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Shockwaves were sent across the bows of the Russophobic Western MSM (mainstream media) newsdesks recently following the release of a two hour video by former Fox News star anchor and political talk show host Tucker Carlson. The video in question was of Tucker’s interview with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, at the Kremlin in Moscow on 6th February 2024.

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full 2 hour interview with Vladimir Putin

on Tucker’s You Tube channel with english subtitles.
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With noses put firmly out of joint, MSM propaganda hacks from all corners of the Western world have been pounding at their keyboards in a desperate attempt to discredit this historic Tucker Carlson interview.

The charismatic Carlson, who appears to be a genuine patriotic sort of a guy, has fairly recently come to the realisation that what the MSM mouthpieces, such as his former employer Fox News, have been telling us all about world affairs – in particular about Russia and the conflict in Ukraine – is light years away from the truth.

Setting up his new streaming platform: TCN, Tucker Carlson Network, last December 2023, Tucker took the initiative to arrange an interview with Vladimir Putin and give him the opportunity to tell Russia’s side of the story about what is really going on between the West and Russia and what’s happening with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

At the time of publishing this piece views of the video on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter channel stands at 204 million, and on his You Tube channel he has 17 million. Estimated total views of this video interview, which has been downloaded and reposted far and wide across the internet, must by now be in the billions!

Throughout this two hour interview both Carlson and Putin are super relaxed. If ever an interview with a world leader showed honesty and integrity it was this one. Putin speaks eloquently and to the point throughout the entire interview without cue cards and without the usual tactics so prevalent of Western politicians: that of avoiding answering the question by diverting the conversation elsewhere.

The interview gets off to a light-hearted start with some jovial banter from Putin answering Tucker’s first question.

Tucker Carlson: “Mr. President, thank you.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tell us why you believe the United States might strike Russia out of the blue. How did you conclude that?”

Vladimir Putin: “ It’s not that the United States was going to launch a surprise strike on Russia, I didn’t say so. Are we having a talk show or serious conversation?”

At this quip Carlson bursts into laughter.

Russian History

Then Putin proceeds to give Carlson a 20 minute history lesson about how the Russian federation was founded in the year AD 862 when the Varangian prince Rurik (Varagians were Viking conquerors, traders and settlers) was summoned by the people of the city of Novgorod (one of the oldest cities in Russia first mentioned in the 9th century) to rule over their lands and protect them from enemies.

Putin goes on to explain how the state of Ukraine came into being and how Kiev was one of the original capitals of Russia.

Vladimir Putin: “ In 882, Rurik’s successor Prince Oleg, who was, actually, playing the role of regent as Rurik’s young son because Rurik had died by that time, came to Kiev. He ousted two brothers who, apparently, had once been members of Rurik’s squad. So, Russia began to develop with two centers of power, Kiev and Novgorod.”

I did a bit of research on this and came across something about Prince Oleg on the Russia Beyond website:

Ancient chronicles called Kiev the “mother of Russian cities”

And Oleg sat down, ruling, in Kiev, and Oleg said: ‘Let it be a mother of Russian cities’”. This is how the oldest chronicle, The Tale of Past Years, described how Prince Oleg, one of the first rulers of ancient Rus’, made the decision to designate Kiev as the capital city of the recently established state of Eastern Slavic tribes in the late 9th century.”

So the state of Kievan Rus and BelaRus were founding states of Russia. The clue is in the syllable – Rus.

“Ukraine’s ARMY is about to collapse and Zelensky is finished”
Former Marine – Scott Ritter
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Tucker Carlson, having patiently listened to this lengthy history lesson from Putin tries to get him to explain why he moved his troops into Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson:. . . . . . you explain at great length that you thought a physical threat from the West and NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organisation], including potentially a nuclear threat, and that’s what got you to move. [into Ukraine] Is that a fair characterization of what you said?”

Putin’s answer is fairly lengthy so I have cut it down a bit.

Vladimir Putin: “ . . . . . then, in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed. And everything that Russia had generously bestowed on Ukraine was ”dragged away“ by the latter.

[latter meaning the new independant state of Ukraine]

“First, I think that the then Russian leadership believed that the fundamentals of the relationship between Russia and Ukraine were: in fact, a common language — more than 90 percent of the population there spoke Russian; family ties —every third person there had some kind of family or friendship ties; common culture; common history; finally, common faith; co-existence within a single state for centuries; and deeply interconnected economies. All of these were so fundamental. All these elements together make our good relations inevitable.”

“. . . . . . . The former Russian leadership assumed that the Soviet Union had ceased to exist and therefore there were no longer any ideological dividing lines. Russia even agreed, voluntarily and proactively, to the collapse of the Soviet Union and believed that this would be understood by the so-called (now in scare quotes) ”civilized West“ as an invitation for cooperation and associateship. That is what Russia was expecting both from the United States and the so-called collective West as a whole.”


So what Putin is saying is that after the end of the Soviet Union, Russia ended up as an impoverished country. Effectively this meant that post 1991 there was no longer any threat to the West from the former collapsed Soviet Union. So hey, why don’t you guys: The Western World, and us guys, the ‘New Russia,’ all get together and be buddies?

But Russia did not have a clear understanding that the West being buddies with an independent Russian Federation does not fit in at all with the Globalists plan for a one world government under the New World Order. That Globalist plan was, and still is, to divide & rule the huge Russian land mass, gobble it up bit by bit, and then reform it into part of the New World Order: the ‘Asian Union.’


It seems that Putin has already grasped this point when later on we hear him make this comment:

Vladimir Putin: “Why we received such a negative response, you should ask your leader. I can only guess why: too big a country, with its own opinion and so on.” [the independent Russian Federation]


This is how they, the Globalist cabal, have always worked. We’ve seen them do it in Europe (European Union) and we’ve seen them do it in Yugoslavia. And the observant will have noticed that that’s what’s been going on in various Russian states in the Caucasus such as Chechnya and Georgia, And of course that’s what’s been happening in Ukraine for the past ten years.

However, this globalist plan to take advantage of Russia’s weakness in the 1990s was thwarted by Putin when he came to power in 1999. He threw out all of the Judao Bolshevik Globalist Oligarchs who had bled the country dry, he kicked them into touch and restored Russia back to it’s former glory — the time before the communist Bolshevic revolution of 1917.

Most of those making Russophobic comments about Russia have never ever been there. So for all of you, take a look at Tucker Carlson’s Russia tour videos that he is producing following his interview with Putin, and see what a beautiful, clean civilised country Russia is.

The Russia Trip – Part 1 – Video length 3 minutes


At 00:28:10 minutes, Putin talks about how the West reneged on it’s verbal promise to ‘not move NATO one inch further east’.

Vladimir Putin:. . . .the promise was that NATO would not expand eastward, but it happened five times, there were five waves of expansion. We tolerated all that, we were trying to persuade them, we were saying: ”Please don’t, we are as bourgeois now as you are, we are a market economy, and there is no Communist Party power. Let’s negotiate.”


I believe that Putin was referring to the NATO – Russian Founding Act of 1997.

Now, there are many anti Russian sites online disputing this fact. However, in order to understand what Putin is saying, let’s take a quick look at that time before, and just after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

During the era of the Soviet Union and the ‘cold war’ between West and East: 1945 – 1991, the West said that they felt the threat of nuclear war with the Soviets and under this pretext formed an alliance of countries: NATO. To counter this Western alliance the Soviet Union formed their own alliance: The Warsaw Pact.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union there was no threat and therefore no need for these ‘Cold War’ alliances. The Warsaw Pact did the honourable thing and immediately disbanded on 26 February 1991. From that date there was absolutely no reason for NATO to exist. But rather than disband, NATO continued to expand at a terrifying rate.

Image © copyright Carlos Latuff
MintPress News

At the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, there were just 16 NATO member countries. Today there are 31. 14 of these are former Soviet and Soviet alligned republics who were enveigled into joining this mother of all warmongers. Just look at the map of where these new NATO member countries are located. Yup, right up against Russia’s borders. Take a look at the pic and it’s most apt caption.

With this information it’s not difficult to figure out why the Globalist cabal, USA/CIA etc. started the war in Ukraine. It was in order to get this country into NATO.

Now, the normal procedure for getting a European country into NATO is by using the stepping-stone of first joining the EU, but since the legitimate democratically elected leader of Ukraine in 2013: Victor Yanukovytch, did not want to join the EU, he had to be ousted via the Euromaidan violent CIA/USA coup in 2013/2014. There is plenty online about this coup and all the scumbags who pulled it off.

Since Putin started his military operation in February 2022, to my knowledge, not one of the despicable MSM journos has made these two crucial points:

1) That this war in Ukraiane was started in 2014, and

2) That Putin did not invade Ukraine. Ukraine was invaded by the Globalist cabal’s puppeteers, CIA/USA/UK/EU/NATO via the illegal violent Euromaidan coup.

There is evidence to show that $5 billion was spent funding this coup!

Since the age of the internet it has been ever more difficult for the Globalist cabal to conceal the truth about their evil crimes.

In May 2023, Jens Stoltenberg, the Secratary General of NATO, admitted on behalf of NATO that the Ukraine war did not start in February 2022, it started in 2014. (listen HERE )

Well, well, well. What Stoltenberg is telling us then is that the start of the Ukraine war coincided with the illegal CIA/USA/UK/EU/NATO sponsored Euromaidan coup, and it was this coup which started a war which has been Zelensky’s meat grinder responsible for deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians over the last ten years.

The other disgusting lie spewed out by the MSM is that Putin annexed Crimea!

After the coup Crimea wanted nothing whatsoever to do with the Kiev regime, and in March 2014 they had a referendum in which they voted 96.7% to be part of Russia. Later the people of the Kherson, Lugansk, Donetsk and Zaporzhye oblasts followed suit and voted overwhelmingly to be part of Russia after years of barbaric brutality from Kiev’s merciless thugs.


Mike King – revisionist historian

To understand Russia, Russophobia and the Globalists modus operandi, I would highly reccommend reading Mike King’s book:

The War Against Putin.’

Click on image to go to Mike King’s awesome selection of books and PDFs.

In chapter 9 of this book titled: NATO’s encirclement of Russia, Mike King explains very clearly the plans (that didn’t go to plan!) for the take over of Russia post 1991.

With Russia prostrate and weak, NATO was free to throw its weight around as it pleased. During the mid 1990’s, Yugoslavia was subdued by heavy NATO bombardment.”

“In 1998 -1999, NATO and its proxy terrorist army, the KLA,[Kosovo Liberation Army] then succeeded in chipping away the region of Kosovo from Russia’s ally, Serbia. Yeltsin’s [president of Russia, 25th December 1991 – 31st December 1999] demoralized and declining Russia was utterly powerless to prevent these events. The former Yugoslavia has since been chopped up into the US-NATO-EU puppet states of Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Macedonia. Russia’s former allies [Yugoslavian states] would all become Russia’s potential future enemies.”

Mike King continues with a couple of poignant lines that should really open the eyes of all those trying to get their brain around how the Globalist cabal work.

Now, let the upcoming statement of fact penetrate into your brain. For unless you can truly grasp this undeniable reality; a proper understanding of Western hostility towards Vladimir Putin and current events is not possible.”

Here it is:

“The Yugoslavian model of slice, dice, and swallow is precisely what the Globalists envisioned for the dying Russian nation!”

A word of thanks to Mike King for giving me the idea for the title of this blog.

Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage

Wow – Jimmy Dore briefs the United Nations about the 2022 Nord Stream pipeline sabotage. Click on the image above to watch this 12 minute video.
Image © copyright Carlos Latuff
MintPress News

At 01:11:33, Just over half way into the interview, there is more good humour when Tucker gets onto the subject of the Nord Stream gas pipeline sabotage.


Tucker Carlson: “Who blew up Nord Stream?”

Vladimir Putin: “You, for sure.” (laughing.)

Tucker Carlson (smiling): “I was busy that day. I did not blow up Nord Stream.”

The humorous way that Putin deals with this question and the quick-witted reply from Tucker is what makes this one very special interview.

Putin continues:

Vladimir Putin: “You personally may have an alibi, but the CIA has no such alibi.”

Tucker Carlson: “Do you have evidence that NATO or CIA did it?”

Vladimir Putin: “You know, I won’t get into details, but people always say in such cases: ”Look for someone who is interested“. But in this case we should not only look for someone who is interested, but also for someone who has capabilities. Because there may be many people interested, but not all of them are capable of sinking to the bottom of the Baltic Sea and carrying out this explosion. These two components should be connected: who is interested and who is capable of doing it.”


And with the words: ‘who is interested’, Putin sums up that latin legal phrase Cui bono? (who benefits?). But more importantly Putin makes the point that it’s not just those many who are interested and would benefit, but those who have the capability of doing it and would also benefit. Sabotaging the Nord Stream pipeline at 54 metres depth in the icy Baltic sea is not within the normal capabilities of your average punk terrorist with a snorkel and a home-made bomb. It’s a job for highly experienced professional saboteurs being paid lots of bucks.

Later on it’s obvious that, unlike Putin, Tucker has not yet learnt that it is an elite group who own all Western Mainstream Media, and so there is little point in showing proof that it was the CIA/USA/NATO who did Nord Stream, because it would never make the MSM press.

Image © copyright Carlos Latuff

Western Propaganda

Tucker Carlson: “But I am confused. I mean, that’s the biggest act of industrial terrorism ever and it’s the largest emission of CO2 in history. Okay, so, if you had evidence and presumably, given your security services, your intel services, you would, that NATO, the US, CIA, the West did this, why wouldn’t you present it and win a propaganda victory?“

Putin chuckles at Tucker’s question

Vladimir Putin: “In the war of propaganda it is very difficult to defeat the United States because the United States controls all the world’s media and many European media. The ultimate beneficiary of the biggest European media are American financial institutions. Don’t you know that? So it is possible to get involved in this work, but it is cost prohibitive, so to speak. We can simply shine the spotlight on our sources of information, and we will not achieve results. It is clear to the whole world what happened, and even American analysts talk about it directly. It’s true.“


Peace Talks

On peace talks Tucker makes the point that Putin hasn’t spoken to the US president Biden since before February 2022 and voices his concern about a nuclear WW3

Tucker Carlson: “Will there be talks? And why haven’t there been talks about resolving the conflict in Ukraine? Peace talks.”

Vladimir Putin: “There have been. They reached a very high stage of coordination of positions in a complex process, but still they were almost finalized. But after we withdrew our troops from Kiev, as I have already said, the other side (Ukraine) threw away all these agreements and obeyed the instructions of Western countries, European countries and the United States to fight Russia to the bitter end. Moreover, the President of Ukraine has legislated a ban on negotiating with Russia. He signed a decree forbidding everyone to negotiate with Russia.”


Image © copyright Carlos Latuff

On October 4th 2022 the Kiev tyrant Volodyomyr Zelensky signed a decree formally declaring any talks with Putin out of the question. Zelensky and his cohorts do not want peace, they prefer death, destruction and the billions of dollars from the West to support the genocide of Ukrainian people. The total amount that he is reported to have received since the start of the conflict in February 2022 is reported to be over several hundred billion dollars! One link below about funding despot Zelensky.

Image © copyright Ben Garrison –

CNN Politics: $113 billion: Where the US investment in Ukraine aid has gone

Russia has made many attempts to restore peace in Ukraine since 2014, and is still trying.

Most important of these peace deals were the Minsk protocols 1 & 2

Minsk I Accord – drafted by Russia, Ukraine, OSCE – signed – 5th September 2014

Minsk protocols

The first Minsk Protocol (Minsk I) was signed by Ukraine, Russia, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the pro-Russia separatist leaders (of Donesk and Lugansk states) in September 2014. Ukraine and the separatists agreed to an immediate 12-point ceasefire deal including withdrawal of heavy weapons and prisoner exchanges.

Minsk II Accord

In February 2015, the Minsk II 13-point agreement was signed by Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Francois Hollande and Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko.

The Kiev regime reneged on both of these peace deals. Not only that, former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and guarantor for the Minsk II Accord admitted recently that they used the Minsk agreements to buy time for Ukraine’s arms build-up.

All other attempts by Russia to bring about peace in Ukraine have been treated with the same contempt by the Kiev regime and it’s Western backers. A peace deal that was on the table in Istanbul was scuppered by prime minister of UK at the time, Boris Johnson, who dissuaded the Kiev regime from accepting it. Putin talks about this peace deal at 01:39:27 into the interview.


Vladimir Putin: . . . . . . He [Mr. Davyd Arakhamia – Faction leader of the Ukrainian Servant of the People party] even put his preliminary signature on the document I am telling you about. But then he publicly stated to the whole world: “We were ready to sign this document, but Mr. Johnson, then the Prime Minister of Great Britain, came and dissuaded us from doing this saying it was better to fight Russia.”

Later on at 02:00:50 Putin mentions again how Boris Johnson scuppered any chances of a peace deal at Istanbul:

Tucker Carlson: “So, I just want to make sure I am not misunderstanding what you are saying — and I don’t think that I am — I think you are saying you want a negotiated settlement to what’s happening in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin:” Right. And we made it, we prepared a huge document in Istanbul that was initialed by the head of the Ukrainian delegation. He affixed his signature to some of the provisions, not to all of it. He put his signature and then he himself said: “We were ready to sign it and the war would have been over long ago, eighteen months ago. However, Prime Minister Johnson came, talked us out of it and we missed that chance . . . . . . . “

Towards the end of the interview, Tucker poses the question about an imminent nuclear World War 3.

Tucker Carlson: “. . . . . . it seems like it could devolve, evolve into something that brings the entire world into conflict, and could initiate a nuclear launch, and so why don’t you just call Biden and say “let’s work this out”? “

Vladimir Putin: “What’s there to work out? It’s very simple. I repeat, we have contacts through various agencies. I will tell you what we are saying on this matter and what we are conveying to the US leadership:

If you really want to stop fighting, you need to stop supplying weapons. It will be over within a few weeks. That’s it. And then we can agree on some terms. Before you do that,. . . stop!“


But war is big busines for the Globalist cabal and they won’t be in a rush for peace in Ukraine.

For them, and their lap-dog Zelensky it will be business as usual.


After the interview Tucker shared his reflections:

  • “You’d have to be crazy to think that Russia will give up Crimea.”
  • “You’d have to be an idiot to think that Russia is an expansionist power; it’s already huge and doesn’t need more territory.”
  • “You’d have to be an idiot to think that Russia could roll tanks into Vienna; there’s no evidence of such intentions.”
  • “We are ruled by lunatics”— referring to the US leadership’s desire for regime change in Russia.“


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Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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