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With Christmas just a few days away I’m wondering whether parents are still spinning that amazing story to their children about a plump jolly old man sporting a white beard and red coat riding through the night skies at Christmas on a sleigh pulled by reindeers to deliver presents into children’s stockings left hanging at the bottom of their beds or on mantle-pieces over the fire after gaining access to their homes by wriggling down a sooty chimney.

We believed this story as children because the people who told it to us were the people whom we trusted the most our parents. The ones who loved us, fed us, clothed us, kept us warm, cared for us when we were sick, comforted us when we hurt ourselves or felt sad. They were the people who in our eyes would never lie to us so we believed their every word.

For the last century or more people have been spun another story, a story that is even more fantastical, and way more dangerous, than the one about Santa Claus and his annual winter solstice jaunt around the globe.

This other Santa story spreads the myth that there are microscopic pathogens called viruses and that they are everywhere in the air and on every surface just waiting to enter our bodies and do us harm. It also spreads the myth that bacteria, (reportedly we have 39 trillion microbial organisms which call our bodies home!) are also out to make us sick. This ludicrous Santa story is known as Germ Theory, an unproven theory that’s been around for more than 130 years.

As with the acceptance of the Santa Claus story as children, we have also happily accepted the fantastical germ theory story because it has been spun by those adopted adulthood parents in whom we have put our utmost trust: doctors, dentists, vets, virologists, epidemiologists, medical scientists, professors, and the politicians and journalists who are all conditioned to perpetuate the modern day germ theory Santa story and financially benefit from it.

Whilst it is encouraging to see that many highly qualified medical folk and scientists have intellectually matured and thrown away their childish Santa beliefs that we get sick from bacteria and viruses, there are many ‘big guns’ in the truth movement who still cling to their modern day Santa story beliefs. Enslaved by decades of study and work within the Santa land of the Germ Theory based Medical Industrial Complex, these otherwise intelligent folk can not bear to accept that for all of their life they have been living a fraud, they can not break the manacles of cognitive dissonance.

The well meaning highly qualified Dr. Judy Mikovitts is one of these sad cases.

Some time ago I listened to a Special Event Roundtable discussion hosted by Doug Force. Guests were: Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Judy Mikovitts Phd, Chris Sky, Kelly Anne Wolfe. In this discussion, Andrew Kaufman challenges Judy Mikovitts to prove that she has isolated a virus (any virus) as she claims to have done. Mikovitts looks uncomfortable as she tries to swerve Kaufman’s challenge, but Kaufman does not let up and interrupts every time she tries to wing her way out of a corner. Eventually though host Doug Force, just wanting an easy going discussion, kicks Kaufman off the show.

The worldwide dictatorship brought about by an elite Globalist mafia cult of the last 21 months has succeeded because the populace, in their childish germ theory based belief that we catch flu, colds and diseases from pathogens in the air or on some surface, have laid themselves wide open to fear-mongering of the mainstream media, politicians and Big Pharma indoctrinated medical folk promoting the myth of some invisible deadly microbe.

Fortunately for us there are brave qualified medical & scientific folk such as Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Ektarina (Kate) Sugak, Dr. Amandha Vollmer and many others who have exposed this germ theory scam which was instigated by snake-oil salesman family Rockefeller 130 years ago in cahoots with Louis Pasteur (who on his death-bed confessed that germ theory was BS) in order to keep us taking ‘a drug for every bug’ from his Big Pharma empire. If we don’t research what really makes us ill and come to the understanding that it is absolutely not because of infection or contagion by bacteria and so-called viruses, then we have no chance of ever regaining our freedoms.

As long as the world continues to believe this germ theory bull shit Santa myth then the elite cult will be able to pull off a scamdemic whenever and wherever they want.

Even if in the event that the cult back-off a bit as a result of the pressure we freedom warriors put on them, and we get back some semblance of the ‘old normal’ we once had, they will not let up there. They will allow us this freedom for a while to give us a false sense of security and then wham, we will be hit with some other ‘more fantastical’ Santa story than ever before about some new nano microbe that has only just been discovered and is one million times more deadly than any of those lightweight pathogens of the past.

The elite cult have taken control of us by playing on that most primitive of all emotions – fear, and many people have fallen for this fear-mongering strategy hook, line, and sinker. Just look at them all cowering behind their face-nappies! They are terrified to death of a threat, that does not exist – a so-called invisible Sars Cov2 ‘Santa’ virus and it’s numerous mutant ‘scariant variants’ such as the latest one in the UK, Omicron.

Those, such as Dr. Judy Mikovitts who refuse to let go of their childish belief in the existence of viruses and who persist in promoting germ theory bull shit are as guilty as the elitist Big Pharma cult for filling people’s minds with terror about this non-existent threat.

I would urge every freedom warrior to take time out to research the nonsensical germ theory foundation upon which this scamdemic has been built, and to throw away those Santa virus beliefs.

Unlike when we were kids and our parents eventually owned up to the fact that they, albeit innocently, lied to us about Santa Claus, the Big Pharm cult will not be coming clean in the same way about the greatest and most dangerous Santa myth they have been spreading for the last century or more, and confessing to us all the real truth that germ theory was a huge scam and that viruses and bacteria do not cause disease.


There are six good videos: videos 73 – 78 about Germ Theory scam on the Video archive page HERE

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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