Staged Propaganda and the Theater of War

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

People don’t want war, they just want a peaceful life with family and friends.

But peace is not good for business if you are the warmongering Globalist NWO, (New World Order.) So before profits from the mindless slaughter of millions of innocent people can start rolling in, peace-loving folk have to be goaded into war by deceiving them into the belief that there is an enemy out there whom they must hate and kill. For evidence of this just take a look at the recent MSM (mainstream media) Russophobic propaganda calling out for hatred against Putin, the good people of Russia, and the people of east Ukraine and Crimea.

The greatest weapon in any war is propaganda via the MSM (mainstream media) and the NWO owns and controls that weapon.

Sickened by the slaughter of Ukrainian civilians at the hands of the Kiev commu-fascist regime, and having exercised extreme restraint over the last eight years of this genocide to not fall into the Globalist/NATO laid trap intended to draw Russia into the conflict, Russian president Vladimir Putin decided that enough is enough and gave an ultimatum that if Kiev did not agree to abide by the Minsk ceasefire agreements then Russia would have no alternative but to enter Ukraine to prevent further slaughter of Ukrainians and Russian speaking people.

Kiev gave no such assurance and so Putin moved in to take out military targets of the Kiev commu-fascists on 24th February 2022.

On the following day the world press was ablaze with anti-Putin propaganda. Most front pages featured a photo of a woman with bandaged head and bloodied face standing in front of a bomb damaged apartment buildings in the town of Chuhuiv near Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine where it was reported that she lived. The woman in the photo was 53-year-old teacher Olena Kurilo and the headlines screamed out from the newsstands:


The way in which this photograph was used reminded me of another war propaganda photo in August 2016: that of four-year-old Syrian boy Omran Daqneesh covered in dust and with blood on his head sitting bewildered in the back of an orange ambulance in the Syrian city of Aleppo during the Syrian conflict, (March 2011 to present.) It was alleged that Omran was the victim of a Russian bombing raid.

On 18th August 2016 international ‘front page’ press coverage of this photo of little Omran was phenomenally successful in turning world opinion against the Syrian president Bashar Al-assad and Russian president Vladimir Putin who were both fighting the evil NWO Western backed Wahhabi, ISIS Jihadist terrorists in Syria. Fortunately it wasn’t long before real journalists such as Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Partisan Girl aka ‘Syrian Girl’ and Tim Anderson were telling the true story behind this photograph.

The Syrian conflict was not a civil war as we were told by the MSM. It was an invasion of Wahhabi, Jihadist terrorist scum who were trained, funded and armed by NWO lickspittles Israel, Saudi, USA, UK, France, Turkey, Qatar, and others, to illegally take down the sovereign country of Syria and install a Globalist puppet dictatorship. One of these Western globalist sponsored terrorist groups who masqueraded as an humanitarian NGO group were the so-called White Helmets, and it was this group who were responsible for the photo of Omran in the ambulance. The photo of Omran was taken by terrorist Mahmoud Raslan a supporter of the East Aleppo ‘child beheading gang’ Nour al-Din al-Zenki.

Since the appearance of this image in the press, Omran’s father has given his account about circumstances surrounding the photo. In various videos Omran’s father explains how the event happened in the terrorist held area of Aleppo where he had a business and lived in rented accommodation. He says that there was no sound of bombers flying overhead, just a bright flash and the electricity went out then lots of debris and dust. It is a well known fact that the terrorists used home-made Hell Cannons (a mortar-like improvised artillery device) to bomb residential areas of Syria. Much of the damage to residential property was caused by Hell Cannons. Omran’s father also mentions the fact that the blood on Omran’s head in the photo was from him and not from Omran. Omran’s father says that he was offered bribes to lie about the true facts surrounding his son and he was offered citizenship in another country. (click on pic below for video)

Video – Shocking Truth Unveiled – interview with father of Omran Daqneesh. Length 18 mins

In much war propaganda and in many false flag events crisis actors are used to stage the appearance of a crisis. These actors are uninjured people who are made to look injured using theatrical blood etc. Amputees in particular are useful for this type of work. The expertise in this field is such that it is very difficult to tell real casualties from fake, especially in the turmoil of a warzone or false flag psyop. (click on pic below for video)

Video: Amputee actors train soldiers for combat. Length 4 mins
The Boston Marathon bombing. Reportedly Jeff Bauman, victim of the bombing in wheelchair, alleged to be crisis actor Nick Vogt an Afghanistan veteran who sadly lost both legs from an IED in 2011. Click on pic for article.

Many people online have claimed that Olena Kurilo is a crisis actor and that the photos of her with bandaged head were taken at a gas explosion in Magnitogorsk in Russia in 2018. I cannot find any evidence to support this, so I will view these photos as they have been captioned, taken in the town of Chuhuiv. However, it is worth speculating about two other photos claiming to be of Olena Kurilo. One of them shows someone looking like her in a group photo of members of the 72nd CIPSO: a Ukrainian secret service unit. Another photo shows someone looking like Olena holding a rifle in the back of a truck with other armed women . Of course these photos are merely anecdotal evidence that Olena could be a crisis actor who is supportive of the Kiev regime, but for the sake of this article I will assume that Olena was an innocent civilian who was regrettably injured as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

Olena Kurilo lookalike or the real Olena Kurilo?
72nd CIPSO group photo – Olena Kurilo lookalike or the real Olena Kurilo?

The stage management and marketing of the images of Omran and Olena have successfully demonised Syria and Russia respectively in the world’s mindset: just take a look at those who are now sporting Ukrainian flags in their lapels but are most probably unable to point to Ukraine on a map of the world.

Vladimir Putin has been a thorn in the globalists side during the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts, both of which were created by the globalist NWO.

In both of these conflicts there have been factions fighting governments, and that familiar saying – “One man’s terrorist is a another man’s freedom fighter” – comes to mind.

Now, the MSM propaganda machine will of course twist this adage to suit it’s narrative by putting the ‘freedom fighter’ halo over the head of any particular dog that it has in the fight.

My take on this familiar saying is simple:

Those fighting for the NWO evil Globalist warmongers are terrorists.

Those fighting against the NWO evil Globalist warmongers are freedom fighters.

For anyone wanting to get up to speed on what is really going on in the world, there is no easier way than to follow the simple rule of thumb that I wrote about in my previous blog Crisis? What Crisis? — where I pointed out that the truth will almost certainly be found in the exact opposite of whatever the MSM is spewing out.

Applying these simple rules will put a different light on the Ukrainian conflict. Russia and Putin will no longer seem to be the ogre portrayed by the MSM, but more as the saint fighting the good fight against the evil NATO backed globo commu-fascist regime of Kiev and for the freedom fighters and good people in eastern Ukraine and Crimea who just want a peaceful life with family and friends.

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