Road To Hell

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

The other day someone commented on how gorgeous the weather was. Bubbling over with optimism they added that spring was just around the corner and wasn’t it great that we would all be getting back to normal again very soon.

Now don’t get me wrong, optimism is most welcome even on the worst of days: I am a ‘glass half full’ sort of guy after all. But when such euphoria is based on an inaccurate analysis of a situation such as the so-called Covid-19 pandemic crisis, it is a very dangerous place to be.

This wasn’t my only encounter with misplaced optimism recently. The air has been positively buzzing with it.

It didn’t take me long to fathom out that the reason for this upbeat tone was most probably due to the UK Government’s Covid-19 Response – Spring 2021 of 22nd February, and prime minister Boris Johnson’s recent roadmap speech attempting to convince the British people that there is a ‘way out of lockdown’ in the months to follow.

Reading from a carefully worded script, Boris tried desperately to sound like the people’s lockdown angel about to fly into our home-made prisons with a golden bunch of keys to release us forever from the Coronavirus Act shackles that we Brits have endured for the last year. The bunch of keys come in the form of a four step plan, each step a minimum of five weeks apart.

Here is a summary of Boris’s roadmap:

Step 1) ” . . .Monday, the 8th of March, we will begin step one, and schools and colleges across England will reopen and teaching classrooms can start again.”

“. . . And on the 29th of March, you can meet more of your friends and family outside, including in gardens, either as two households or subject to the rule of six.”

Step 2) “. . . And then we’ll go on to step two, which is no earlier than the 12th of April. And this is a big moment because shops will return and reopen, hairdressers, nail salons will reopen, pubs and restaurants will all be able to serve customers outside,”

Step 3) “. . . And then five weeks after that, no earlier than May the 17th, we’ll go to step three and open all our hospitality sector to service indoors. Pubs, bars, restaurants, along with hotels and cinemas and subject to capacity limits, we will also open sports stadia, concert halls, and theaters.”

Step 4) “. . . . But finally, provided we continue to pass the four tests, then from the 21st of June, we will go to step four and say goodbye to most remaining restrictions, resuming large scale events like business conferences and football matches, lifting the limits on weddings, and reopening nightclubs. All of these steps will apply in England and the government will continue to do whatever it takes to protect jobs and livelihoods across our whole United Kingdom for the duration of the pandemic.”

So there you have it, four steps leading back to normal eh? All of our freedoms on the horizon right?

Hmmmm. . . . . .that’s not the way it looks to me. There is nothing in this roadmap that indicates a route back to anything that even remotely resembles normality.

Everyone on the planet living in a true democracy is born with inalienable human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom to protest or freedom of movement.

Taking away the British people’s inalienable human rights for the last year under the pretext of some mythical deadly killer virus was unlawful.

So how the hell can Boris talk about giving us back our freedoms, freedoms that he unlawfully took away in the first place?

But let’s take a closer look at this roadmap anyway.

Before each of the four roadmap steps is taken, four tests must be met:

Only when the government is sure that it is safe to move from one step to the next will the final decision be made. The decision will be based on four tests:

  • the vaccine deployment programme continues successfully
  • evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated
  • infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS
  • our assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new Variants of Concern

So, in effect, an all embracing four test caveat that gives the government carte-blanche to kick the roadmap can down the road at any time they want to. What a farce!

In step 3, Boris informs us that the hospitality sector will open.

“. . . .Pubs, bars, restaurants, along with hotels and cinemas and subject to capacity limits, we will also open sports stadia, concert halls, and theaters. (10,000 seated events) (4,000 at other events) “

No Boris, a pathetic 4,000 festival-goers at Glastonbury or Reading or any other festival in 2021 is not my understanding of open!

But hey, at least the people who make up this crap have got a sense of humour because they’re telling us that SARS CoV-2 is one hell of a smart virus and will be able to distinguish between a seated event such as a football match and other events such as festivals, and since it is also good at counting it will obediently not infect anyone at a festival with less than 4,000 people or anyone at a football match with less than 10,000!

This roadmap is an insult to people’s intelligence and is nothing more than a tidbit to placate us and to give us all a tiny smidgeon of hope that our freedoms will be returning soon and life as we knew it won’t be far behind. Don’t fall for it. Anyone who imagines that things will magically go back to normal hasn’t been paying attention when Boris and other Covidian cult cronies reiterated time and time again that odious expression: ‘New Normal.’

As an integral element of the cult’s New World Order power grab, mandatory vaccinations for everyone on this planet has been the main underlying goal of The Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Operation Lock Step.’

Following in his parents Satanic footsteps, eugenicist, and self-appointed world doctor Bill Gates openly admits that he wants to vaccinate everyone and cull the world population.

In order to achieve this, Gates, one of the richest billionaires in the world, operates with impunity under the guise of his charity: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to bribe . . . ooooops! I mean philanthropically donate to, massively powerful and influential organisations such as:

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • John Hopkins University USA
  • Imperial College London
  • Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
  • Pirbright Institute UK
  • United Negro College Fund
  • Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI)

To say nothing of the bankrolling of politicians, the BBC, mainstream media and an assortment of other useful idiots.

With gigantic financial tentacles such as these wrapped around the globe, Gate’s success with large scale corruption and propaganda is assured.

What better way for Gates to get his evil way than to put into action the tried and tested method of the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem, Reaction, Solution. It works a treat and it goes like this.

  • Create a Problem: Conjure up some story about the existance of a deadly killer virus SARS CoV-2 which will decimate the world population.
  • Get a Reaction: FEAR!
  • Provide a Solution: We will save you all from this deadly virus.

Using carrot and stick.

  • The Stick: Governments make people’s life hell by taking away their freedoms and livlihoods, destroying the economy and putting everyone under house arrest under the pretext that the government is carrying out this action to protect the people from SARS CoV-2 virus.
  • The Carrot – part 1: Spread the propaganda that if people adhere to lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing etc. then the killer virus will be defeated.
  • The Carrot – part 2: After some time repeat some more fear-mongering propaganda that the virus is still rampant and vaccination of the whole populace is now needed to control it. Top this off by adding the spiel that people will get back their freedoms when they have succumbed to the vaccine and have a vaccine passport to prove it.

In my article: The Great Heist of AD 2020, (home page) I wrote about how the cult use fear to control us all, and how they need a hobgoblin or bogie man to instill that fear. In 2020 they successfully used a tiny imaginary invisible pathogen hobgoblin: SARS CoV-2, to fill us with dread. Their most successful hobgoblin to date by far.

Test runs for a pathogen style hobgoblin have been going on for the last two decades with other so-called diseases.

  • 2002 – West Nile Fever
  • 2004 – SARS CoV-1
  • 2005 – Bird Flu
  • 2009 – Swine Flu
  • 2014 – Ebola
  • 2016 – Zika Virus.

In 2020 “operation Lockstep” was launched using an ingenious piece of theatre and sleight of hand.

This is how a hoax virus scamdemic is done:

Make sure that a suitable location is chosen for the plot. If you are going to pull off a hoax about an imaginary new respiratory disease, then the choice of location is super critical. There’s no point in using a desolate underpopulated country where the air is pure and people’s lungs are in fine working order. You will need somewhere where the air is so thick with toxins and pollution that the local populace is choking and already chronically sick with severe flu, pneumonia and other lung disease. Where better to start than in one of the most air-polluted places on the planet – Wuhan China. After that, follow it up with some more theatre in another seriously air-polluted area such as Lombardy in Italy.

Next, roundup about 100 people at a wet market in Wuhan who are suffering from the horrendous air pollution and give them all a RT PCR test in order to identify some pre-determined tiny genetic sequence that exists in a previously identified ‘virus’ and preferably a sequence that exists in all healthy human bodies naturally such as the primer sequence on chromosome 8. Note that this RT PCR test is the very same test invented by Nobel prize winner Kary B. Mullis who said categorically that it was not to be used to diagnose disease.

Then without hesitation announce with a great fanfare that these people are ill because of a new SARS CoV-2 virus which causes a new disease namely Covid-19.

Having established a new bogus disease what next? Promote it and put the fear of God into everyone. In fact, promote it the same way that an advertising agency would promote a new brand of soap powder: with lies BS and propaganda. Lights, camera, action.

Act one: Put some dramatic video footage out there showing people keeling over in the street for no apparent reason. (NB. Some images of people keeling over could be genuine. China has been the main venue to roll-out and test 5G, and it has been reported that people have been severely affected by it.)

Act two: Make up some nonsense about the deadly new virus being zoonotic and caught by people eating bats! This creates more fear and also adds some colour for the tabloid press to exploit. This virus carrying bat stuff reminds me of the mythical HIV virus and AIDS scam when there were stories about this deadly disease having been caught by South East Asia humans engaging in sex with chimpanzes!

Act three: Show fake statistics about the thousands of people who have contracted this deadly virus and are dying of it.

Act four: Get dramatic video footage to emphasise how serious this disease is and how the Chinese government is dealing with the crisis by going into full-on lockdown, such as the building of temporary hospitals and quarantine centres, plus real or fake video coverage of people being dragged screaming into these buildings, or of people’s houses being boarded up imprisoning them inside. Also video coverage of dogs cats livestock being slaughtered.

Act five: A few weeks after all these shenanigans, report to the whole world how statistics for Covid-19 cases and deaths have dramatically dropped in China as a direct result of the draconian lockdown measures which were taken.

The whole world is sold on the lies and propaganda and falls for this Covid-19 theatre hook, line, and sinker. Traumatised with fear and believing that the measures China has taken are the only answer, countries worldwide all follow suit and go into lockdown.


Mission accomplished, the Covid-19 hoax has been a huge success.

NB. The excellent video by investigative reporter Jon Rappoport: The Creation of a False Epidemic explains this scenario really well. Click the blue image to watch it.

From here on it’s a doddle. The mainstream media, in the pay of the cult pulling off this scam, will now perpetuate the hoax 24/7 from that widescreen TV in the corner of everyone’s living room.

Now that this latest viral hobgoblin has been tried and tested and the world at large has been duped by it, it will continue to be used for many more years to come in an endless string of SARS CoV-2 variants or new viruses. The term Variants of Concern (VOC) has already been coined to be used for the purpose of ‘predictively programming’ people to accept this as something to be expected.

Over the last year people have been ‘carrot and stick’ trained like domestic pets or children. Trained to walk around with their ‘symbols of slavery’ masks strapped across their faces and to anti-socially distance themselves from their fellow beings, and fooled into believing the promise of a carrot at the end.

Do not fall for Boris’s manky promises, they’re nothing more than vacuous verbal scraps from the table to fool us into giving up many more years of our lives. Lives on hold with freedoms, livelihoods and other pleasures stolen from us whilst big tech billionaires wealth continues to rocket to insane all-time highs.

The cult have created the perfect 21st century mythical Hobgoblin: An invisible deadly killer ‘virus’ which for the last twelve months has successfully had the world wracked with fear. They have gauged it’s success by carefully monitoring how the gullible masses have obediently complied with their nonsensical mask wearing and social distancing regulations without so much as a whimper. Do you think that they are going to give up this goose that lays the golden egg? No of course not. The billionaire ring leaders have increased their wealth enormously in 2020 as a result of this Scamdemic, and there’s much more for them to come.

So as far as I can see, operation Lockstep is not going away anytime soon. It’s all part of Agenda 21 – 2030. This Hobgoblin will run for many more years in one form or another unless we all wake up right now and get on the warpath.

Boris Johnson’s four step roadmap is no stairway to heaven.

It is the Road To Hell.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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