This is a page of links to alternative websites where you are much more likely to be truthfully informed about what is really happening in the world. Sites are listed alphabetically by first name.

NB. I don’t always have time to keep up with what’s happening on all of these sites so if you find links that are not working or have any comments about ie; that you think some of them are ‘shill’ ‘controlled opposition’ sites, please email me:

Advocates for Citizens Rights – Advocates for Citizens’ Rights (AFCR) is a California non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting individual’s civil liberties and privacy rights. AFCR believes that all Americans have a fundamental right to the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution and to basic human rights. The AFCR team is committed to safeguarding these rights, and defending said freedoms against unjust state action, and unwarranted infringements by government. Our mission is to ensure that both individual state actors and governments act in a way that comports with state and federal constitutions and law. When a government attempts to violate people’s fundamental rights through unconstitutional executive orders, or via legislation or mandates or court opinions, AFCR acts to bring awareness to these issues – and further – coordinate litigation to challenge such unauthorized state action.

AFTER SKOOL – You Tube Channel – excellent videos with a message supported by marvellous illustrations. One video – MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL – that I have just watched took a year to produce apparently. I did make one critical comment about this video though: “Congratulations on an extremely well made video. The illustrations are truly superb. One question though. Why have you portrayed Hitler as a bad totalitarian dictator? He was nothing of the sort! In fact he was fighting the Totalitarian dictators: Marx and the Bolsheviks and co. who are now in control of our planet portrayed in this video. You have fallen for the very evil delusional mainstream Mass Psychosis Menticide programmimg about Hitler and WW2 (and presumably WW1) that your video seeks to expose.

AGENDA 21 RADIO – Paul Preston – About: Agenda 21 Radio is on the Air! Join Paul Preston as he takes on the issues surrounding the United Nations Agenda 21….The United Nations’ plan for YOU for the 21st Century. . . . . . . . . Read more

All News PipeLine – We at All News PipeLine believe that any and all information should be revealed for readers to decide for themselves to debate it, research more, or even discard it if they so choose. Unlike the MSM which seems to believe they should decide what the public should or shouldn’t be told.

All The Goss – Lots of good stuff on this blog. Regrettably Goss is not yet aware of the tuth about World War 1 & 2 and still uses the word Nazi in the same propaganda context that the lying mainstream media use it. The tiresome epithet Nazi, that Goss uses, was coined by a ‘jewish’ journalist called Konrad Heiden in order to denigrate Hitler – a brave man who was fighting the communist globalist enemy that we are fighing now – and his NSDAP party. About: The moment the world’s media started talking about nothing being the same again and there would be a new normal was the day the global elite (who own all the corporate media) waged war on everybody. The crazy “pandemic”, which never was a pandemic, was introduced to ease in a toxic vaccination programme which would keep everybody under control.

Almayadeen – Ed. Many good articles here on geopolitical matters. About: Al Mayadeen is an Arab Independent Media Satellite Channel.

AMANDA VOLLMER – (Doctor yummy channel on Bitchute) – – Awesome Canadian doctor who is really up to speed on medical mafia skullduggery. Amanda exposes Louis Pasteur for the fraudster and plagiarist that he is, and gives the clearest explanation I have heard to date on what viruses really are and how germ theory is dead: it is the ‘terrain’ that counts! Bitchute videos – You Tube –



Amazing Polly – Highly recommended free thinking altenative journalist. Amazing Polly’s You Tube channel has been taken down, so that a good sign that she is onto the truth. Her Bitchute video channel link is below, and there are also videos on her own website.

Amazing Polly – Bitchute Videos

Amazing Polly has a new channel More Polly

Americas Frointline Doctors –

The doctor-patient relationship is being threatened. That means quality patient care is under fire like never before. Powerful interests are undermining the effective practice of medicine with politicized science and biased information. Now more than ever, patients need access to independent, evidence-based information to make the best decisions for their healthcare. Doctors must have the independence to care for their patients without interference from the government, media, and the medical establishment.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) stands up for every American looking for the best quality healthcare by empowering doctors working on the front lines of our nation’s most pressing healthcare challenges. We help to amplify the voices of concerned physicians and patients nationwide to combat those who push political and economic agendas at the expense of science and quality healthcare solutions.

Dr Andrew J Moulden – – I have only just discovered this guy, so will update this link asap.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD – Doctor, forensic psychiatrist, expert witness. Molecular Biologist, natural healing consultant, inventor. Specialist in exposing lies & propaganda about Covid–19:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman – You Tube:

Donbass Insider – site for real info on the Ukraine conflict. About:

Donbass Insider is a news and analytics website which was launched in September 2018, in order to provide information and insights in several languages mainly about the situation in Donbass, Ukraine and Russia, but also about connected conflicts like Syria and Libya. This website was created by people working as journalists and translators since years. After working for a news agency, we thought it was necessary to create a new platform, where authors from different agencies, blogs, and information websites can collaborate together to spread information.

BABYLONDECODED – – [Interesting website – not had much chance to check it out yet]

BABYLONDECODED – You tube channel –

BCCRSS – blogsite on REAL LAW – LEGAL NAME FRAUD – IT’S ILLEGAL TO USE A LEGAL NAME – Freeman On The Land – Statutes and Acts are fraud.

BANTHEBBC.COM – – Cancel your TV licence – Stand up to the biggest Bull Shit and propaganda mouthpiece on the planet and makes UK citizens pay a licence fee for the priviledge of listening to it’s disgusting BS, lies an propaganda.

BARRICADE GARAGE: Top humorous You Tube channel putting the truth over with a chuckle or two. Well recommended.

The Big Virus Hoax – This website was constructed and published by World Renown Music Teacher, Mike Singer and World Champion Handathon Professional, Brian Root. Both of these men are Ultimate Truth Warriors, Health & Fitness Activists and Philosophers. They established this website for the knowledge, goodness and benefit of all humanity.

Ben Swann – – (NB. You will have to register to view this site. ) – Top investigative journalist.

The Bernician: Critically Acclaimed Comedian, Playwright & Filmmaker | Blacklisted ‘Potential Subversive’ Revisionist Historian | Recalcitrant Philosopher Bankster-Busting Nemesis of the Rigged System The Bernician has performed more than 300 gigs on the stand-up comedy circuit; written and staged two critically acclaimed London plays; taught stand-up to a giggle of fledgling comics who went on to professional careers; co-produced and co-directed a critically acclaimed 35mm short film; and played supporting roles in mainstream and independent film and television productions; in addition to co-producing and marketing a #1 hit Danish action comedy and directing his debut feature film, Nefarious, which is slated for its long-awaited release in 2020.

The Bernician went on to draft the first legal argument by a lay advocate to be established as a point of UK law; as well as creating and publishing free online content that has had more than 1,000,000 downloads; whilst co-producing, editing and directing his second feature film, The Great British Mortgage Swindle, which was released in the UK on 10/11/2018. The Bernician is also a recalcitrant philosopher, a revisionist historian, the draftsman of the first Anarcho-National Treaty and a Great Charter for the 21st Century.

Bolen Report – primary author and organizer of this BolenReport website is Tim Bolen.  But, there are other SUPERB, knowledgeable Authors here too. Tim Bolen has been a Crisis Management Consultant in the Alternative Medicine section of the North American Health Care system for over thirty (30) years. He is a long time leader in the powerful North American Health Freedom Movement. Because of this, Tim has an insider’s view of the problems confronted by cutting-edge health care professionals, be those individual practitioners, special interest groups, companies, health issues, etc.

British Institute for Human Rights – BIHR – In 2020 BIHR turns 50. We have a long and varied history of first calling for human rights to be incorporated into UK law, and secondly of supporting different ways to bring these standards to life and have meaning in policy, practice and people’s everyday experiences. FactPact editor’s note: BIHR are doing a great job but sadly still go along with the nonsense that there is a SARS-CoV2 virus which causes the so-called Covid-19 disease

Cafe Locked out –

Carl Vernon – you tube – – Best selling author and coach. Good in your face video channel from the UK.

Carrie Madej Dr – You Tube: Carrie’s You Tube channel has been deleted by the cult because she has been telling too much truth! See below for her Bitchute channel . Carrie is a very brave whistle-blower doctor exposing the dangers of vaccines and the scamdemic.

Carrie Madej Dr Bitchute: brave whistle-blower doctor exposing the dangers of vaccines and the scamdemic.

CBN News – The Christian Perspective – – Good Christian Truth News site.

21st CENTURY WIRE – 21st Century Wire is News for the Waking Generation.Founded in 2009, we are a North American and Europe-based, grass-roots, independent hyper-blog offering bold commentary, news, views, analysis, as well as thought-provoking curated content from around the web. This site houses over 10,000 articles, videos and documents covering a very wide range of topics and viewpoints. We work with an at-large team of writers, researchers, and a wide array of volunteer contributors who provide a diverse range of perspectives and opinions from around the world. 21st Century Wire contributors have appeared internationally on TV, radio and in print, and include persons with both Masters and PhD level academic qualifications, and many who have appeared as speakers at international conferences and symposiums.

Chech The Evidence.Com – – About: [a blog by Andrew Johnson] Why Does CheckTheEvidence Exist? What is happening to the world? What has happened in recent years? Can it be true that the world is so much more dangerous a place than it was, say 20 years ago? Is global warming caused by human activity? Can it be prevented?

It seems our regular news outlets are being economical with the truth or even deliberately broadcasting false information in some cases. So, this website was created as an archive of reference material – to be used as a way, ultimately of re-evaluating answers to the questions raised above – by checking a range of evidence (one that is hopefully quite wide) and forming a new basis from which to judge the situation.

Children’s Health Defense – Health campaign group founded by American environmental lawyer and activist, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. the son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former president John F. Kennedy to prevent the harm of children by public policies and practices:

Children’s Health Defense – You Tube –

Private forum:

CITIZEN FREE PRESS As it says – A Citizen Free Press site! The real news! Not the bull shit that Mainstream Media spews out moronically day in day out. Home page is beautifully simplistic, just loads of interesting links to reportage from real journos.

Claire EdwardsClarity With Claire Edwards – You Tube channel – Life and for Truth. Top investigative channel. Email:

Claudio Grass Switzerland – Claudio has been advising HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) for over a decade on the best strategies to preserve wealth. In this era of debilitating central economic planning and monetary inflation, this has involved buying and storing physical gold and silver bullion, in full privacy, outside of the banking system, in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Claudio is also very clued up on geoploitical matters and the New World Order.

COERCION CODE –DARK TIME ARE UPON US” website by Lance Goodall with lots of up to the minute news and stories about the Scamdemic.

COLDWELL DR. LEONARD (see Leonard Coldwell below)

THE CONCIOUS RESISTANCE An independent media organization focused on empowering individuals through education, philosophy, health, and community organizing. We work to create a world where corporate and state power does not rule over the lives of free human beings. Originally this site and the name revolved around the work of community activist Derrick Broze. However, in November 2013 Derrick and Neil Radimaker relaunched the The Conscious Resistance Network. TCRN aims to be a unique network of entertaining internet broadcasts featuring music videos, how to videos, gardening tips, discussions on current events, Anarchy, community organizing, and many other ideas we are currently working on.’

Consent Factory, Inc – by C.J.Hopkins. FactPact note: You will have to visit and experience this site to find out what it is about.

The Conservative Woman – TCW – We launched The Conservative Woman in 2014 as a counter-cultural offensive against the forces of Leftism, feminism and modernism – against the left-liberal cultural zeitgeist, to counter its anti-family, authoritarian identity politics and ‘equality and diversity’ ideology which had swept through the country’s institutions.

Consortium News – Consortium News celebrated its 25th birthday on Nov. 15, 2020 with guests Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, John Pilger, Nat Parry, Diane Duston, Ray McGovern, Oliver Spencer and Gareth Porter. Hosted by Elizabeth Vos and Consortium News editor-in-chief, Joe Lauria.

The Corbett ReportJames Corbett – Alternative journalist of more than a decade with vast geopolitical knowledge about all that is really going on in the world:

CORONA INVESTIGATIVE – is a really top site exposing the fraud that germ theory is – viruses and bacteria do NOT make us ill.

The Corbett Report – James Corbett – You Tube:

Covid Hoax – very good Bitchute video channel regularly updated with latest truths.

COVID TRUTHS – As the name of this highly recommended blog suggests, it is about waking people up to the real truths about the Coivid Hoax Scamdemic, the greatest scam in history.


COVILEAKS: CoviLeaks was born in response to mainstream media propaganda and government misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’. We believe that the lockdown has had catastrophic consequences leading to excess deaths, poverty and severe economic damage.We believe the lockdown and Coronavirus Legislation is wholly disproportionate and an offence on our human rights and civil liberties.We have simple aims: To fight for our freedoms, to seek the truth, provide the truth and give a confidential platform to those who want to speak the truth.

Collective Evolution: – A news-media and education company that creates content to explore how humanity can shift our consciousness and way of being to evolve beyond the personal and global challenges we face. –

COVID-19 REFUSERS – – really good blog for freedom and exposing the scamdemic Covid hoax.

CROWD JUSTICE: Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown.

The Crowhouse – Alternative news channel by Australian Max Egan. NB. The Crowhouse You Tube channel has been taken down – Bitchute:

CVPANDEMICINVESTIGATION: Alternative blog site taking action to challenge authorities about the scamdemic:

CV19 News – – Top video channel on Bitchute platform.

DAILY EXPOSE – the lies and bringing in the truth.

Dana Ashlie ( Factpact rating: Top video channel relating to all the important stuff about what is really going on.) – About page Dan Ashlie: Welcome to the channel! 🙂 Come here to connect to critical thinking, prophecy interpretation and dot connecting large agenda truths alongside solutions. As well as videos that point to the WAY, the Truth and the Life. The truth shall set you free!

The Daily Wrap Up Ryan Cristian The Last American Vagabond Video channel on Vimeo – The Last American Vagabond was established to allow a free flow of information in regard to current issues that face the world. The focus being on many such issues that are purposefully and discreetly culled by those who stand to lose, either financially or professionally, due to their relevance. It is this site’s primary objective to bring these issues to an open forum and or bring about awareness of these topics of paramount importance.

THE DAILY EXPOSE – Top alternative news blog.

Dan Hicks – Press for Truth –Alternative journalist website:

DANNY BOY LIMERICK – Irish site exposing controlled opposition in the Truth Movement.

DATA MATTER – As a web programmer, having the skills to create something like this for just the costs of my own time, I have started this project in an effort to share published videos and group them with the idea to have videos from many platforms all available in one place.
The project is still under development and I appreciate any feedback.
One goal is to counteract censorship as it is straight forward to just replace the video platform provider and all else stays in place.

David Icke – Much maligned and feared by the establishment and MSM (MainStreamMedia ) Guru Investigative Journalist, philosopher, psychologist, author, speaker, activist and much more. Known worldwide for exposing lies of MSM for over 30 years bringing awareness about deeper spiritual truths – ahead of his time and ahead of us all:

David Icke – –

David Icke – You Tube:

David Martin Dr. – Dr. David Martin knows who he is. And he’s here to show others how to remember what it means to put humanity into the human experience. Over the past 5 decades he’s fully lived and has done so in service to humanity. Unlike many who build an identity around accomplishments, he uses his actions to show others the vast extremes of possibility.

David Parker & Dawn Lester – What Really Makes You Ill – – Authors Dawn and David have spent 10 years researching and exposing the Medical Mafia and Big Pharma. The fraudster Pasteur and the fraudulent Germ Theory. Be sure to buy their book “What Really Makes You Ill” and listen to their many interviews online. You can not catch a virus! Viruses and bacteria do not cause disease. Until people realise that germ theory is nonsense, there is no hope for the world IMHO.

Defence Politics Asia – Excellent site to get some truth about Ukraine/Russia conflict.

THE DEFENDER – CHILDREN’S HEALTH DEFENSE Children’s Health Defense’s news and views website. It features content aligned with the organization’s mission to end childhood health epidemics. Lots of other truth stuff on this site about Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Food, Big Energy, Big Chemical.

Del Bigtree – The HighWire – Big campaigner against the harm to people by vacc!neswebsite:

Del Bigtree – ICAN: Big campaigner against the harm to people by va((!nes:

Doctors for COVID Ethics May 18, 2021, with COVID-19 vaccines for children aged 12–15 expected to gain approval from the European Medical Regulator, notices of liability for vacccine-related harms and deaths to children were served on all Members of the European Parliament. The full list of recipients can be viewed here.

DR-ROCK’S INTERNET RADIO SHOW Rock’s Internet Radio Show broadcast live most weeks since summer 2011 until recently, covering a range of cutting-edge subject matter, and featuring interviews with those involved.

THE DURAN – Alternative News Analysis site which has established for some time. Made For Minds (Deutsche Welle) – Unbiased information for free minds – A German channel in 30 languages!

Earth Newspaper – Alterntive news and views.

ENTITY ARTS – Awakening Articles and my art – – Hello. This site started out as a place to share my Art. However, since then I have had many unusual experiences which shifted my Paradigm. I have been diligently researching – I correlate and compare information on many subjects and apply critical thinking. I am sharing information with people to try and help end some of the unnecessary suffering on this planet – as well as waking people up to new levels. The vast majority of people who think they are ‘awake’ are not really, they often still have various more levels to go. I have been there, I know from experience.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH TRUST – – Ed opinion – Top Site – Environmental Health Trust (EHT) is a think tank that promotes a healthier environment through research, education, and policy. We are the only nonprofit organization in the world that carries out cutting edge research on environmental health hazards and also works directly with communities, health and education professionals, and policymakers to understand and mitigate these hazards.

Europe Reloaded – WHO ARE WE & WHAT DO WE STAND FOR?COVID UPDATE: We support REAL science led by doctors and researchers such as Michael Yeadon, Wolfgang Wodarg, Sucharit Bhakdi, Dolores Cahill, Heiko Schoning, Andrew Kaufmann, &etc. We do not endorse liberty- and economy-destroying measures such as lockdowns, the wearing of masks, and the fear propaganda of the media based on lies about ‘cases’ and death rates. We oppose the Great Reset policy of the Davos crowd. We oppose the massive election fraud that has been proven to exist in the November US presidential election. We oppose forced vaccine policies and vaccine passports.

EVENT202 – Event202’s primary aim is to inspire, inform and equip all peoples of this earth to unite, fight for freedom and stand up against injustice.

EveryDayConcernedCitizen – Everyday Concerned Citizen is a site for the everyday working person to easily get info & take online action in the ongoing campaign to revive & restore our country–the USA, democracy, & world

EYES WIDE OPEN – – Real investigative journalism not influenced by advertisers or sponsors. Alternative news blog:

FLIP THE FLAGS – Very good site with lots of Freedom stuff to check out.

FLUORIDE FREE PEEL – Christine Massey – Top site exposing the health risks of fluoride. Also expose of the Conavirus Plandemic Covid Hoax.

FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE FKTV Author, Alexandra Bruce. Alternative journalist website, source of good truth videos: Video. Corruption/Monopolies, Crime, Fraud, Freedom The Great Reset.

Forum For Canadian Sovereignty FFCS – are the only NGO (Non-Government Organization) in Canada that is dedicated to vehemently opposing Globalism and the destructive globalist agenda and, just as importantly, educating, informing, and enlightening Canadians to the destructive forces of globalism and the globalist agenda are to our great nation. 

FOXGLOVE – is a team of lawyers, technology experts, and communications specialists. We think governments and big tech companies are misusing digital technology, and that this is harming the rest of us. Foxglove exists to fix this.We stand up to the tech giants and governments, and stand up for a future where technology is used to benefit everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Free 2 shine – – A top You Tube video channel.

FREE THOUGH PROJECT – A hub for Free Thinking conversations about the promotion of liberty and the daunting task of government accountability.

The Freedom Festival – TheFreedomFestival – About: Founded by the awesome brave Tahra Ahmed, Tahra runs Freedom Festival along with her team of coaches. theFreedomFestival is a site where you can learn your lawful rights and become empowered to take responsibility and apply them in practical ways such as not wearing masks and handling police and other authority figures who restrict your freedoms. “. . Acts only gain the power of the law with the consent of the governed.”

FREEDOM MAN PAC The purpose of the FREEDOM MAN PAC is to advance the cause of Freedom, Liberty, and the founding principles of the United States of America. To accomplish this, it is our priority to eliminate the scourge of voter ignorance and apathy through mass information, education, and activism.

FREEDOM ARTICLES – – Lots of juicy alternative news and views on this site!

Freedom Of Speech – A comprehensive blog going back to June 2020 with lots of great articles about the scamdemic.

Freedom Forum News – – Freedom Forum News (FFN) practices a specialized, almost old school genre of journalism focused on a particular issue, sector, organisation, or institution called “beat journalism.” Having a specific “beat” is a good thing for journalists. It allows them to build up an area of expertise, develop multiple sources and create better and more informative stories. 

FREEDOM RADIO – The English 909 – up with MSM radio and all of it’s Covid BS? Here’s an alternative radio station to tune in to.

Gary D Barnett – Gary Barnett is a retired financial advisor and estate planner, and managed money for clients in his business for over thirty years. He also owned two other businesses during his life, and had a wild ride at times. Gary has been writing about a full range of topics concerning freedom and liberty for many years, and has written for The Future of Freedom Foundation, and several other publications over that time. He considers it a great passion in life to learn and continue to educate himself, and to promote and spread the ideas of liberty to all who are willing to listen. Freedom does not happen due to politics or constitutions, it can only exist in the minds of individuals.

Gnosis Unity of Steven Whybrow. In the year 2017, Steven made a conscious decision to focus on following his Life’s Purpose and dedicate his Life towards creating a new World that is in Harmony with Natural Law Principles, the Principles upon which the Universe is founded.

Global Agenda – Bitchute –

Going Underground – – (FactPact Ed: Great site for some real news about Ukraine.) About: Going Underground is a show created by RT for a global audience, hosted by award-winning journalist Afshin Rattansi. We cover the stories mainstream media would rather avoid, and ask the questions mainstream media aren’t allowed to ask. Tired of mainstream media? There is an alternative, subscribe to Going Underground!

Graham M. Lawrence – Other content from Graham M. Lawrence, the founder and editor of this FactPact Alternative NewsBlog can be found at these locations:

Graham M. Lawrence on You Tube –

Graham M. Lawrence (factpactman) on Rumble:

Graham M. Lawrence (fotolawrence) on Bitchute:

Graham M. Lawrence on Brand New Tube:

Graham M. Lawrence on Twitter:

Graham M. Lawrence on MeWe:

The GrayZone – A very good independent investigative journalist website.

The Great Re-Opening – – The Great Re-opening is a grassroots movement which aims to connect with and support small and medium enterprise in reopening their doors in the face of anti-scientific, unconstitutional and discriminatory lockdowns. Inspired by the Italian movement, #IoApro, where 50’000 bars, restaurants, cafes etc, safely opened their doors in defiance of the disproportionate restrictions placed on the business sector. We hope to replicate it in Ireland and the United Kingdom

The Great Re-Opening – You Tube – – Shopkeepers fight back against draconian lockdown restrictions. re-Opening of shops on 30th January 2021.

The Great Re-Opening – Face Book – fight back against draconian lockdown restrictions. re-Opening of shops on 30th January 2021.

GREATREJECT – good site with up to date stuff on what’s really going on in the world.

Grand Theft WorldFreedom United A new alternative news Blog featuring many of the top sites shown on this page plus more. I’ve not had time to check it out so feedback appreciated.


THE GREATER RESET – Greater Reset is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset

THE GREATER RESET ACTIVATION on Flote – – Listen to 5 days of talks free – 25th – 29th January 2021.

Godfrey Bloom Online – – Lots of excellent info on this site by the esteemed Godfrey Bloom: Godfrey Bloom is a libertarian author with six books published on both military history & Austrian School Economics. He worked in the City of London where he won an international prize for fund management (fixed interest) with Mercury Asset Management. He represented Yorkshire & Lincolnshire in the European Parliament & was a staunch campaigner for Brexit for twenty five years. During his term of office he attracted over sixty million views on his chamber speeches exposing State bank & tax malpractice on Facebook & You Tube. Thought to be an all time record. He brought experience if not influence to the mainly lay EU Parliamentary Monetary & Economic Affairs Committee, putting both members & European Central Bank President under unaccustomed pressure.

Great Mountain Publishing – Great Mountain Publishing is a Christian publishing ministry that is dedicated to revealing the truth of the gospel and being a watchman to warn the world of the rising spiritual peril. Ezekiel 33:6-7. The books published by Great Mountain Publishing present the unvarnished truth that is so often redacted by the modern Nicolaitan ministers of today. Great Mountain Publishing derives its name from the book of Daniel, where a stone destroys the great image of the enemy and then grows into a great mountain. That great mountain described in Daniel is the rock of our salvation, Jesus Christ, whose gospel has spread throughout the earth like a great mountain. “Thou art my father, my God, and the rock of my salvation.” (Psalms 89:26) That rock that has filled the whole earth is Jesus Christ and his word. Indeed, Jesus Christ is the Word who became flesh. (John 1:1-14). The words of the gospel of Jesus Christ are the very means of eternal life. John 5:24

Gumshoe News – by Dee McLachlan who grew up in South Africa and has lived in the UK, USA and now Australia. She has a BSc (Hons) and is a filmmaker (e.g. “The Jammed“, and recently “The Wheel”). She started Awaken Your Kids books (writing under the pen-name, Dalia Mae Lachlan). Many other qualified people on the team: Mary W Maxwell, Greg Buck, James O’Neill, Cheryl Dean, Mal Hughes, Brae Antcliffe, Matt Campbell, Greg Maybury, Christopher Brooks, Josée Lépine, Montse Alarcón Flix, James Marshall Crotty, Rohan Millson

GUY BOULIANNE – This is a French alternative news site. All articles in Frenceh –

HAPPEN NETWORK – digital media and social platform that curates honest, independent news on topics that directly affect your life.

HARDWICK ALLIANCE – Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE) was born in February 2020 at a gathering at Hardwick House on the Hardwick Estate in South Oxfordshire. Hardwick’s owner, Sir Julian Rose, is a pioneer organic farmer who twice led UK dairy farmers to victory against government attempts to ban unpasteurised milk sales (1989/1997). It is reputed that Kenneth Grahame, author of The Wind in the Willows, based his Toad Hall on Hardwick House and Mr Toad on Julian’s great grandfather.

Health Impact News Health Impact News covers stories that impact your health, but that the mainstream media seldom covers. Currently covers sic broad topics: Medical Watch; Alternative Health; Real Food Nutrition; Sustainable Agriculture; Coconut Health; Created4Health

HEART NATION – You Tube – Heart Nation is a tribe of humanity

Henry Makow – Long established high calibre alternative journalist covering all aspects of Globalism New World Order oppression:

HOLISTIC HEALTH ONLINE – Valerie Robitaille, MS, PhD(c) own health journey begins and ends with herbs. Back in High School someone gave me a book called “Back To Eden” by Jethro Kloss. The book was quite popular in the 1970s, and certainly made an everlasting impression on me. There are some worthy herbals on the shelf today but I would venture a bet they all read Back To Eden!  It is the prima facie of botanical medicine.

Dr Hilde De Smet You Tube Channel – Medical doctor from Belgium asks critical questions about this covid-19 crisis.

View Page

Ian 56 – website: Prolific geoplotical activist/journalist. Great website for source of truth:

IAN R. CRANE Ian R Crane (Sadly deceased RIP) is an ex-oilfield executive who now lectures, writes and broadcasts on the geo-political webs that are being spun; with particular focus on US (Global Corporatist) Hegemony and the agenda for absolute control of all global resources.

Primarily Ian focuses his attention and research on the geopolitical arena and raising awareness of the Unconventional Gas (Fracking) agenda but has a deep personal interest in folklore, mythology and the cosmological belief systems of ancient and indigenous cultures. In fact, it is Ian’s research and understanding of these systems and beliefs which provides him with a unique insight into the unfolding global drama providing the catalyst for humanity’s evolution into a new plane of existence (Homo Luminous perhaps?).

This website will give you an insight into Ian and his work, keep you updated with his speaking agenda and provide you with enlightening, challenging, thought-provoking and educational productions that will assist you in discovering the true nature of our world, reality, and our respective roles within it.

Ian is an independent researcher; he is completely self-funded.

The views expressed in his talks and DVD’s are based entirely upon his personal knowledge and research. Prior to his retirement from the corporate arena, Ian enjoyed a career of 25 years in telecommunications and international oilfield services, a career that provided the opportunity to live & work in the U.K., Continental Europe, the Middle East & Houston, Texas.

ICAN – (I Can Decide) Informed Consent Action Network – Va((ine Safety – founded by Del Bigtree of Highwire.

ICAN – (I Can Decide) Informed Consent Action Network -Del Bigtree – Big campaigner against the harm to people by va((!nes:

ICAN – You Tube channel – (I Can Decide) Informed Consent Action NetworkVa((ine safety

In This Together – The Disillusioned Blogger – – A top blog by Iain Davis ( check the about page )_ A lot of good geopolitical stuff here including about the Covid fraud.

Infectious Myth – – A book project by David Crowe. Some excellent material on this site. Sadly David Crowe passed away on July 12th, 2020 RIP.

International Crimina;l Court – On behalf of the peoples of the United Kingdom proprio motu request was drafted by Hannah Rose and filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on December 6th, 2021. It is free and available to anyone who wishes to read it, download it, share it, re-use it or otherwise benefit from it’s content. Namaste

Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur – Full Life Channel. A great French guy working for the truth who describes himself as a Guardian of Humanity. A channel for all those french speaking people around the world.


Jason Christoff – Health Self Sabotage Expert – Health Fitness and Wellness:

Jason Christoff – SoundCloud

Jeff Berwick – Dollar Vigilante alt news journalist, crypto currency and economic analyst:

Dr Jim Meehan MD – Dr. Meehan is an expert in differentiating true science from manipulated, fraudulent, biased research.

Jim Stone – Freelance alternative journalist:

John Bergman Dr. – Dr. Bergman D.C. is a one of a kind chiropractor, holistic doctor and a brilliant researcher who has dedicated his life to teaching and helping people with various, serious health conditions:

John Bergman ( Bitchute – videos ) –

Dr. John Bergman – You Tube:

John Henry Westen. Co-founder and editor in chief of Life Site News – Support freedom, fight censorship, and spread the truth. Good alt news site and blog:

John Henry Westen Show – You Tube:

Jon Rappoport nomorefakenews: Top investigative journalist, investigating virus fraud for over 30 years:

Jon Rapport on The New Abnormal blog

Jon Rappoport – You Tube:

Julius Ruechel – – A Canadian Blog – No idea should be immune from honest criticism. No idea should be hidden from public debate. Good ideas can only be improved if their weaknesses are brought into the light. Bad ideas fester in darkness until they are forced to defend themselves in broad daylight.

Julius Ruechel – You Tube –

JUSTINIAN DECEPTION – of TRUST-LAW Governance being: Master SERVANT (SLAVERY) arrangement.

Kate Dalley Radio Show lot of true facts come from this top radio channel: Kate Dalley is a cutting-edge nationally recognized radio host! She is nationally syndicated  in multiple markets -live -including Chicago and on Red State Talk Radio in drive time ( the world’s largest political online 24 hour station with 1 million listeners) along with other online outlets as well. Listeners  from around the globe listen and stream her daily 3-hour political talk show (First hour Utah topics, followed by the 2 hour nationally syndicated show).

Dr Kevin Corbett A health scientist and retired Registered Nurse with nearly 40 years experience in clinical and academic healthcare practice, working in acute/primary care and higher education institutions. – channel for all things important. There are download facilities of video and text which is particularly helpful.

LARKEN ROSE . . . . . .you are most likely here because you have either heard about my research into the federal income tax, or you have heard about my political (or anti-political) rantings and/or books. Because the two issues are really separate, distinct issues, they are dealt with separately. So choose which path below you want. (Or you can go to the store, which has the books and other stuff having to do with both topics.)

THE LAST AMERICAN VAGABOND – Ryan Cristián – Founder/Editor The Last American Vagabond was established to allow a free flow of information in regard to current issues that face the world. The focus being on many such issues that are purposefully and discreetly culled by those who stand to lose, either financially or professionally, due to their relevance. It is this site’s primary objective to bring these issues to an open forum and or bring about awareness of these topics of paramount importance.

LAW OR FICTION – site with guidelines separating law from lockdown.

Lawful Rebel – – An excellent truth site by Nigel HowittMission statement: There is a right way to live. There is a rational scientific code of morality, a science to guide man towards freedom and flourishing. To live by reason as ones primary guiding principle is to live a fully human life in accordance with reality and with our nature as man qua man. It is the way of truth, the way of non-violence, the way of trading or exchanging value for value. It is the only way to peace freedom and abundance. Reason is your only guide to knowledge and therefore action.

Lawyers for Liberty (UK) – Lawyers for Liberty is an independent, non-political organisation. Our members are volunteer lawyers and members of the judiciary who defend individual human rights, the universality of human rights, the rule of law, and equal treatment and fairness in order to maintain the foundation of our democratic and just society.

LEARN COMMON LAW TODAY – Article 61 made simple. Get up to speed on Common Law, the only law to which we should be complying:

Lee Merrit Dr. – One of the increasing number of medical people who are exposing the fact tha germ theory and virology are a century old Big Pharma scam: that we do not get sick from bacteria and so-called viruses.

LEE RODEN – You Tube Channel – A very good alternative channel with a selection of videos on the subject of the Scamdemic.

LEONARD COLDWELL DR. 40 Years of Coldwell on stage. Natural and holistic approach to health.

Light On Conspiracies – Ole Dammegard – – About: Ole Dammegard is one of the most knowledgeable people on false flag operations. Plenty of interesting material on this website.

IBMS® is the science of identifying and eliminating any negative result in a humans life®

IBMS® is the science of identifying and eliminating any negative result in a humans life.
IBMS® Instinct Based Medical System® is the only holistic system for Healing Life®.
It involves identifying and solving the root causes in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical realms of the user.

The Liberty Beacon – Alternative News and opinion site with much content on health and medical matters – “THE ERADICATION OF PROGRAMMED IGNORANCE” by publishing pertinent websites and producing unbiased (alternative) media content, increasing access to the abundance of coordinated alternative source media, informing and educating the people to reality in this climate of political, social, health and economic turmoil.

One thing we are all aware of is that the MainStream Media (MSM) is seriously remiss in its stated mission to keep the American people informed in real time on topics of importance by presenting timely and fact based reporting of events as they occur both in.

LIFESITE NEWS – (John Henry Westen. Co-founder and editor in chief)Alternative News, Opinion, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Resources & Petitions. A great site to get informed.

LIFEFACTS – COVID-19 – of the menu options on LIFESITE NEWS. Lots to browse on truth about Covid: Masks, vaccines etc.

Lionel Nation – Lionel by and through his Nation covers world and national news and issues dissected and exposed without preconditions and preconceptions. Political deep dive analyses. Revealing the truth with a priority on unvarnished historicity. Critical thinking elevated to artform. Words of wisdom from the last of the renaissance polymaths. Honest, funny and unapologetic discussion from a renowned legal and media analyst, sesquipedalian and veteran talk radio pioneer. Nonpareil and sui generis.

Lisa Haven – Restricted Republic Alternatrive journalist you tube channel:

Lockdown Sceptics – Recently formed British anti-lockdown website and forum:

Man In America – Born and raised in the countryside of Ohio, I never thought I would see a time when our freedoms were under attack like they are today. I spent the last fifteen years fighting against the tyranny of Communism in China—but never did I imagine that that fight would come to American soil. My heart beats with the blood of a Patriot, and I cannot sit idly while my homeland is under attack. I created Man In America to speak to my fellow Patriots and help educate, inspire, and unite us. God bless you, and God bless America. —Seth Holehouse

Matrix Breakout 8 Lots of great videos on what is really going on in the world. (Surprised that this channel hasn’t been taken down yet


Nine Eleven Truth Sites:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

US Military Officers for 9/11 Truth:

TONY GOSLING: Founder of reinvestigate 9/11:


MAMM – Millions Against Medical Mandates coalition of health freedom activists working together to prevent medical mandates.  We are physicians, lawyers, journalists, nurses, researchers, scientists, nutritionists, parents of vaccine injured children and adults, citizen activists and organizations alarmed about the erosion of our rights to bodily autonomy.

MEDICAL KIDNAP – is part of the Health Impact News network. About: Due to the increasing frequency of stories being exposed regarding children taken away from their families for simply disagreeing with their doctors, we felt it was time to put up a completely separate website to document these tragic stories.

MarcusTwain22 – A top Bitchute channel with lots of great vids about what is really happening in the world. (Copied and pasted from the ‘About’ page of tis channel)

“Look behind the Covid “masquerade.” With over 400 videos on this growing channel, we’ve now organized playlists – check them out here: – Grab some popcorn, kick back, and take a look at what the mainstream media does NOT want you to see. Enjoy! Peace, Sam
On Parler, Gab, and MeWe: @MarcusTwain22 – let’s connect! “

MEDIC DEBATE – The Antidote to Medical Misinformation and Propaganda! In Medicdebate you can find all kinds of legal documentationmedical informationschedulediscussion forumsproposals, info about participating organizations and blogs.

Northern Tracey – I am not a doctor nor a scientist but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand science, scientific papers and health. They have tried to baffle us with ‘science’ and Latin and even their own new language some like to term – ‘science-waffle’. I’m here to cut through the crap and explain things in plain English so anyone can understand. My main aim is to wash away the fear they like to instil to control us.



Defense Politics Asia – – This is an excellent site to get genuine factual updates on the Ukraine conflict (also on other war zones around the globe.)

SouthFront – – Another top site to get updates on the Ukraine conflict (also on other war zones around the globe.)


UK Medical Freedom Alliance We are an alliance of UK medical professionals, scientists and lawyers who believe that the Government’s response to COVID-19 is misguided and not based upon the best available scientific evidence. We are campaigning for Medical Freedom, Informed Consent and Bodily Autonomy to be preserved and protected.

URBAN GLOBAL HEALTH ALLIANCE – Kevin Jenkins – Global Health Alliance will partner with communities to empower and engage on the issues of Health & Wellness.  Urban Global Health Alliance recognizes that in an increasingly urbanized world, health issues present new challenges that go far beyond the health sector and require action at the global, national, community, and individual levels.

Mike AdamsThe Health Ranger and editor of, the internet’s most-trafficked natural health news website. He is also the creator of,,, and other health websites:

Mike AdamsThe Health Ranger – Brighteon –

Mike AdamsHealth Ranger – You Tube: (surprisingly still a lot of Mike’s videos on Goo Tube) –

The Millenium Report – The Millennium Report is about ONE thing: Reporting the most important news in the world today. HUGE earth changes, historic geopolitical events, global environmental crises, perpetual war and rumors of war, unprecedented economic/financial cataclysms and the like, are either under-reported, not reported or routinely misrepresented by the MSM.

More Polly – is another channel by Amazing Polly

Moon of Alabama This site’s purpose is to discuss politics, economics, philosophy and blogger Billmon’s Whiskey Bar writings. Some time ago, the commenting at Billmon’s Whiskey Bar became a bit excessive. Billmon therefore closed the comments at his place on June 29, 2004. The community of commentators was left behind to search for a new place.

2020 NEWS – Alternative News site.


Nature Of Healing – An excellent site by Rosanne Lindsay. About: Reconnect To Nature Naturopathy is the art, science, and philosophy of nature. Herbalism reconnects us to our true nature and the body’s self-healing ability. Plant wisdom works with the body’s wisdom to heal as one. Rosanne Lindsay is an Herbalist and Naturopath, and Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network. She is a Health Freedom advocate, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing and consult with her (long-distance consults available) at

Natural News – Top man Mike Adams on all matters of good health and more. NOTE: If his site goes down type into the address bar

The New Abnormal – The New Insanitry I am APPALLED to be labeled an American! I totally reject this man-concocted label, as I do all other labels of man. Where I was born was simply by chance, not by my choice. If I had known what a seventy-plus year existence would be like in this asinine, retrograde-inverted empire, I would have chosen non-existence

NEWS + RESCUE – About: Founded in 2007, NewsRescue is a New York-based news media platform dedicated to the rescue, recovery and elucidation of the truth in the news.In 2007 we discovered the prevalence of fake news, biases, misleading and totally false skews abound in many mainstream media and dedicated to creating this platform for the benefit of the truth-seeking masses who do not have time to factcheck the mainstream and scan for important news updates. Our editorial board consists of full time and part time citizen journalists who scour the world for important news stories that need rescuing. Tim Yousef, Editor-in-chief

New York Nadia – (You Tube) – Ed: Excellent You Tube channel of spicy anti-New World Order videos. About: Nadia Asencio (New York Nadia) is a first-generation Cuban-American writer, artist, actor (SAG-AFTRA), proud US Army veteran, and member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ – NY Deadline Club). Her book, “Politiquette: The People’s Guide to Political Discourse in the New Millennium” is available on in both English and Spanish (“Politíqueta”). She resides in NYC.

NEO – New Eastern Outlook – – [Use a large amount of discretion on this site!] A website by Gordon Duff who is is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine.

NORTHERN EXPOSURE – David Scott journalist. You Tube channel – Citizen-journalism from Scotland.

The Northern Truthseeker – As the name suggests a truthseeking blog about what is going on in the world:

NOT ON THE BEEB – MARK PLAYNE: I am a Writer-Director, screenwriter and author.  Distracted by world events I founded ‘Not On The Beeb’ to counter the lack of real news from the world’s freedom movement and to feature medical information lacking in the mainstream media.

Off Guardian – An alternative newspaper founded by three former journalists of The Guardian newpaper, because the paper would not print their articles exposing lies and fraud.

The People’s Lawyer – UK site on legal stuff, common law etc. About: David Adelman aka The People’s Lawyer is Cambridge University educated and a qualified Solicitor by training. But as a young man, David soon turned his back on conventional work and office incarceration to explore life by actually living it.

The People’s Lawyer – UKFree resource downloads –

The People’s Lawyer – UK – You Tube channel – Top site on legal stuff, common law etc.

The Perth Group – The view of The Perth Group is that the HIV/AIDS experts have not proven:

The People’s Health Alliance – We started with a grand, yet simple, vision for the future. A future where Big Pharma (and Big Everything) no longer has control over We, The People; where the power of choice is returned to the individual and we shift the paradigm from treating disease, to creating health. How do we achieve this? By creating an organic, people-led approach to healthcare, bringing everything back to community level, for The People, by The People.

1.The existence of a unique, exogenously acquired retrovirus, HIV.
2.The “HIV” antibody tests are specific for “HIV” infection.
3.The HIV theory of AIDS, that is, that HIV causes acquired immune deficiency (destruction of T4 lymphocytes=AID) or that AID leads to the development of the clinical syndrome AIDS.
4.The “HIV genome”, (RNA or DNA) originates in a unique, exogenously acquired infectious retroviral particle.
5.HIV/AIDS is infectious, either by blood, blood products or sexual intercourse.
6.Mother to child transmission of a retrovirus HIV or its inhibition with AZT or nevirapine.

ORACLE FILMS – Established in 2020, Oracle Films is an independent production company with a passion for high-quality filmmaking and truth in media. 

PEERLESS READS – You Tube – Top videos for stats! Promoting Books and Authors. Peerless Reads is created and maintained by Andrew Mather, a 60 year old British mathematician, financier, author, techie. He is also a pilot, loves driving, racing and motorbikes, and the New Age. He can be found on Facebook at – opinion: peerless Reads videos have well researched accurat statistics)

PUB – People’s Union of Britain (Freedom – In A Time of Tyranny Speaking Truth is a Revolutionary Act. The Freedom Cycle is the cover name for the heptalogy (7) book series that Jonathan Trapman is in process of delivering. The first book Dreams and Realities is the story of his great uncle’s discovery of the family’s unique contribution to the birth of the USA and subsequently his search for reparations of the gift that became a loan. This research brought him to the attention of the Cabal – Elite, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Federal Reserve, Eight Family. His subsequent journey, as a superb research journalist faced him head on with being shut up, silenced and portrayed as Public Enemy No 1 by these forces. (Compare Assange, Snowden today)

Philosophers Stone – Ed: Excellent blog, with lots of comprehensive stuff to wake you up. About: Those that are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses. -Plato

pHorever Young Blog – fascinating blog by Robert O. Young D.Sc, Ph.D., ND who maintains that there is only one sickness and one disease which is caused by an over acidification of the blood. Needless to say Young His article dismantling The Viral Theory is well worth a read – http://Dismantling The Viral Theory

Piece Of Mindful – top Blog about what is really going on in the world. – From the ‘About’ page: “We are a stable of six writers (at this writing), four active and two not, and we search for truth. That may sound like a conceit, as if we have some special mission in life. We do not. We are simply people with active minds and of a curious nature. We want to know what’s up.”

Piers Corbyn – Bitchute channel – – Astrophysicist, meteorologist extraordinaire who is fighting for truth and the survival of real humanoid people.

PLANET LOCKDOWN – Planet Lockdown is a 90-minute documentary on the situation the world finds itself in. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, protesters a statesman and a prince. These brave souls had the courage to speak truth against all odds and inspire us to do the same. We must have the courage to overcome our fears. Once we do, it gets easier every time.

PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFICA excellent source of real science, facts, data, analysis of what is really going on.

PRESS TV – – Press TV is an Iranian english speaking news and documentary network. Ed: I have included this Iranian mainstream media channel because Iran is one of the few countries which has not been taken over by The New World Order and therefore listeners and viewers are able to get the other side of the Western propaganda spiel.

PURE INNER WELLNESS – CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE TODAY! So much of the information out there today is incorrect and misleading.  It’s up to you to dig deeper and see through the big company’s mass marketing to take your health into your own hands.  My goal is to empower you the consumer, to learn about what is being done to your food and your health.

Rachel Elnaugh – Top lady for truth! Creator, Communicator, Changemaker. (born 12 December 1964) is a British entrepreneur who founded the UK gift company Red Letter Days. She was one of the investors participating in the first two series of BBC two’s TV show Dragons Den. Her you tube channel link below.

Rachel Elnaugh – You Tube –

Radiation Dangers – site dedicated to the dangers of radiation from 5G, wireless waves and other sources.

Real Science – Science needs open discussion anything else is totalitarian. We are a small team of investigators, news editors, journalists, and truth seekers, now backed up by others, who are discovering pieces of information that we can investigate. It doesn’t really matter who we are. What really matters is that we care carrying on an investigation and we’re presenting the evidence we’ve found, almost all of it documented in mainstream media publications.

We’re doing this anonymously because we’ve seen people viciously attacked and threatened for doing things like this, so we’re not going to open ourselves or any of our contacts to that. Also, please note, we’re not being paid and we’re not making any money from this – it is costing us time, effort, and money. We’re doing it because there is a concerted effort to block all of this information, but as some smart people used to say, “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

RECLAIM YOUR LIVES – UK based site powered by Live Agent with lots of good articles and links to the most important issues of our time to surf around.

RECLAIM YOUR LIVES – (UK letter Templates)

RESISTANCE GB – hands on freelance reporting site. About: Willsy – on the ground reporter and researcher; filming and livestreaming; interviewing and presenting.

Dr Rashid Buttar – Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in Biology and Theology at age 21, and then attended medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, graduating with his medical degree at age 25. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon for 2nd Infantry Division, Republic of South Korea, and later as Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Ft. Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina while serving in the US Army.

Dr Rashid Buttar – Brand New Tube video channel About, see above – Dr Rashid Buttar’s You Tube channel has been taken down, but you can watch his videos on Brand New Tube. Also search for his videos on other channels where people ill have mirrored them.

REBEL NEWS – – A powerful real news channel with up to date reporting on all truth about the scamdemic covid hoax. Lots of good videos and podcasts.


RECLAIM THE LAW – site for info about Common Law – Civil Law vs Criminal Law – Universal Law – THE ‘DUTY OF CARE’ APPLIED TO GOVERNMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY – Lawful Rebellion ? ~ Childs’ Play !DUTY OF THE POLICE ~ THE LAW IS ON OUR SIDE.

RECLAIM THE NET – (NB. Home page shows subscription panel full page! Scroll down for articles.) Defend free speech and individual liberty online. Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.

REDPILLED REALITY – news feed of truth. FactPact review: Have only just come across this site so not yet had a chance to fully review it.

RENEGADE TRIBUNE – – Excellent site for sourcing top articles on all things that matter in these Scamdemic times.

Reignite Democracy Australia – Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) was founded by Monica Smit in response to the Victorian government’s catastrophic handling of the COVID pandemic.
Our vision is to empower people by giving them a voice and providing them with honest, timely and truthful information.
We aim to provide a real alternative to the mainstream media, covering the issues that affect people’s lives and delivering high quality content via multiple channels.

Richard Grove You Tube channel – Richard Grove is an American conceptual artist and forensic historian who frames his groundbreaking research into epic artistic representations to educate his audience.

Richie Allen – First class Manchester UK based Journalist, alternative journalist, broadcaster founder of the super-successful Richie Allen Show where he takes the mainstream media to task with no mercy:

Richie Allen Show on Podomatic –

RICHIE FROM BOSTON – Truth video channel on Bitchute. All Richie’s videos seem to have been taken down on You Tube! So that’s a sign that he is onto the truth.

RICH PLANET TV – Excellent site by Richard D. Hall, alt journalist, writer and producer.

Richard D. Hall – Rich Planet TV (You Tube) Our programmes are intended to expose information covering a wide range of issues which mainstream television do not cover correctly. Mainstream media is controlled by a tiny group, who, in order to maintain vested corporate interests and serve their masters in the intelligence agencies, censor and distorted certain issues they cover. Our programmes seek to expose these practices and report on subjects such as false flag terrorism, UFOs, animal mutilation, hidden energy technology and many more. In fact any subject we feel is being hidden or suppressed for nefarious purposes is covered. The programmes you see on this channel might shock you and you certainly will not see this information on dumbed down mainstream television.

Rielpolitik – comprehensive Blog on what is going on in the world. Lots of excellent articles to read.

Rights and Freedoms – We are being played – The ”Elite” has always sought to divide us along the lines of race, religion, class in order that we will fight among ourselves. It makes it so much easier for the Elite to control the masses. This strategy goes back thousands of years and is generally known as “divide and conquer” or “divide and rule.” We must SPEAK UP & STAND UP. We need to all think clearly and operate from a place of unity and love…..that’s how we foil up their plans. They want us scared and divided. They don’t want us powerful and we are powerful when we are empowered with knowledge and we work together with love and respect.

Russia Today RT Live – New live link of RT on Rumble platform to get truth about urrent Ukraine crisis – Russian international television network where you will find an alternative version of world news to that which is brought out by Western MSM.

RT Russia Today – on Rumble channel international television network where you will find an alternative version of world news to that which is brought out by Western MSM.

Russia Today RT – on Gab –

Sacha Stone – Former rock musician and artist. Established Humanitad in 1999 for human rights and natural justice, Also founded New Earth Project (New Earth Nation) and ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice):

Sally Fallon Morell – Incredible lady exposing germ theory for the bull-shit that it is. About: Weston A. Price Foundation President Sally Fallon Morell offers a welcome message and overview of the foundation’s principles.

Sam Bailey Dr. – Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor and research physician who makes health videos on questions from her viewers. She researches and covers common medical conditions, but will also tackle controversial health issues. Dr Bailey is co-author of the book “Virus Mania.”

Sam Bailey Dr. Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor and research physician who makes health videos on questions from her viewers. She researches and covers common medical conditions, but will also tackle controversial health issues. Dr Bailey is co-author of the book “Virus Mania.”

Sam Bailey Dr. – (Odysee) – – Dr Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor and research physician who makes health videos on questions from her viewers. She researches and covers common medical conditions, but will also tackle controversial health issues. Dr Bailey is co-author of the book “Virus Mania.”

Sam Bailey Dr. – (Bitchute ) – Dr Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor and research physician who makes health videos on questions from her viewers. She researches and covers common medical conditions, but will also tackle controversial health issues. Dr Bailey is co-author of the book “Virus Mania.”

SAMUEL ECKERT – is a German sIte with a REWARD of ONE MILLION EUROS € 1,000,000 for anyone who can prove the existence of Covid-19 – The dialogue is in German, but you can use Google Chrome translate into english or your native language.

Save Our Rightswebsite: To bring a Real Democracy to the UK and to end corruption. Changing the systems so that the interests of the people are the driving force, rather than those of big corporations and archaic institutions. To fully enact and preserve human rights and civil liberties in their truest sense. To implement a better way of doing things that puts the individual at the heart of everything. To bring forth solutions to problems, positive change, transparency and accountability.

Save Us Now – SUN – political party for good – About: Party Save Us Now. The Party exists as a Political Party registered with the UK Electoral Commission under the PPERA. The Party bears the Electoral Commission Registration Number ( PP 6712 ). The registered name of the Party under the PPERA shall be: Save Us Now (SUN) (hereinafter referred to as “the Party”).
The Party may also use such other names as may be registered from time to time with the Electoral Commission and may also use informally such other names as may from time to time be appropriate

Say No to Lockdown – The NO campaign is peacefull world-wide grass-roots movement against lockdown, FiveGee, and all the assaults against humanity:

SGT REPORT – is the corporate propaganda antidote. Providing exclusive original content and interviews with some of the best known voices in the world of economics and precious metals.  SGT Report is your daily source for truth in a time of universal deceit.  And as the global economic outlook continues to deteriorate.


SHEEP FARM – Don’t BeLIEve About: In today’s oppressive world we all need some balance. Sheep Farm will set out to make Films, Podcasts, and write Blogs that show what’s on the other side of the fence. This is the stuff we’re never shown by the mainstream media. We now take the opinion that the mainstream news has been infiltrated by the global cabals, secret services & military, and cannot be trusted at all. The evidence to this is obvious to anyone who has woken to the tyranny.

SHEEP FARM STUDIOS – You Tube About: Sheep Farm will make information films that probably contradict the conventional narrative.Sheep Farm will also place other films, seminars and mainstream news stories to highlight the corruption taking place in our world, these may not be our views, but show the flipside of the coin, that are hidden in plain sight. We are non-political & non-religious, and we hold no bias apart from freedom of speech, & freedom of thought, we are human beings.

Shift Frequency – My name is Gillian Grannum. I was a quiet child who read a lot and played the violin. I grew up in a normal dysfunctional setting (multiple ones, in fact) and was taught that education was the ticket to salvation. So I earned a Ph.D in Education and a Master’s degree in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill and, to this day, I still haven’t exactly figured out why.

SMOKING MIRRORS – – Top Blog site for truth on many geopolitical issues and more. check it out.

Snooze2Awaken – Plenty of stuff here to waken up the people from their slumbers.

SOLARI REPORT – – Top site about the economy by Catherine Austin Fitts – Our mission is to provide actionable intelligence to help you live a free and inspired life. We believe that personal and family wealth is a critical ingredient of individual freedom and community health and well-being.

SONS OF LIBERTY – – A great radio/video channel by Bradlee Dean. About: Are you tired of talk, talk, talk – around the issues? Then get ready for the revolution with The Sons of Liberty! Bradlee Dean delivers a hard-hitting message of truth, exposing unconstitutional policy through constitutional law.

SouthFront – Top site to get up to date information about the military conflict in Ukraine. About: SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a public analytical umbrella organization created and maintained by a team of experts and volunteers from the four corners of the Earth. SouthFront focuses on issues of international relations, armed conflicts and crises. The organization provides military operations analysis, military posture of major world powers, and other important data influencing the growth of tensions between countries and nations. We try to dig out the truth on issues which are barely covered by the states concerned and the mainstream media. The SouthFront Team believes that not only well-paid “professional journalists”, but common people with inquisitive minds are able to produce balanced content in a modern information-oriented society.

SPACEBUSTERS – For me this is the best of all video channels on the subject of Health. All video productions are super professional and after watching them will leave you wondering you ever believed in the Germ Theory scam.

SPIRO SkOURAS Alternative journalist with excellent knowledge on a wide range of geopolitical matters.

STAND UP X – – Top site which has been at the front of organising pro-freedom protests. About: WE DO NOT CONSENTWe do not consent to the illegal and disproportionate COVID-19 measures. NO NEW NORMAL – We are living in a state of authoritarian control.  There is no opposition in government.  Police are unleashing violence on peaceful protestors. This describes a Police Dictatorship.
We do not consent to Government social distancing measures destroying public and private life.  We do not accept enforced masks. We do not accept a dictatorship of lockdowns, ruthless demolition of small businesses, criminalising peaceful citizens & police brutality.

Stew Peters Show – (Rumble) – – Top investigative journalism.

STOP NEW NORMAL – Dedicated to campaigning and uniting-in-action the many groups fighting the Covid Contagion fear measures which have cut living standards, jobs, rights and freedoms. A political movement fighting against the government’s Covid policies which cause illness and death – and fighting for Action to cut claimed virus illness and SAVE LIVES.

STOP SMART METERS – – An American site where you can buy RF/LF/ E-Field meters to test EMF in your home. Lots of info on this site about electrosmog, EMF etc.

STORM CLOUDS GATHERING – Alternative thinking channel – The StormCloudsGathering (aka SCG) project was founded in 2010 by Aaron Hawkins. Though his work has consistently pointed to the inevitable collapse of the global financial system, the fall of the post World War II geopolitical order, and a subsequent period of extreme upheaval and social unrest, the objective has always been to influence the trajectory of these events rather than merely predict the outcome.

Steve Laws Report – – “My name’s Steve. I’m a reporter from South East Kent covering the stories that the main stream media manipulate.I show the truth, what’s actually happening, without any fabrications. No fake news here. I mainly cover illegal immigration and protests as well as other important issues. I’m a father to three beautiful children. They are my motivation.”

Strategic Culture Foundation – I just discovered this site (10th Oct 2022.) It seems to be an excellent source of up to the minute alternative view on world affairs. About: The Strategic Culture Foundation provides a platform for exclusive analysis, research and policy comment on Eurasian and global affairs. We cover political, economic, social and security issues worldwide. Since 2005, our journal has published thousands of analytical briefs and commentaries with the unique perspective of independent contributors. SCF works to broaden and diversify expert discussion by focusing on hidden aspects of international politics and unconventional thinking. Benefitting from the expanding power of the Internet, we work to spread reliable information, critical thought and progressive ideas.

We invite you to join our Telegram and VK accounts, take part in conversations, think, doubt, argue and perfect.

TAY’SWAY MOVEMENT – site fom Australia – ABOUT: I am the kinda girl who gets fired up at social injustice, who is kept up at night with big visions on how I can help our community, who feels other people’s suffering deeply, who is moved by the everyday person trying to make a real, epic change for the collective’s highest good. Born and raised out west, I am a home-girl at heart, R’n’B is my main jam, I am a VBAC Home birthing Mama of two and family to me is absolutely

TECHNOCRASY NEWS & TRENDS – Patrick Wood, Editor-in-Chief – is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. Other staff – Ambassadors, activists authors on all that matters in this post Scamdemic world of today.

TIME FOR RECOVERY CAMPAIGN – It’s Time For The Uk To Return To Its Senses. Recovery is a campaign to lead the UK out of the Covid19 crisis into a positive future.We aim to put an end to the panic-driven policies that are doing so much damage to our lives and the nation’s hopes for tomorrow.

TOGETHER – The Together Declaration was formed with one main purpose: to unite people from all walks of life to oppose the government’s draconian response to Covid-19. We recognise the need to push back against the rapidly growing infringements on our personal freedoms.

THE TOM WOODS SHOW Logical thinking on the economic and health suffering caused by the Lockdown: Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is the 2019 winner of the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award from the Austrian Economics Center in Vienna. He is a senior fellow of the Mises Institute and host of The Tom Woods Show, which releases a new episode every weekday.

Dr Tom Cowan – The New Biology – – See bio below.

Tom Cowan Dr MD. – – Top man, one of the leading voices exposing the myth of ‘Germ Theory’ About: My Philosophy. Everything in my external life seemed to be routine and normal for an American growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s — except that no matter where I turned, science and educational systems just didn’t seem to make sense to me. I set out to find both answers and questions that did make sense, that fit the observations I was experiencing right before my eyes. This seeking became a life long quest. I just kept following my ideas, and eventually I learned to follow my heart.

TONY GOSLING – Bitchute channel https: // (former BBC)investigative journalist and author who has done extensive research on 9/11 false flag attrocity. Founder of UK 9/11 Truth Forum –

TORSTEN ENGELBRECHT – Investigative Journalist, author of the book Virus Mania

TRIGGERnometry TRIGGERnometry is a free speech YouTube show and podcast. We believe in open, fact-based discussion of important and controversial issues.

Comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster create fun-but-serious conversations with fascinating guests, including former Presidential advisors and political experts, leading economists, psychologists, journalists, social and cultural commentators, YouTubers and others. We give our guests a chance to say what they think and explain why.

True Defender – The True Defender was originally founded in 2004 as thetruedefender/ by Enric Huff who is the Editor of TTD. At the time the site primary wrote brief introductions and linked to other content producers serving as a hub for important current events in the political and media sphere. The site was established for readers tired of limited options and a politicized establishment media.

TRUTH About VACCINES – A website by Ty & Charlene Bollinger. After losing several family members to cancer, Ty & Charlene began a quest many years ago to learn all they possibly could about natural health and the medical industry. What they uncovered was shocking. Most of what we know about treatment and healing is a lie and the multinational pharmaceutical companies are running the show.

TRUTH COMES TO LIGHT – Truth Comes to Light was created as a place to share questions, wonderings, and visions about the nature of reality and about happenings around the world.  This site highlights writers and researchers — including several visionary contributing writers — who ask the difficult questions, dream and envision the impossible dreams, and courageously speak truth even in the face of adversity or when few are listening.

TRUTH TO POWER – [An excellent Australian truth blog ] – Issues That Affect Humanity. Your impact on this critical time period can be as simple as making changes in your personal life, or as big as speaking out on important issues and spreading ideas for change. Resistance To Tyrants Is Obedience To God! – John Blaid – The Truth Seeker is a site to make it easier for people to find information when it comes to the topics of climate change, false flags, 9/11, vaccinations, world government, banking fraud etc. It also includes some solutions such as the knowledge of natural law, sovereignty, veganism and the meaning of self-ownership. Most of the content posted on this page is NOT written or made by me personally but taken from the various independent journalists in the alternative media space. The only content I’ve written is under the section blog just to clarify things for the reader.

THE TRUTH DENIED The Truth Denied Tabloid is a small volunteer organization of investigative writers and is featured on thousands of websites worldwide! The Truth Denied acquired worldwide attention when Roxy Lopez made a global stance against Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails), GMO’s, Fracking , environmental health hazards, Morgellons Disease, Gang stalking and illegal government surveillance programs that are increasingly on the up rise. Roxy opens the can of worms to the secrets that the Global Government is keeping from us all. “Awareness is half the battle; the other half is taking Action. There is nothing more important than creating awareness so that we can make the changes that are abundantly clear to me as an investigator, yet completely invisible to most. Awareness is the key for creating the freedom that we are all seeking; by unifying the collective genius resulting in new ideas as a society The truth can no longer be denied.“

TRUTH 11 is an alternative media + news site that is dedicated to the truth, true journalism + the truth movement. The truth will set us free, it will enlighten, inspire, awaken + unite us. Armed with the truth united we stand, for peace, freedom, health + happiness for all.

Truth Unmasked –

21 st Century Wire – TWENTY FIRST CENTURY WIRE – 21st Century Wire: – Patrick Henningsen: 21st Century Wire is News for the Waking Generation. Founded in 2009, we are a North American and Europe-based, grass-roots, independent hyper-blog offering bold commentary, news, views, analysis, as well as thought-provoking curated content from around the web. This site houses over 10,000 articles, videos and documents covering a very wide range of topics and viewpoints. We work with an at-large team of writers, researchers, and a wide array of volunteer contributors who provide a diverse range of perspectives and opinions from around the world. 21st Century Wire contributors have appeared internationally on TV, radio and in print, and include persons with both Masters and PhD level academic qualifications, and many who have appeared as speakers at international conferences and symposiums.

TYRANT FINDER UK – About page: “I regard myself to be a very open minded person, ready for new challenge, especially when it comes to technology. People consider me to be a social, temperamental person who doesn’t hesitate in giving my opinion for what I think and believe in, honest and respectfully.I regard myself to be a very open minded person, ready for new challenge, especially when it comes to technology. People consider me to be a social, temperamental person who doesn’t hesitate in giving my opinion for what I think and believe in, honest and respectfully.” (FactPact comment: Top channel for some real journalism – fearless coverage of Freedom Protests)

TPRIP.COM – Tyrannosaurus Pharmceuticus R.I.P. – Karma Singh –

UK COLUMN NEWS – UK Column is an independent multimedia news website supported by it’s members. Based in Devonport, UK Column a really excellent alternative news site hosted by Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson.

UK Column Community –

Note: UK Column has been banned from GooTube, May 2021, after highlighting Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions, now collated in a UK Column database. Access videos on Bitchute, Odysee and Rumble – links below:




UK Column – Covid-19 – Yellow Card Vaccine Analysis –

UK COLUMN NEWS – YELLOW CARD SYSTEM – VACCINE ADVERSE REACTION -reports – No need to trawl through the confusing UK Government’s Yellow card system, thanks to the amazing UK Column guys, it’s all analysed on the abvoe link! What’s not to like?

UNLOCKED Face Book – A new common-sense media channel for those abandoned by the MSM. Fast-moving & fearless, we speak Britain’s language. Watch Brexit Unlocked every Friday

US FREEDOM FLYERS – We are an all-volunteer group of America’s transportation professionals, Americans of all stripes, in the air, rail, and trucking industries who share a specific mission: to protect your inalienable right to travel freely without government obstruction based on your vaccination status. We safely transport you, your food, goods, and packages. We get you to where you’re going so you can make the memories that last. 

But this vital industry and our Great Country are under attack. With President Biden’s mandate on Covid-19 vaccinations, we are on the precipice of being forced to choose between our medical and religious freedoms or the ability to put food on our families’ plates and yours.  We will NOT stand by idly and allow this to happen to you or to us.

Vaccine injury UK. The UK Government has paid out about £73million to nearly 1000 children and adults, representing 1 in 8 claimants who were minimum 60% injured by a vaccine between 1979-2014** ~ Vaccines have been accepted by most governments to cause a multitude of devastating injuries, including brain damage, seizure disorders, deafness, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and death. ~ If you or your child suffers injury or a new health condition after vaccination please ask your GP or pharmacist to complete a Yellowcard, or go online yourself to ensure this is recorded. If you would like to tell your story, please get in touch with us.

Report a vaccine injury:

See Freedom of Information request here:

VACCINE ADVERSE REACTIONS UK Yellow card system. – No need to trawl through the confusing UK Government’s Yellow card system, thanks to the amazing UK Column guys, it’s all analysed on the above link! What’s not to like?

Vaccine Damage Payment:

VACCINE DEATHS – As the title suggests, this site is all about deaths and adverse reactions caused by vaccines.

Vaccine Impact – Va((!ne Impact is a part of the Health Impact News network. It is a sub-topic in their “Medicine Watch” category. Investigating the pharmaceutical industry:

VACCINE FREEDOM – education.

Vanessa Beeley – substack – Substack site of top independant journalist Vanessa Beeley. Vanessa Beeley is known for her excellent independent boots on the ground reporting from the Middle East, especially in Syria exposing the lies of mainstream media about this conflict. Vanessa is now reporting on the Ukraine conflict and is a regular on the UK Column news analysis on Mondays, Wednesays & Fridays at 1.00pm UK time.

VAXXED II The People’s truth – INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL A fantastic site about vaccine injury with lots of links – No vaccine has ever been tested for carcinogenicity (causing cancer) mutigenicity (damaging DNA) or impairment of fertility (fetal harm). No vaccine has ever been tested against an inert placebo in a control group. Safety studies without an inert control is how manufacturers hide the harm. – This newsletter/website is intended to be a source of alternative news, obscure or hidden facts, opinion, and possible implications of the current sociopolitical agenda to “push”, mandate, or otherwise coerce folks, without fully-informed consent, into taking one or more of the different major Covid-19 “vaccines” currently being offered to the public.

Veterans Today – – [Use a large amount of discretion on this site!] A website by Gordon Duff who is is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues.

VIGILANT CITIZEN –“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius

This timeless quote perfectly sums up the aims of this website. To understand the world we live in, we must understand the symbols surrounding us. To understand these symbols, we must dig up their origin, which is often deeply hidden in occult mysteries. In short, this site aims to go beyond the face value of symbols found in pop culture to reveal their esoteric meaning.

WANT TO KNOW – – A massive source of top factual information about what is really going on in the world.

War On We The People – comprehensive site revealing it’s thoughts on many important matters: geopolitical, freedom, health etc. Note: FactPact have not had a chance to fully fully check out this site. However there does appear to be useful information there.

WASHINGTON STANDARD – was founded by and owned by Tim Brown under the ReformedMedia umbrella.
The purpose of The Washington Standard is to provide news, commentary and information from the US and around the world.

We The People (Wales) – An excellent site set up by Simon Pontycymer in April 2020 . . “. . . to pressure the then sitting Welsh politicians to be accountable for their actions or inactions.”

What’sHerFace – You Tube Channel – Figure. Deinfluencer. Taco Denialist.

What’sHerFace – On Instagram: About: Private Figure. Deinfluencer. Taco Denialist.

What’sHerFace – On Odysee – About: Private Figure. Deinfluencer. Taco Denialist

What’sHerFace On telegram – About: Private Figure. Deinfluencer. Taco Denialist

What Really Makes You Ill – excellent blog by authors Dawn Lester & David Parker who have researched the science of disease for ten years in order to write their book “What Really Makes You Ill.”

WHITE ROSE – Defend Freedom Defend Humanity The White Rose is a peaceful resistance group based in the UK. We are here to defend freedom and to defend humanity. In freedom we unite to fight the good fight.

Windows On The World – Mark Windows – You Tube videos – – Website on Spreaker platform. – Mark Windows presents the show every Sunday at 9pm GMT.The shows cover the wider geopolitical picture and also specialist information on a range of subjects which are all interconnected.The bringing together of the Bigger Picture is essential in what is effect a Post Truth World.From practical to esoteric subjects the show is fact based and analytical.Over the years we have uncovered much of interest and had many successes in dealing with the rampant corruption and deception from local authorities, public servants and corporations.


WORLD ALTERNATIVE MEDIA – Bitchute Video Channel – Spreading the message of liberty. Un-apologetically honest reporting. Headed by Josh Sigurdson. Since 2013… “Find the truth, be the change!”

WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE – I [Dr Mohammad Adil MB BS . FRCSEd Consultant General Surgeon – Chairman of the conference & World Doctors Alliance & GNO APMA ( All Pakistan Medical Association U.K. )] formed the World Doctors Alliance (WDA) as a collaboration between medical professionals across the world to address some the most urgent and important issues surrounding the pandemic.
I was rewarded with dozens of shields, souvenirs, certificates and tokens of appreciation from all the medical universities and colleges in 2019 only. I was awarded as” International speaker for scientific innovation and advancement “. Significant contribution of medical education within UK, Pakistan and abroad to advance medical knowledge, innovation in surgery and medical sciences on the GNO, APMA, UK and WDA platforms. Some member of World Doctors Alliance:

  • Professor Dolores Cahill – Professor Dolores Cahill received her Honours degree in Molecular Genetics from Trinity College Dublin (1989) and her PhD in Immunology & Biotechnology from Dublin City University (1994). She was awarded an EU ‘Human Capital and Mobility’ Post-doctoral Fellow, Technical University, Munich, Germany (1994-1995).
  • Dr. R. Zac Cox, BDS – The Holistic Approach. Amalgam removal using the Smart Technique.
    Speciality Dental Surgeon and a Homeopathic Doctor.
    BDS GDC no.: 67425 GDP
  • Heiko Schöning, M.D. – Founder of The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (
  • Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D – Natural healing consultant, inventor, public speaker, forensic psychiatrist, and expert witness. He completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina, and has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Molecular Biology.
  • Dr. Scott Jensen, M.D – Physician, American politician, and member of the Minnesota Senate. A member of the Republican Party of Minnesota, he represents District 47 in the western Twin Cities metropolitan area.
  • Dr. Hilde De Smet, M.D. – Belgium
  • Dr. Johan Denis, M.D. – Biog here:

WORLD FREEDOM ALLIANCE – – Videos on Bitchute – large group of medical, scientific, legal professionals who have formed this alliance to fight for reclaiming the freedoms that have been taken away from the people by the men in Black and the little men in grey suits under the false pretext that there is a killer virus named Sars CoV2 causing the disease known as Covid-19.

WORKERS OF ENGLAND UNION – union who will legally defend workers who are being illegally bullied to have the Covid vaccine. – featuring top Global Reset researcher Alison McDowell

WRONG KIND OF GREEN – The road to hell is paved with corporate profits and compromised NGOs – (FactPact note: Don’t be fooled by the Global Warming hoax or any other green agenda that seems to be steeped in altruistic motivation – it’s all part of the same NWO scam.)

X22 Report – Dave Bitchute – Alternative news and current affairs:

YELLOW CARD ADVERSE REPORTING SYSTEM – UK Government -reportsNo need to trawl through the confusing UK Government’s Yellow card system, thanks to the amazing UK Column guys, it’s all analysed on the abvoe link! What’s not to like?

Zach Bush (Dr) – – Zach Bush MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. Dr Zach founded *Seraphic Group and the nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health. His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health. His education has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.