop of water on the surface of the shiny bar table and asked my friend to observe the curvature of the droplet of water. He thought for a moment and said that it was curved because the water was on a flat surface. Putting aside my lack of comprehension for this bizarre logic, I grabbed a ball from the nearby snooker table and put a droplet of water on it’s surface and watched my friend as he looked at the curved nature of the water droplet on the curved surface of the snooker ball. He was starting to feel uncomfortable and fidgeted nervously. I asked him if he was aware of the shape of a raindrop or a droplet of water from a dripping tap, or the shape of a bubble in a builder’s spirit level: The surface of the water in all cases is curved. At this point he was looking very confused, made some excuse about having to get home and left.

Other flat earthers come up with similar scatty illogical unscientific nonsense supporting their flat earth fantasy world, all of which they have been programmed by their shill masters to regurgitate without ever showing a scrap of evidence to support their beliefs.

As explained above, the cult have very specifically chosen flat earth belief to discredit us because it is synonymous with stupidity. In the eyes of the world it is the epitome of ignorance, and that is precisely the reason why the globalist cult have chosen it as the brush with which to tar us.

By painting truthers as ‘Flat Earthers,’ the cult can easily make us look like insane lunatics, science deniers who are incapable of rational thought. If we so-called awake folk fall for it and get tarred with this brush of stupidity, then we might just as well all give up right now. No longer will alt journos be dismissed merely as conspiracy theorists or anti-vaxxers, they will be denounced as anti-vaccine, conspiracy theorist, flat-earther science deniers. It’s already happening, here are some examples in the MSM:

Here’s a scenario of how damaging the belief in this psyop could be. Imagine that you manage to get chatting to an acquaintence about the danger of vaccines. As you talk knowledgeably about the Yellow Card system or VAERS and the statistics linking the Covid-19 injection to adverse effects, they show a glimmer of interest in what you are saying. As you part company, you casually add: “oh by the way, did you know that the earth is flat?” At this point your friend will tut tut, roll their eyes skyward and mutter something like “what a freakin’ loony.”

Worse still, a more dangerous scenario might happen as medical freedom protests start to get so large that the mainstream press can no longer ignore them.

Confronted with this, what will the elite cult do? They will recruit and pay shills to infiltrate the protest carrying two placards. An anti-vaccine one in one hand and a poster stating that the earth is flat in the other. The mainstream press send their film crew and photographers to cover the protest issuing one single brief for them: get a shot of the guys with the flat-earth placards. That evening the video footage of these shills makes primetime news and the following morning the front page of newspapers worldwide sport a massive image of these shills and their placards. This is a dangerous place to be, and if it ever happens then all of us alt journos will be toast.

© 2023 Graham Lawrence


NB. Since I consider this CIA flat earth psyop to be the single most important issue for the survival of the freedom movement, this piece is to be one of many on the subject. In future articles I will relentlessly debunk all ridiculous claims supporting the flat earth psyop nonsense, and hope that those who have not yet been fooled by it will be forewarned and those who have fallen for it will learn the error of their ways.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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