Crime of the Century – 22nd anniversary.

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It came as a surprise to me that I had never heard the expression ‘false flag’ until I started researching online about the real truths surrounding the events which took place at the World Trade Centre complex in New York 22 years ago on 11th September 2001, commonly referred to ever since as simply 9/11.

Why had I never heard this expression before. Why had none of us kids of the last century ever been taught this expression at school, and why did we never see this expression in our history books, comics or magazines etc? After all it has been in military parlance for centuries, ever since wars and battles have existed.

False Flag: A hostile or harmful action (such as an attack) that is designed to look like it was perpetrated by someone other than the person or group responsible for it. (Merriam Webster dictionary)

The term comes from the practice of a warship from one country flying the flag of another country – their enemy – and committing an act of aggression against it’s own fleet thereby giving the impression that their enemy had attacked it, and a pretext to rally support against it’s enemy, and go to war with them.

Since the age of the internet, the stifling of this expression became no longer possible. It is now in common use and indeed being desperately used by all those factions who were trying to stifle it, and the truth about what is really going on in the world, in the first place.

There are numerous cases of false flag events over the last century:

Pearl Harbour – to bring Japan into WW2

Gulf of Tonkin – to start Vietnam War

Operation Northwoods (proposed to start war with Cuba but not executed since it was vetoed by JFK (John F Kennedy USA president January 1961 – November 1963)

And many more.

But the biggest false flag operation ever was 9/11. A false flag with several purposes:

1) To demolish WTC complex whose buildings were laden with asbestos and would cost $billions to clear.

2) More importantly, as a pretext to start war against Afghanistan, Iraq and numerous other countries.

3) To create a new Hobgoblin – Muslims. ‘War on Terror.’ to keep us all in fear.

Click pic for short video: Building 7 by Greg Reese – the

Building WTC7 collapses at freefall acceleration at 05.30 pm twenty minutes after the BBC had announced that it had collapsed!

On the day of 9/11, I was on a photographic assignment in Greece. As soon as I overheard snippets of conversation about the breaking news I rushed to the nearest bar, grabbed a beer, and watched in horror as the news channels played endless footage of planes flying into the twin towers in New York and the towers collapsing straight down into their own footprint: into large piles of dust.

Before turning my hand to photography in my twenties I had been working as a civil engineer. Instinctively my gut reaction, from this civil engineering background, was one of disbelief and I questioned what was happening, muttering under my breath: “surely steel framed skyscrapers do not fall down just like that?”

Looking back I realise that I had initially accepted the official narrative because just like millions of other Western people I trusted those oh so trustworthy mainstream media folk. They looked and sounded so honest, surely they wouldn’t lie to me and surely the president of the USA would not lie to the world? Of course now I realize that the media folk were just reading from their teleprompters and were duped into believing the nonsense they were parroting the same as everyone else.

My journey to a place of far better understanding about the world power began in 2010 when a good friend emailed me links to stuff about this 9/11 false flag event from his three years of research into the subject. From that point on I was hungry for the truth about 9/11 and much more.

Click on image for David Chandler video – Freefall No Longer Controversial

Prof david Chandler goes through calculations to show building WTC7 falling at freefall acceleration.

For all those who are bravely setting out on a mission for truth about what is really going on in the world, I would recommend the best place to start your research is 9/11, and in particular with Building WTC7 (World Trade Centre building 7 – not hit by a plane, according to official MSM reports)

Building WTC7 was a 47 storey 40,000 ton steel frame and concrete building, and it fell at freefall acceleration – 9.82 m/sec/sec for approximately 2.5 seconds collapsing into it’s own footprint at approximately 5.20 pm on 11th September 2001.

For any building to do this, all support must be removed instantaneously. . . . . . emphasis on the word instantaneously! The desperate official story that we were all spun by the perpetrator’s lackys, – such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) – of this false flag operation was that WTC7 collapsed because of fire damage! This is not possible unless all of Newton’s Laws of Motion and Galileo’s scientific findings are thrown out of the window. Building WTC7 was (as were the twin towers) a demolition job.

When discussing 9/11 truth with anyone, I never take it further than building WTC7 falling at freefall acceleration for approximately 2.5 seconds. This has been scientifically proven by physics professor David Chandler and many others. In fact anyone with access to the internet and a stopwatch can do it themselves. I never let myself get drawn into discussing the twin towers – WTC1 & 2 because those suffering from cognitive dissonance will desperately want to prove that their beloved news channels and politicians could not possibly be lying to us and they will use the additional elements of planes and jet fuel to confuse and cloud the truth.

Getting drawn into the tedious dialogue with someone who believes the official 9/11 nonsense about the twin towers falling because they were hit by planes whose jet fuel did some miraculous stuff flying up and down elevator shafts increasing it’s temperature enough to melt all the thousands of tons of massive steel framework is not advisable if you want to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level. Just don’t go there, is my advice. Stick with WTC7 which even according to the official narrative was not hit by a plane so that lame garbage about jet fuel cannot be brought into the conversation.

Just tell whoever it is that you engage in conversation about 9/11 that when they understand that a massive steel framed building can not fall at freefall acceleration for 2.5 secs because of fire, then you can move on to the twin towers.

Ooops. . . . flight AA77 plane doesn’t fit the hole in the Pentagon.

Hmmmmmm, now depending on how well you get on with that, you might even push it a stage further where you feel it’s safe to broach the subject. . . . . . . . . that there were no hijacked planes and that no planes hit the twin towers or the Pentagon!

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Reinvestigate 9/11: forum founded by investigative journalist Tony Gosling .


September Clues: Clues is an excellent video by Simon Shack who shows compelling evidence that there were no planes used to carry out the false flag of 9/11.

Get the FACTPACT FACTS out there.

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