By: Graham M. Lawrence. October 2020.

See below for $5K ($10K) reward.

I have not found one scrap of evidence to support the notion that there is a pandemic caused by a deadly killer virus called Sars Cov 2 In the months of intensive research I have undertaken since the start of the Stupid-19 Scamdemic.

There are many qualified virologists, epidemiologists, pathologists and doctors who are saying that there is no evidence supporting the diagnosis of Covid-19 or that people are dying in any greater numbers of this mythical disease than those who die every year as a result of pneumonia or the flu.

One such doctor who has voiced this opinion is Dr. Tim O’Shea, and he has put up $5,000 reward money for the first individual who can prove a diagnosis of Covid-19.

Dr. Tim O’Shea is Offering $5,000 Reward for Anyone Who Can Prove That Covid-19 exists.

$5K reward for proof of Diagnosis – Feeders at the Trough.

Here’s the transcript from the above video at 40:17 mins where Dr. O’Shea makes this offer.

“Yes it’s true. We are offering a $5,000 reward, to the first individual, who can prove a diagnosis of Covid-19. This doesn’t mean that you show a piece of paper with a positive diagnosis from your local hospital, who wrote down your symptoms and took your temperature, that’s not it! There are specific criteria that you must provide, here they are:

You must have authentic original documents proving that your sample contains a purified virus, that was an identical match up for the authenticated purified Covid-19 virus that originated in Wuhan.

The equivalence of the sequencing of your sample with the Wuhan version must be transparent and incontrovertible to anyone.

I say this is the minimum that must be done to make a definitive diagnosis of anyone for Covid-19″

I too am prepared to put up $5,000 in reward money on top of Dr. O’Shea’s offer, if anyone succeeds with his challenge.

If you succeed with Dr. Tim O’ Shea’s challenge and pick up his $5,000 reward then email me immediately for another $5,000 from me personally, that’s a promise! Email: in**@fa******.org

© 2020 Graham Lawrence.