The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself.

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So that’s another Christmas and New Year done and dusted then.

Not content with totally destroying any chance of British families enjoying Christmas and New Year celebrations, UK ‘commie’ prime minister and NWO (New World Order) lackey Comrade Boris Johnson added insult to injury on Monday 4th January 2021 by imposing yet another full-on Lockdown (aka house arrest) of all freedom loving Britons. The reason for this latest Lockdown – as punitive if not more punitive than the first lockdown in March 2020 – was purportedly to prevent some new mutant SARS CoV2 virus from spreading and decimating the British population.

Well, well, well, no surprise there eh? All of us awake people predicted way back last summer that this was going to happen. Not the sleepy sheepy masses though who imagined that after a few months of ‘lockdown’ the virus would disappear, things would return to normal, and everything in the garden would be rosy. Dream on!

The treacherous mainstream media, fully in the pay of the cult via their Big Daddy Tech cronies Bill Gates, Zuckerberg et al, has for the last ten months spewed out it’s filthy fear, fear, fear, fearmongering agenda about some mythical killer virus, the existence of which there has been not one scrap of evidence.

Interestingly, an IT friend of mine made the point recently that the cult are using fear in exactly the way that online scammers use it to hack into the computers of unsuspecting victims by calling them up, pretending to be from the victim’s ISP (internet service provider) and warning them that their computer has been compromised by viruses.

They then take the victim to a part of the computer that the victim would not be familiar with where quite normal error messages are stored and show them pages of thousands of warning and error messages. That scares the pants off the unsuspecting computer user. Having instigated the fear factor, the scammer reassures the victim by telling them that they will fix the problem. The scammer then proceeds to talk the victim into allowing the scammer remote access to the victim’s computer. The scammer downloads security data: passwords, usernames, banking details etc. and then empties the victims financial accounts.

My IT friend relishes calls from these scammers. He’s set up a virtual computer with the sole purpose of dealing with these lowlife. He plays along with their instructions pretending to be a naive computer user and lets them into the virtual computer upon whose desktop is the trap. The scammer is lured to a piece of evil software disguised as something that the scammer is looking for. The scammer clicks on it and bingo, the scammers computer is rendered useless with the operating system destroyed. After a few seconds of deadly silence, a torrent of abuse too colourful to be printed in this blog is hurled down my IT mate’s phone line as the scammer realises what has happened.

The lyrics of Queen’s classic hit, “Another One Bites the Dust,” comes to mind:

And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust yeeaah.

In October 2020 I published the FactPact home page article: The Great Heist AD 2020.

The article is about the one tool that the Satanic elitist cult has used for centuries to control the populace – Fear! With a capital F.

Now, the Satanic elitist cult pulling off this heinous Plandemic is not immune to fear, but it is fearful of something else. It is fearful that their evil scam will be exposed when the people wake up to the fact that they have been hoodwinked and realise that there is no SARS CoV2 killer virus and therefore nothing to be afraid of.

I’ll bet my boots that at this moment the Cult are trembling in their boots with fear . They are trembling with fear because they know that when we the army of ‘awake folk’ reach a critical mass: somewhere around 30% – their evil game will be over. We the freedom-loving people of the world outnumber these scumbags by a ratio of millions to one, and we will beat them. But not if the masses are asleep or paralysed with fear about some non-existent virus threat.

In their fear, the cult know that they have to keep up their terrifying fearmongering about some deadly invisible pathogen hobgoblin or other because of ‘diminishing-fear syndrome.’

Diminishing-fear syndrome is when fear diminishes as the perception of the threat diminishes. Here are a couple of paragraphs from my article:

To understand how the Cult keep their hobgoblins going, it’s important to understand diminishing-fear syndrome.

It is experienced by all creatures. Just watch pigeons in city parks landing on humans and eating from their hands. Over time pigeons moved closer and closer to the humans feeding them whilst continuously calculating the odds of danger to themselves. Finally concluding that the danger risk to them is close to zero, they move in and benefit from the free food supply.

‘Diminishing-fear syndrome.’ is part of the innate human reflex which assesses each and every danger with which we are confronted: the fright, flight or fight mechanism. In the first instance we usually react by taking flight. If cornered we have no choice but to fight.

The greater majority of people have taken flight in the first instance because they have perceived that there is a threat based purely on the propaganda they have seen on their TV screens about there being a killer virus. They have also falsely believed that if they follow government regulations (in effect taking flight) and media advice they will be safe from danger, resuming their lives as normal when the danger has gone.

However as time has passed and people found that streets were not lined with Covid-19 corpses and that the hospitals, including all the purpose-built unused Covid-19 Nightingale hospitals, have remained empty, they started to become suspicious and thought to themselves: “Well that’s a bit odd, this pandemic thing hasn’t caused the death and destruction we were told it would.”

At this point diminishing-fear syndrome kicked in. People, realised that the perceived danger was no threat at all, it never materialised, it wasn’t real. They relaxed, threw their face-nappies in the bin, started socialising with friends and enjoying normal life again. Everyone was cheerful and optimistic. . . . . . . except the Cult!

In the same article I wrote the following:

If you think that life will go back to normal in 2021 then think again. Having pulled off the medical martial law heist of the century, the Cult will be careful not to drop it’s guard. They are aware of diminishing-fear syndrome and so will keep this ball rolling so as not to give the people a chance to think that this so-called virus threat was just a one-off and that when it’s gone everything will go back to normal. For proof of this we need go no further than that repugnant term ‘new normal’ that they have coined to condition us to believe that there is more for us to be fearful of ahead.

Sure enough, towards the end of last year they came up with the ridiculous unscientific nonsense that there is a new deadly virus variant of SARS CoV2, and guess what? They already have a new test for it and I believe a vaccine is not far away! You just can’t make this stuff up.

Notice how they have come up with a new graphic image to condescendingly illustrate to us ignoramuses that this mutant variant is not the same as the old one. That red spiky golfball image that the MSM presstitutes have been burning onto our retinas now has a blue coloured offspring. You gotta laugh eh?

Remember that these images are computer simulated images and not actual electron microscope photographs.

Fear quickly returned to people’s faces. Those very same people who were pretty much relaxed unmasked and enjoying summer months of relative normality turned overnight into zombies obediently donning their face-nappies again at every opportunity in a display of stifled fear and resigned obeisance.

My horror at seeing the return of the ‘walking-dead’ to the streets of Mid Wales didn’t just make me feel sad, it made me feel physically ill.

With visible parts of their faces white with fear, little old ladies and men in their eighties tottered along deserted Welsh streets with filthy pieces of rag sloppily pulled over their breathing apparatus preventing their fragile bodies from taking in the beautiful fresh Welsh countryside air.

So what are we all going to do in these ongoing fright, flight or fight situations? Remember this evil cult is not a predator that you can run from forever. You are not some prey living out a life-and-death experience on the Savannah using tricky turns to evade a lion or cheetah. Flight will not always be the best option. This predator is becoming more powerful with every act of acquiescence and acceptance by the people of the draconian commu/fascist regulations that are being imposed on the freedom-loving citizens of this planet.

Soon there will be no way out. You will be in a corner with nowhere to run because the big fat elitist cat predator who is about to eat you for dinner has control of all the money supply in the world that you need to live on. That fat cat licking it’s lips is already organising the slave-labour wages it will pay you: social credit – UBI (Universal Basic Income). That paltry social credit payment will be your only income. There will be no cash and all of your digital transactions will be monitored. Furthermore, those social credit payments will become successively less until you can barely subsist. It will be like permanently living on the dole: state unemployment benefit. The only difference being that you will have to work very hard for this pittance dole money. Pensions will also be affected.

Even worse, the food supply will be compromised and manipulated. Back in 1932-33, the same type of elitist Bolshevik scum as those who are pulling off this scamdemic starved people to death in Ukraine in a man-made famine known as the Holodomor. Some past statistics have estimated the total deaths within Ukraine and outside the border to be around 20.6 million.

Holodomor man-made famine – Ukraine 1932-33

As Franklin D Roosevelt said – “The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself.” Fear is our enemy and the cult’s propaganda machine the MSM, (mainstream media), is adept at using fearmongering. But remember that it is only that – fearmongering! The BBC, is a past master of this contemptible skill. If we are to believe recent headlines in the British newspapers and on television, then we would believe that the UK police are on every street corner checking people’s credentials in a Stasi-like fashion. Don’t fall for it! They are bluffing their way into your psyche so call their bluff.

Back last spring when this scamdemic started, I drove to South Wales as a photo journalist to cover the Coronavirus story around several hospitals. According to the MSM narrative I expected to encounter a police road-block at every junction. In two days of driving and visiting many hospitals I saw one solitary police car and two coppers on the beat!

I realised many years ago how the BBC operates it’s fearmongering agenda when I started receiving it’s threatening TV Licensing correspondence. Auntie Beeb knows that it can’t police the millions of households individually, that would cost way too much. Instead it spends a lot of money employing psychiatrists, psychologists and lawyers to draft intimidating letters to send to every postcode address in Britain where no TV licence is registered. This devious ploy works pretty well against the majority of TV owners without a TV licence. So menacing are these letters that the non-compliant TV viewers are wracked with fear of the consequences of not paying and they cough up the fee pretty damn quick. The BBC is operating the exact same bit of psychological bully tactics on the British public with this Lockdown nonsense. We must not fall for it, if we do then all is lost.

Finally then what is it going to be, flight or fight? What do you want for your future, the future of your children and grandchildren. A life of running like terrified little mice ending up cornered and in some fat cat’s stomach, or are you going to stand up to this tyranny, rally the troops and take this evil Satanic NWO Big Tech fat cat down?

Acknowledgement: Thanks to rogue cartoonist Ben Garrison – – for the use of his artwork at the top of this blog.

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