Beware The Ides Of March

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The spring equinox is upon us this weekend, the time of year when the sun is directly over the equator giving us equal amounts of night and day. It falls at the end of March each year between the 19th and 21st of the month. This year, 2021, it falls on Saturday 20th March. Both spring and autumn equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices have for thousands of years been important dates in the calendars of past civilizations.

Like much else on this beautiful planet that we inhabit, Satanic forces have hijacked these magical dates for their own evil ends. The Satanic forces that I am referring to are the cult who are never happier than when causing death and destruction worldwide in order to bring about their planned one world government: A New World Order (NWO)

During the last year we have seen their plans for this NWO accelerated phenomenally by the biggest false flag operation to date known as Lockstep. Lockstep is the false scenario of there being a deadly killer virus called SARS CoV-2 and it is the prelude to The Great Reset: a major step forward in the formation of this world communist New World Order dictatorship government.

The evil cabal, and related secret societies such as the Freemasons that I am talking about are obsessed with numerology and symbology. One of the numbers that is very important to them is 322 which is the symbol of the Skull & Bones club of Yale university and also represents the most important date in the occult calendar – 22nd March. No one becomes a members of Skull & Bones unless they are in a high position of power wealth or influence. The number 33 is also a very important masonic number as it refers to the 33 degrees in freemasonry.

Skull & Bones Club

This month the world has been shocked by reports of the horrific abduction and murder of a young woman named Sarah Everard in Kent on the 3rd March 2021. It is reported that a serving policeman, 48-year-old Wayne Couzens from Deal in Kent, who is a member of the specialist close protection team around diplomats and other government VIPs, has been charged with her murder and is awaiting trial.

At this point I want to emphasise that it is not the purpose of this blog to discuss the issues about the heinous crimes of rape and murder of women or the issue of women’s safety on the streets. My deepest sympathies go out to anyone who has been a victim of any such horrific crimes. My remit is purely to examine how reports of these recent events tie in with the current state of our world which is now under tyrannical dictatorship as a result of operation Lockstep.

Last weekend a vigil for Sarah Everard was organised on Clapham Common.

We are told that police, acting under Coronavirus Act regulations, went to the vigil and arrested several people who were peacefully attending. According to the Daily Telegraph report, Ken Marsh, chair of the Metropolitan Police federation defended the actions of the police claiming that.

“90 per cent of the people had walked away after the vigil before it turned into a political demonstration and rally in breach of Covid regulations after being infiltrated by protesters from Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matters and Antifa.”

Twenty six of my colleagues were abused, spat at or punched,” said Mr Marsh. “One black female officer was racially abused. An individual was arrested. This is unfortunately what happens with things like this. They get hijacked.”

One of those arrested was a young woman named Patsy Stevenson, and iconic photos of her arrest hit the front pages of newspapers worldwide the following day.

Having researched quite a bit about false flag operations I decided to look into the unusual circumstances surrounding the vigil and subsequent protests outside New Scotland Yard: UK police headquarters in London to see if I could find any markers of such an operation.

The first thing that I noticed was the occurrence of the Masonic number 33: Date of the disappearance of Sarah 3rd day of 3rd month. Then the ages of Sarah, her partner and Patsy Stevenson were all 33. Ok coincidences do happen and I have obviously taken that factor into consideration, but after researching false flags for quite some time I have come to realise that when coincidences become more and more coincidental then it’s time to look even deeper. Interestingly Patsy Stevenson is a bona fide actress.

Following her arrest, Patsy was given a £200 fine and released after twenty minutes in police custody.

One of the hallmarks of false flag operations is the presence of crisis actors, and many are calling Patsy a crisis actor. False flags can be a completely staged operations where crisis actors play various parts from victim to perpetrator of the crime or merely as a bystander. Even shop mannequins have been used.

There is a young woman who looks very much like Patsy Stevenson in photos of the Parson’s Green bombing in London in 2017. Take a look at the pic. Could that be Patsy in another of her ‘crisis actor’ roles?

A member of the public injured at the Parsons Green tube bombing on 15 September 2017

Simulated victims (vic sims) are also used in false flag psyops. These are people who either don’t exist at all or are identities taken from those who existed but have already died.

It is worth considering the reports that a second post-mortem examination was being carried out on Sarah Everard’s body after the first proved inconclusive and that her dental records were being checked.

Another hallmark of false flags is the way that some form of crowd funding is rapidly set up. It seems that one was set up with a target of £320,000 of which £200,000 was raised within six hours of the vigil being cancelled. The crowd funding was not, as one might expect, for the families of Sarah Everard, but to donate to charitable causes on behalf of #ReclaimTheseStreets.

For me this is all good anecdotal evidence of a false flag albeit not 100% proof. More concerning is the agenda surrounding these events in relation to the current UK treasonous policies under the Coronavirus Act of 2020 brought into being unconstututionally by the UK government and their bosses higher up the masonic pyramid.

One of the best websites for level-headed news analysis is UK Column. Also check out their You Tube channel while it’s still there – UK Column You Tube channel

I would advise everyone to watch one of their recent videos where Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and guest David Scott discuss the events surrounding the Sarah Everard case. UK Column News – 15th March 2021

Arrest of Patsy Stevenson at Clapham Common vigil for Sarah Everard.

Remember that divide and rule is the satanic cult’s tool of choice for bringing about their despotic NWO plan. The cult are targeting all main groups and manipulating the various group’s agenda to suit their plan. They used to be content with confining themselves to manipulating political groups left, right or centre.

In the last decade or so though they have expanded their influence by infiltrating and hijacking various humanitarian and green agendas in order to

instigate phoney programmes such as climate change and promote fake protest groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM.) and Extinction Rebellion

At protests these days you can be sure to see Antifa, a violent agent provocateur George Soros funded group made up from undercover cops an assortment of low-life thugs, and a smattering of disillusioned well-meaning bozos. They are easy to spot, they’re the ones wearing face coverings smashing shop windows and setting cars alight.

In the latest events this month we can see that the cult has now moved in on the women’s rights groups. This is quite clearly a divide and rule tactic to set women against men.

In the House of Lords Baroness Jones, first ever green party peer, gave an extraordinary speech that has to be heard to be believed.

“. . . .I would argue that at the next opportunity for any bill that’s appropriate, I might actually put in an amendment to create a curfew for men on the streets after 6pm, which I feel would make women a lot safer. . . !”

Perhaps you can now see where this whole ‘vigil for Sarah Everard’ stuff is going?

David Scott on UK Column video makes this subtly sarcastic but profound comment about Baroness Jones’s speech.

“. . . taking all the law-abiding men off the street will make women safer because we’ll just be left with the rapists and the police, and obviously we know from this week that we can trust police officers. And locking up half of the population based on sex for half of the day will promote an end to discrimination.”

David Scott goes on to say.

” The vigil was about furthering the war between men and women, it’s easier to instill tyranny when you always have another group to blame. Here we see another left wing crowd on the street supporting more tyranny.”

One of the best speeches at the vigil was by some unknown guy who got up on the bandstand and gave a message that every one of the vigil attendees there should have had on the tip of their tongues. Here’s an excerpt.

” . . . . . and how and why was he [Wayne Couzens] able to murder Sarah, how and why? It was because he pulled her over in the name of Coronavirus legislation. We must be free to move, to visit friends, to be on the streets, and to protect ourselves and others. This is not as the television and press says: a conflict between men and women. It is a conflict between all of us and the state apparatus which has imposed a dictatorship over all of us.”

He was right on the money with this speech which was telling the small crowd there to look at the bigger picture of what is happening and how they, the protesters, are being manipulated by the very force which had instigated the very same act: the Coronavirus act 2020, which had given the alleged murderer policeman Wayne Couzens the legal pretext to arrest abduct and murder Sarah Everard whose vigil, ironically, the protesters were attending.

Next Monday, a day within the spring equinox period, is the 22nd day of the third month – 322. This date has been used in the past for false flag operations such as the Westminster Bridge attack of 2017.

The 21st and 22nd of March are the most important days in the occult calendar. There is a reasonable chance that a large false flag psyop event will take place somewhere in the world this Sunday or Monday to push the Covid/Great Reset agenda along the road a bit. The powers that governments and police now have under the pretext of the Covid hoax give them opportunities as never before to pull off false flag psyops.

The word Ides derives from the Latin word “to divide.” Wow! How appropriate is that?

The Ides of March refers to March the 15th, an important religious date in the Roman calendar 2,000 years ago.

The vigil and protests which fell on the 14/15th March were about dividing women against men. This anecdotal evidence together with the earlier stated points is enough to convince me that this vigil was a minor false flag operation.

Beware the Ides of March is an expression referring to the date of Julius Caesar’s assassination on 15th March 44BC and the warning that he received from a soothsayer before it took place.

Two thousand years on in 2021, we should all beware of the Ides of March and the occult dates of 21st/22nd March.

Let’s see what hits the headlines in the next few days.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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