Snake in the Water or Snake in the Grass?

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

People’s inboxes have been bombarded recently with a newly released documentary titled Watch The Water.

In this one hour long documentary, Dr Bryan Ardis, interviewed by radio show host Stew Peters, articulates his theory that the so-called Covid-19 disease caused by Sars Cov2 ‘virus’ is acquired as a result of people ingesting water from supplies which have been poisoned with snake venom! As anecdotal evidence to support his thesis, Ardis points to the fact that the substances which act as an antidote to snake venom are some of the very same substances whose use is being discouraged by Big Pharma and the mainstream media, such as; Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, etc.

Ardis’s body language during this documentary (unable to contain that crisis actor phenomenon known as ‘duping delight’ ) sent my fake news detector antennae into overdrive. But what really clinches this snake venom fakery is the fact that Dr. Ardis seems totally unaware that people don’t get poisoned by ingesting snake venom. The protein-based toxins need to get into your bloodstream by snake’s fangs or by injection to cause damage to your body. I can imagine Ardis’s note to self in his diary after realising this boo boo: “ Oops, I must do my homework before I pull another fearmongering scam like this!”

People can of course get poisoned from ingesting poison and by having poison injected into their body. There are many videos demonstrating the difference between poison and venom. Here is one awesome video where young reptile man Chandler handles serpents like they were household pets and gulps down enough of growling female King Cobra Justina’s deadly venon to kill a bull elephant. This video is sooooo crazy! Check it out:

Venom VS Poison! with KING COBRA – click on image below to watch.

It is getting ever more difficult to sift out true facts from the propaganda and disinformation. Apart from the globalist shills and controlled opposition masquerading as the freedom movement, we now have ‘Rockefeller’ snake oil salesmen types jumping on the fearporn bandwagon to make a fast buck from selling us some miracle cure for non-existent viruses, and for the panoply of ailments resulting from the so-called pandemic.

I did a quick search to find out a bit more about Dr. Bryan Ardis and came across his website where for a princely sum fearporn stricken hypochondriacs can purchase: The Whole Armor of Immunity Kit. Of course there is no gurantee that this kit will render your body immune to bullshit documentaries about deadly (non-existant) viruses, ‘vaccine-shedding,’ or snake venom in your water supply.

Check out Dr. Amandha Vollmer’s take on the snake venom theory:

Amandha Vollmer On the New Venom Saga: Aha, the Deeper Snake Agenda Revealed!

Length 48 mins

Another Dr. Amandha Vollmer video about snake venom:

Amandha Vollmer On the New Venom Saga: Watch the Snakes! Discernment Time Again, Truthers

Length 1 hour 6 mins

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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