400) UK Regulator: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Is Guilty Of Misinformation

399) UK regulator finds Pfizer boss GUILTY of MISINFORMATION!

Video length 1 mins
Pfizer: sales before child safety
The inside story of how we held Pfizer to account for misleading parents about Covid vaccine safety

Free pass promotional opportunity given by BBC to Pfizer

On 2 December 2021, the BBC published on its website, its popular news app and in the BBC News at One programme, a video interview and an accompanying article under the headline Pfizer boss: Annual Covid jabs for years to come


398) Russia’s economy to grow in 2023 despite sanctions – IMF ___________________________ _______________
Video length 3 mins
397) The government has been altering chicken feed so chickens stop laying eggs could they do this to us?
Video length 3 mins
396) God Bless Him! Another one stands up at the UK “science” museum #InjectingHope ___________________________
Video length 4 mins
395) Fear of Inconvenience – Todd Hayen – Off Guardian. _____________________________ ____________

Everyone is asking the question: Why can’t people see the obvious? Why can’t people believe what is going on and stand up and do something about it?

And we have heard a lot of possibilities in response, from mass psychosis to 5G affecting the brain, to totalitarian brainwashing, to raw fear of death and illness, to the loss of critical thinking skills.

All, or most of these things may certainly be in place, but this is possibly not a “one reason” answer to the question. I for one have seen people utterly terrified of the “virus,” as well as people not at all afraid of the disease, but with no interest in going against authority in a stable and structured culture (so they think). READ MORE

Video length 10 mins
393) Covid Vaccines Are “Obviously Dangerous” and Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish Doctors

There follows a public statement by a group of five senior Swedish doctors who, in collaboration with Dr. Johan Eddebo, a researcher in digitalisation and human rights, are raising the alert about the Covid vaccines, which they describe as “obviously dangerous”. They say there should be an “immediate halt” to the mass vaccination pending “thorough investigations” of the true incidence and severity of adverse effects.READ MORE

392) SHOCKING – 50 000 excess deaths in Britain – Peter Imanuelsen SUBSTACK

“In 2022, Britain had the HIGHEST number of excess deaths since 1951 if you exclude the covid pandemic years of 2020 and 2021.”

There was a whopping 50 000 excess deaths in the country for the whole year. READ MORE

391) Kaufman Institute for Coincidence _____________

Video length 2 min
390) Release the Kraken! __________________________________________________________________________________
Video length 6 min
389) WHO UN WEF | “Coronavirus” Media Narrative | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ MP Andrew Bridgen’s Wakeup Moment
Video length -16 minutes

Wonderful interview with British member of parliament Andrew Bridgen. MP for North West Leicestershire UK since 2010. Bridgen is one of the few UK politicians who have woken up to the Covid hoax and the corruption surrounding it.

388) Millions of Brits forced to use FOOD BANKS to survive ________________________________________________
Video length 8 min

387) The biggest corruption scandal in EU history

Video length – 4 minutes

386)Tucker Carlson: We were shocked to learn this

Video length 7 minutes

385) Irish MEP Clare Daly Names & Shames EU & America Over State-Sponsored Terrorism In Viral Speech

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