The Great Re-Opening.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

Tomorrow the 30th January 2021 is an important day in the ongoing fight against the tyrannical takeover of planet Earth by elitist billionaire technocrats and their trillionaire masters. In the UK, it is the day of The Great Re-Opening when many shopkeepers will give the middle finger to authority and open up their shops to the public in spite of the Coronavirus lockdown regulations.

Anyone who has been sincerely searching for the truth in the past ten months about what is really going on will by now be aware that this so-called Coronavirus pandemic has nothing whatsoever to do with health: it has everything to do with money and power. It is just another move on the chessboard towards the long planned New World Order (NWO) in which the planet will be divided into four super-states all governed by a one world government, with no religion, a single one world crypto currency, almost everything run by artificial intelligence and any remaining humans as micro-chipped slaves. If that sounds a bit like a plot for some fictional horror movie it’s not, it’s far worse! As Sherlock Holmes would say, “fact is stranger than fiction.”

After ten months of lockdown, ten months of police handing out fines to people for sunbathing, or sitting on park benches or walkers drinking coffee, people worldwide are now getting hit by a large dose of ‘sense of humour failure’ and are rising up against despotic governments in the pay of the elite.

This month in Italy, under the hashtag #IoApro (#IOpen,) 30,000 – 50,000 restaurants opened in defiance of evening curfew restrictions.

In Holland there has been massive rioting. My Dutch neighbour Rob just called me about a new video of Amsterdam shops being boarded up in preparation for anticipated rioting this weekend: War Zone in Amsterdam.

In Poland hundreds of tourist-trade businesses defied Covid lockdown rules.

In Oakenshaw, Bradford, UK defiant hair salon owner Sinead Quinn has received £17,000 in fines from Kirklees Council for allegedly breaching so-called Covid-19 lockdown rules. Ms. Quinn is heard saying on a video that she “doesn’t consent to any fines, so it will just be – return to sender.” Bravo Sinead!

Many others are taking the civil disobedience line to regaining our freedoms.

Now for all of us who want our lives and freedoms back: that drink in the pub with our mates, a meal out with friends and family, a holiday abroad without a face-nappy and vaccination passport to get on the plane, let’s take a page out these brave freedom warrior’s books and defy the heinous Coronavirus regulations in any way possible, such as not wearing a face-nappy, not anti-social distancing, and refusing to remain locked away in our prisons. We must refuse to accept any fines, refuse to pay them and challenge them. The courts will never be able to cope when fine defaulters number in the millions. Go out tomorrow and look for any shops in your town who are part of this Great Re-Opening and support them.

If we don’t fight back against this evil, then we will only have ourselves to blame when a year or so down the line we are still cowering in our homes and they come to our doors, hold us down, put a gun to our head and force their lethal toxic ‘vaccines’ into our once healthy bodies.

Check The Corbett Report page – #TheGreatReOpening – torp video report by James Corbett plus many links.

Check this Great Re-Opening update video: THE GREAT REOPENING UPDATE 27.01.21. click image below.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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