By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Make War

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All wars are bankers wars: Rothschild central banker wars, and they are usually started by means of a false flag operation. The war this month, October 2023, between Israel and Gaza is no exception.

False flag operations come in many colours and If you put in enough time studying them your gut instinct will alert you when one is carried out.

On October 7th 2023, the world woke to the news that several hundred members of Hamas, a group described by the MSM (mainstream media) as a pro-Palestinian terrorist group, had breached security barriers between the Palestinian Gaza strip and southern Israel with a barrage of rockets and then massacred many Israeli citizens including young people at a music festival. They also took some 200 people as hostages.

The state of Israel was founded on terrorism over a century ago. It began in 1917 when British banker Walter Rothschild made a dirty deal with British foreign minister Arthur Balfour: The Balfour Declaration. By November 1917 during WW1, a war that Germany did not want and did not start, the allies, the Entente Powers were losing. Germany wanted a ceasefire and would have been happy to settle for a status-quo peaceful solution whereby it would keep it’s original borders as they were before war had started.

A peace deal was not good news for the global elite cult who had started the war in order to divide and rule Europe, so Rothschild proposed to Balfour that if Britain gave Palestine to the Jews he would bring USA into the war and win it. The Balfour Declaration was drawn up and signed on 2nd November 1917. USA entered the war and won it and Germany was wrongfully singled out as the bad guy and made to pay astronomical reparations.

Now there was one small problem with this Balfour Declaration deal. Britain did not own Palestine and so had no legal right whatsoever to give it to anyone let alone the Jews.

No problem for the global elite cult of course, these criminals just gave the middle finger to international law and stole the land of Palestine from the indigenous population using brutal terrorism. Some of the barbaric groups involved in terrorising Israel into existence were: Irgun, Stern Gang and Haganah.

Video – Benjamin Freedman speech at the Willard Hotel Washington 1961

US patriot Benjamin Freedman, born a Jew, exposed the evil of Zionism and the theft of Palestine in a famous speech that he made at The Willard Hotel, Washington in 1961.

Click on the image of benjamin Freedman to listen to his speech.

Israel’s plan from the start has been to take over the Middle East completely. This plan is known as The Oded Yinon Plan for The Greater Israel.

How Palestine has been stolen from the indigenous people since 1917
The end game! A Greater Israel – the Oded Yinon Plan

Before this dirty deal, Arabs, Jews and Christians lived harmoniously together in Palestine. Jews and Arabs walked hand in hand and they cared for each others children.

A Jew and Arab walk together in Palestine before the Zionist occupation.

False flag operations can range in nature on the one hand as a fake piece of theatre complete with crisis actors, theatrical blood and shop mannequins as props where there are no deaths or injuries to the other extreme where there are wholehearted acts of violence by the country or faction carrying out the false flag on it’s own citizens.

In between these two extremes there are false flag ops in which there will be a combination of real deaths & injuries and fake ones.

One other type of false flag is the ‘let it happen on purpose’ variety: LIHOP. This is where a genuine planned attack by a country on another country is purposely allowed to happen by the country being attacked even though that country’s security services had known every detail about it before it happened and could easily have prevented it. The attack by Japan on the naval base at Pearl Harbour in Honolulu Hawaii in 1941 in which many thousands of US servicemen and women were killed and injured and many warships sunk is thought by many to be a false flag event of this nature. The USA allowed their own civilians to be slaughtered in order to provide a pretext for attacking Japan and bringing the Japanese into World War 2.

Many analysts are suggesting that the recent Hamas attack on Israel was a false flag operation. Either a ‘let it happen’ false flag or one planned by Israel itself.

Most people will be surprised to learn that whilst Hamas is purported to be a wholly pro-Palestinian militant group, it was in fact created by Israel. It was created many decades ago for the purpose of dividing the Fatah and Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) movements.

Video – Ron Paul – Israel Created Hamas 01-09-09

Some alternative journalists have pointed out that Israel, who have one of the best intelligence and security services in the world and who monitor the border between Israel and Gaza to the extent that they would know when even a cockroach crossed it, claimed to have no foreknowledge of this attack and carried out no measures to prevent it. Normally the border fence between Israel and Gaza is physically guarded by the IDF and is under 24/7 surveillance by Israeli intelligence and security services. On the morning of 7th October 2023 it was completely unguarded and not under surveillance. Israel’s lame excuse for this was that they were all in the West Bank where they thought there was going to be trouble!

Hmmmm. . . . . .do you remember that same lame piece of scripted excuse that was trawled out on the morning of 11th September 2001, the day of the greatest of all false flag ops – 9/11 when allegedly four hi-jacked commercial airlines flew with gay abandon through the most protected airspace in the whole world around New York & Washington? When questioned about why all surveillance and security was down and there was no military protecting this airspace, the excuse given by the Pentagon was that NORAD – North American Aerospace Defence Command – was on an operation in North America.

Efrat Feningson, a former IDF (Israel Defence Forces) intelligence lady made a video on the day of the Hamas attack in which she shows astonishment that this attack took place and that Israeli security services had no knowledge of it. Here is a short transcript of what she says:

Efrat Feningson, former IDF intelligence tells of her concerns about the Israeli Hamas War

” Israel has one of the most advanced and high-tech armies. How come there was zero response to the border and fence breaching? I cannot understand that. Personally I served in the IDF 25 years ago in the intelligence forces. There’s no way in my view, that Israel did not know of what’s coming. A cat moving alongside the fence is triggering all forces. So this? What happened to the strongest army in the world? How come border crossings were wide open?.”

Efrat Feningson, former IDF intelligence tells of her concerns about the Israeli security and the Hamas attack.

From what I have learnt about the Hamas attack I would say that it was most probably either a ‘let it happen’ type of false flag or a real false flag Hamas attack planned by Israel.

Remember the Mossad motto and the title of this blog:

“By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Make War”

The purpose of the Israeli instigated Hamas false flag attack was to give Israel the perfect pretext to amass public support for it’s main goal which right from the start has been to wipe Palestine off the map for ever taking Israel one step further towards creating The Greater Israel or the Oded Yinon Plan and eventually complete world control .

But this plan seems to have failed miserably since people have seen through Israel’s lies and propaganda and taken to the streets protesting across the world in their hundreds of thousands demanding that Israel stops it’s decades long aggression against the Palestinian people.

People are becoming aware that the global elite cult control both sides of these ongoing Middle East wars. David Icke makes a valid point in his video: “What’s Really Happpening in Israel” that we must be careful not to fall into the trap of taking sides, Zionist Israel and Hamas are one and the same, the same side. The only side we should be taking is that of the innocent civilians on both sides who are all suffering from this cult’s aggression.

It may come as a surprise to many that Israel is not a Jewish state! It is the illegal terrorist state of the satanic fake Jews, those who have hi-jacked the Jewish agenda and masqueraded as real Jews. Real Jews in Israel are being persecuted by the Israeli fascists, and thousands of real Jews protest regularly in America against the fake Zionist government of Israel. Many real Jews have been out recently protesting in support of Palestine and against the Israeli government and it’s attack on Gaza.

Real Jews protest against Zionism and Israel

David Sorensen of Stop World Control has made a brilliant video explaining how these Satanic fake Jews have managed to take control of the world and in particular take control of Christians by rewriting the Bible. Click on the image to watch his video:

The Mystery of Israel – Solved

Click here for David Sorensen video – The Mystery of Israel Solved

Bearing in mind that this current attack by Israel on Gaza is just one event in a history of over a century of brutality meted out by successive Israeli governments on the Palestinian people, and that the theft of Palestinian land by force continues in the form of illegal settlements, to say nothing of the brutality against their own Jewish people in Israel itself. Not taking sides is easier said than done.

Make of this what you will!

After almost a month of Israel’s bombing Gaza mercilessly targeting hospitals, schools, churches, humanitarian aid depots and civilian appartment blocks, the death toll in Gaza stands at around 8,300, of which 3,400 were children and 2,100 were women. 21,000 people have been wounded.

Israel has cut off the water supply, power and communications to Gaza, and the Gazans are reportedly drinking sea water to survive. On top of all that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has the audacity to tell the world that the Israeli army is the most moral ethical army in the world.

And what about all of the global elite’s lackys: USA, UK, EU, Japan? Not a word of condemnation from them, so predictable!

Gaza city October 2023 after indiscriminate Israeli bombing raids.

On the 18th October The United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that would have called for “humanitarian pauses” in order to deliver lifesaving aid to millions in Gaza. A few days before that another resolution proposed by Russia calling for an humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza failed thanks to the global elite’s Western puppet regimes doing the bidding of their Satanic masters.

Considering all of this, not taking sides is indeed a difficult call, especially if we factor in that the state of Israel was founded on terrorism. But we must remember that there are many innocent people within Israel itself who have been completely brainwashed by the Zionist global elite fake Jew cult’s agenda. Brainwashed and mind controlled to the extent that they are hostages to a Satanic mindset in which they think that they are God’s chosen people and that they are the only ones permitted to inhabit The Holy Land. These people are the real hostages, not the few hundred Israelis who were taken hostage by Hamas at the start of this war.

Update on the ongoing conflict:

21st November 2023 – Reportedly 13,300 killed in Gaza – of which 5,600 are children & 3,550 are women.

At least 31,000 wounded in Gaza.

11th December 2023 – Reported deaths in Gaza to date – 17,997

15th December 2023 – Reported deaths in Gaza to date: 18,787 – Reported injuredin Gaza to date: 50,897

26th December 2023 – Reported deaths in Gaza to date: 20,674 – Reported injured in Gaza to date: 54,536

5th January 2024 – Reported deaths in Gaza to date: 22,438 – Reported injured in Gaza to date: 57,614

20th January 2024 – Reported deaths in Gaza to date: 24,762 – Reported injured in Gaza to date: 62,108.

24th January 2024 – Reported deaths in Gaza to date: 25,490 – Reported injured in Gaza to date: 63,000.

31st January 2024 – Reported deaths in Gaza to date: 26,751 – Reported injured in Gaza to date: 65,636.

1st Apeil 2024 – Reported deaths in Gaza to date: 32,782 –

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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